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Wii White 1.1

Wii™ White 1.1

Based upon the look and style of Nintendo's next-generation games console, Wii™.

I've tried to immitate the look of the Wii as much as I can. The Start Menu has the most obvious resemblance to the actual hardware of the Wii. Everything else sticks to the same style; in this case...the White-sleek-clean look. Broken up with the contrasting colour; cyan.

Updates & Improvements:
- Taskbar gradient has been tidied.
- House Button (Start button) image has been updated.
- Added a seperate alternative substyle with the Wii logo as the start button.
- Added roll-over for items on the Start Menu.
- Edited the Tray Arrow a little.

Wii Black 1.2: [link]

Wii Minimalistic Wallpaper Pack: [link]

Notes: In case you ask
- The icons shown in the preview are not yet released -they are still in development.
- I'm using the Styler Toolbar, and the skin that I'm using (which is seen in the preview) is em3lent
© 2006 - 2021 tienano
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Love the skin, but where is the .theme file? Or is there another way to do it? Sorry for asking a possible stupid question.
The-Alaskan-Artist's avatar
Really cool. I already downloaded the wii mouse cursors. This will do nicely.
Just one to question. How exactly is it installed. Sorry if it sounds a little noobish, I haven't done this type of thing before. ^^;
N3v3r-Kn0ws-B3st's avatar
this is cool but is this only for vista?
xBluechanx's avatar
Ah! This is great. You can see the start menu clearer than in the black. Anyways i dont know if this is finished yet but I'll still use. If it isnt cant wait to get the final release. Thank you!
TommyBoyHR's avatar
where ist the skin for vista??? great worke!
tienano's avatar
I never said that I was making one for Vista. Sorry.
TommyBoyHR's avatar
no i mean i make a skin ? for vista named M7 ans want to use your home start button for this! can you make me one for the vista style that well be great!!! i love your skin big fan!
vishy4's avatar
beautiful and sleek, keep up
tienano's avatar
lugiayoshi's avatar
I already tried it out and it looks very cool in white, but the text does get a little annoying of what those title in every program says, and also every time I click on a few icons and the colors do seem to get inverted.
Orangious's avatar
I wish that this skin was for mac os x
The1Blur's avatar
Very clean and clear! AWESOME!
sleepingcap's avatar
Pretty awesome.
Although the right click image isn't making the whole picture any better looking, so you should have left that one out.
realdeal2u4u's avatar
Wow This is awesome. Currently using your black version. Just amazing. Very Clean and easy to read (most themes I've used had bad color fonts)
I'll be using this theme for a long time . :+fav:
magicmanad's avatar
How do you get rid of the log off and turn off computer text?
artesone's avatar
wow!! i really love it, good work!!!
lalofee's avatar
wow very nice and cool!
Good Theme, but why these ugly gaps are between the Buttons (close, maximize, minimize)?
tienano's avatar
Because they're supposed to have gaps inbetween them, and thanks.
dreg-z's avatar
Where are icons?
tienano's avatar
They're not released yet.
eddieroolz's avatar
Nice. Not too many white themes around, but this one is awesome!
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