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Wii White VS

By tienano
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Update: For those of you that downloaded before the 1st of December, please re-download the zip. I've updated it with the proper files. I uploaded the wrong zip initially.

Well here's the VS port of my Wii White WindowBlinds skin.

I took the opportunity to change a few things for this port. You might notice some things that are different from the WindowBlinds skin.

There are 4 substyles, a normal and compact start menu. Aswell as two alternative start buttons -the 'House Symbol' and 'Wii Logo'.

This is -in my opinion- better than the WindowBlinds version, Even though the WindowBlinds skin offers more in terms of what is able to be customized, I still consider it to be better. But you'll probably think differently.

I'm still working on the black version. Because StyleBuilder and the Msstyle (Visual Style) format is limited in what is able to be changed and customized, so I think I'll have to re-think certain aspects of the style. But hopefully it won't look too completely different from the WindowBlinds version.


If you experience any problems with this, please let me know. Because I'll more or less update it from time to time. One thing that I do need to actually do though, is the graphics for the shellstyle...so ignore it for now. I'm having problems with skinning it.

Please DO NOT redistribute or modify any parts of this skin, without my permission first.


© TM and the Wii logo are trademarks of Nintendo.

© 2006 - 2020 tienano
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i noe im kinda late but i barely found this nd i tried it out nd it said theme could not b applied
SamarBishnoi's avatar
Awesome my man....U got everything jus' rite!!!
keep it up & plz surprize us vid da Black version...
Hace-Studio's avatar
very nice! The only thing that I dislike is the blue font. But yeah it's awesome =)
MoOniKitty's avatar
No puedo instalarlo... me puedes explicar por favor?
i can´t instal it... would you please explain me?

excuse my english
Zayn-kun's avatar
Very nice
love the white, wish more people would use it
villend's avatar
very good to use. Simple and cool.

But I wonder if you could make a SNES skin? That would be nice!!
DjSim1's avatar
I love that Visual Style, please make a Black Version!!!!!!
I not have WindowBlinds, and this in more easy to install..
Make Black Version, pleeeeease :)
Ultimo619's avatar
I love this VS, I really wanted a MacMilk/White VS and this is perfect for my needs.
megani's avatar
Wooooo :heart: I am so going to use this! Thank you ~!
Wstv-News-23's avatar
can you make it for vista?
diaoboy's avatar
Hope you would considering doing the black one. =D
JourneyWithin's avatar
would I have to get windows blinds or could I use this with tune-up utilities?
6gmm's avatar
You know i have that console since the lats year and I love it, now I can love it more in my computer
YalovaLee's avatar
Hi, very good gallery ;)
FFake's avatar
Woah, i Love this Console!
Great Job!
jerii's avatar
purdy....would look nice with the wii cursors =D
nosphere's avatar
good 1

you should upload it in black :S
danjuro971's avatar
Greaaaaaaat ! Thanks !
Yanmega's avatar
it's realy good but i am don't know how to use it, i downloaded it and every thing and when i used it had a blue background, how come? it's just blue :O_o:
Sparky1232's avatar
I'm having the same problem.
Apollyonik's avatar
have you done the black one yet? I can't wait for the black version :D
nosphere's avatar
good one!
...can't wait to see the black version!
(it'll be awesome, for sure)
bijan28's avatar
great =) now i can match my pc with my wii hehe thanks alot
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