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I just wanted to draw Arvak again
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Skyrim.....i love this horse and its spell but there was a shodow horse with the red eyes in the game XD he's never die like this one .i like that too

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Shadowmere you mean?, that horse is pretty good but you cant summon it on demand and when it does die you have to wait like a week ingame im pretty sure for it to respawn

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I purposely started a new game as a mage just so I could have enough magic to summon this horse. Your art is amazing!
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Wow! Thank you) I'm really glad you like this drawing :)
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Arvak is best dead horsey. And just generally best horse
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I agree wholeheartedly :)
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I didn't realize how Arvak was cool before seeing these drawings. You convinced me to ride him more in the next Skyrim run xD
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Sorry for late reply^^
Arvak is easily one of my favourite horses in gaming period. Being able to spawn him whenever you want is just too amazing. Plus he looks really badass :D
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Yo I just got him when I saw this
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Thank you very much ;)
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