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Peep Art VIII: The Talk

...I want a "That One Band" poster for my wall. :P

The super-neon Band-Aids made it sort-of-awesome to skin my knees every other week as a child.

The shots really don't do the door justice, but I was hurrying before my camera's battery died. :|
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Nice. I like the "That One Band" poster too; I'd definitely put one up. Also, I snickered over the book-- Boy Stuff, lol.

Incidentally, he has a very good point. I wonder why parents never figured that as a conclusion.
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*giggles like a loon* ILU. Seriously, that's just WIN. Such a Dad response, as Jenwryn says... *more giggles*
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Bahaha. :XD: I try! 8D
I want a "That One Band-Aid (That Was On Your Knee For A Week In Seventh Grade But Apparently Fell Off And Hid Under Your Bed And Which Is Now Clinging To Your Sock Like A Flamboyantly-Colored Fungus)" poster.
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Tricky typography on that one, I imagine. :P
But it would be painstakingly kerned!
(and so, so worth it!)
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Oh snap, haha. And a typical Dad response, lmao.

...and I repeat, the expressions are crazily funny. ;)
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Hee, dads are silly. 8D

*bounces* :3
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