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Edgian clerk
 I like to draw Felfis, and to 'cosplay' from time to time too ^^'  For this time I sew waistcoat  in style, which we saw in a book -… . So, I just had to try to be Felftis again) Sure,I'm not a guy, my skin is not light green, and I have no webs too, but, I'm still trying ^^'
And, correct after I finished my  waistcoat , hardback book "Descenders" came to me ^^ Everything is connected in this world...

Felftis from "The Edge Chronicles" (c) Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Spring Snow
It happens almost every year, and after pretty warm days comes snow) For this time - not much snow, and, thanks to goodness, leaves didn't appear yet, and treas were not broken. I like the shape of the snow on the tree, it's like someone with curved beak)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

 While writing easy tag today I remembered about several tags , which I promised to do, but still didn't, even months passed :) I began to check saved tags and found out, that I almost answered on most of questions from loooong time tag. Questions are from my friend :iconecliptorcalrissian: , and, pair of months later it will be two years from the time, than questions appeared ^^' sorry for irresponsibility >>' And, this tag don't make me something except of answers, so, I guess, I must post answers :) I'm really sorry for being so slow! Questions are really great ** so, here are they.

1: Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? No, not the actor.
Of course :)! Whole my life is dedicated to crashes on fictional characters, and sure not on actors ^^ Every my favorite fandom have such object of crash... I'm very unstable >>'

2: If you could be a member of any non-humanoid race, which would it be? Can be from any kind of fiction or mythology or a species you came up with yourself.
I'll be a goblin from "The Edge Chronicles", better -  tufted goblin, or may be webfoot or flathead, or hammerheaded :) I love all of them.

3: What's the thing you've drawn, written, or otherwise made that you're most proud of?
I think, it must be "The Heart of Gloomsville" - it was my first fanfic story on DA, and I drew\write full version, didn't lost the inspiration while it. It's not perfect, but, I still mostly proud of it, because, not many of my stories were finished ^^'

4: If there were a movie about you, who would you have play the role?
I'll be not the main character, but, meaning secondary one.

5: If you could have everything you needed without having to work, how would you use your time? (And no sitting on the couch all day. :p The idea is more, what goal or dream would you pursue if you weren't bound by the usual needs?)
I really wish, that it could be possible!really.  If I'll not have to work ,I'll explore everything around more and more, may be will travel somewhere, try to see places and persons I admire, to see different places of the nature. It could be a real life. But, that's impossible.

6: What's your favorite sci-fi tool that *isn't* a weapon?
Portals to another dimensions!

7: ...Okay, okay, and what's your favorite sci-fi or fantasy weapon? (If you're gonna say "Lightsaber," then what's your favorite and second-favorite?)
Something, which contains spirit of the beast friend in it :)

8: If you've got to fight a city-wrecking villain, would you want comic book superpowers, anime superpowers, or GIANT ROBOTS?
I'll be with city-wrecking villain's assistant - that's my tradition in such situations :D But, if it happens, that I just have to be on the side of protectors, I'll prefer GIANT ROBOTS, better living robots :)

9: If it meant you could never return to Earth, would you go on a voyage to other worlds if you knew for sure that there was life?
Yes. I wish for it!

10: If you speak any language other than your native language, which one(s), and why did you learn it/them?
I can't tell, that I speak English. I write and read on this not my native language, I like it and understand it, even, sure, I do plenty of mistakes and don't know all the words, and use dictionary. I learned basis at school, but, the better learning is - listening to songs on English, watching something, and, sure. writing and reading in I-net :)

11: What foreign holiday that your society doesn't celebrate do you think they should pick up?
Hm... May be Groundhog Day - groundhogs are cute, and this nature-related day is cute too)

12: Name something you like that everyone else seems to hate.
"Hate" is too much serious word.  I think, where are not things in the world, which are hated by "everyone", because we always see persons who will like something, what frights, turns away others and so on. But, if it's something, that some people dislike, I'll choose Poplar fluff, sleet (a kind of weather - not one of my favorite edgian guy)), heat.

13: Do you think that you could sacrifice your life to save someone else?
 I think, that yes. Sure, our thoughts and reality are not always the same, but, I heve pretty strong believe, that "yes". For someone, I love, for the relative,   I'll do it.
  • Listening to: different
  • Reading: The Edge Chronicles
  • Watching: movies


Current Residence: Barnaul
Favourite genre of music: techno, pop, rock, country.. all ^_^
Favourite style of art: animation
Favourite cartoon character: tarches from "Omer", everyone from "Ruby Gloom", many from "School For Vampires","Casper's scare school", "Jimmy Two Shoes","The DreamStone", "Muddle Earth", "Trolls", journalists from "Galactik Football", and most of other cartoon journalists, Dark Hand from "Jacky Chan Adventures", most of "MLP:FiM" characters, and many others ^^
Favorite not cartoon characters - spice pirates from "Power Rangers Turbo", demons from "PR Lightspeed rescue" and many other pretty villains from these series; most from "Pirates of the Caribbean"(1-3), "Babylon5" and others :)

I love "The Edge Chronicles" from Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell!

You can find me also here:
You-Tube account -
Dailymotion account -
Here I post many of my photos -
Facebook -…
LiveJournal -
Tumblr -

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