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Fanfics and crossover
Some more united Edgian sketches :) 

all characters and races  from "The Edge Chronicles" (c) Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Silvia (c) Disney



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I was tagged back by :iconmarion-light:
So, here are my answers and new questions. Like while the first answers, I'll not obey all the rules, bad me >>

1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
7.Tag backs are allowed.

1) Imagine your life as a book. What's your role? The main protagonist? His ever-helping friend? Background character? Or even an anti-hero?
I newer can stop with one OC, so, it's not easy to choose :D but, will try to... I'm a secondary character, who observs everything, is not pleased with some things, which happens "thanks" to main protagonists and anti-heros, but is pleased by nature and, purheps, bu surroundidng of heros and antiheros, and who still can influence the story .
2) Would you prefer to have wings or ability to breathe underwater?
To breathe underwater. I can't sweam, but, I like water, so, it will be wonderful to have such possibility)
3) What is your favorite combination of two colours?
Blue and yellow, green and orange.
4) What would you have preferred to receive as present from a friend: digital art or traditional art?
Oh, every type of present is pleasant, no mater the way, how it was done ^^
5) Tell me you favorite genre(s) of music.
I like all kinds of music. But, some times techno and country are pleasant, no mater, do I know the composition\song, or not.
6) How old were you when created your first fanart/fanfiction? (Origs do not count)
I think, that all my drawingf from early clildhood were fanart - I was drawing animals from fairy tales, so, that already was fanart.I'm not addicted to origs, I was fanarter all my life)
7) Do you have a fancharacter who is strongly based on your close friend or family member? (not on yourself).
No. I newer wanter to includ real people I know into the stories.
8) Which quality do you think you need to become a happier person?
Possibility to go to another(fandom) world :)
9) What is your favorite element in Mendeleev's periodic system? XD
Technetium! Is sounds cool, I had a character with such name. she was a marten.
10) Books or movies?
If You mean book or screen adaptation, I'll choose book. If random book and random movie (which was made without any books, just scenario), it will depend on a book or movie)
11) As to sleeping habits, are you a night owl or an early bird? Or some super-adaptable robot maybe :D?
I'm a pigeion - that's not hard for me to change into night or early bird.
12) Which song most closely relates to your mood and inner self-perception at the moment?
"Chromatics" - "Shadow " :)
13) Is there something you are highly excitet about which is expected to happen till the end of this year?
I always hope, that somethig so good and impressive will happen,no mater, what it will be) But, not something concrete.

New questions :)

1) If You needed to go somewhere , looking as an alien, what alien You will be? (from any possible fandom)
2) You'll prefer Song without music, or music without words?
3) What piramids You'll prefer - from Egypt or Latin America?
4) Have You favorite bred of dogs? (just favorite, You don't need to have this dog))
5) Do You hsave the most less favorite song\clip?
6) What movie of this year You like more?
7)If You could make a cartoon, You'll make 2d, 3d or may be puppet cartoon?
8)What fruit is Your favorite?
9)If You could travel to another epoch for one day, what epoch will You prefer?
10)What is Your favorite remake? (of anything)
11) What fandom, which have no remakes right now, You wish to get remake?
12)You'll prefer to fly\ride on something or someone?
13) Do You have a 'soundtrack' for Your characters? Show one of them , please :)

And I tag back :iconmarion-light:
And also our friend :iconstars-in-well:
And also: :iconch1l1l1zardl3g3ndz:
  • Listening to: different
  • Reading: The Edge Chronicles
  • Watching: Pirates of the Dark Water


Current Residence: Barnaul
Favourite genre of music: techno, pop, rock, country.. all ^_^
Favourite style of art: animation
Favourite cartoon character: tarches from "Omer", everyone from "Ruby Gloom", many from "School For Vampires","Casper's scare school", "Jimmy Two Shoes","The DreamStone", "Muddle Earth", "Trolls", journalists from "Galactik Football", and most of other cartoon journalists, Dark Hand from "Jacky Chan Adventures", most of "MLP:FiM" characters, and many others ^^
Favorite not cartoon characters - spice pirates from "Power Rangers Turbo", demons from "PR Lightspeed rescue" and many other pretty villains from these series; most from "Pirates of the Caribbean"(1-3), "Babylon5" and others :)

I love "The Edge Chronicles" from Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell!

You can find me also here:
You-Tube account -
Dailymotion account -
Here I post many of my photos -
Facebook -…
LiveJournal -
Tumblr -

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AH- The Light by Huai Merfolk Stamp II by Epiaruna Dreamworks' Trolls stamp - Logo no.4 by Csodaaut Dreamworks' Trolls stamp - Biggie by Csodaaut Dreamworks' Trolls stamp - Cooper by Csodaaut Dreamworks' Trolls stamp - Logo no.6 by Csodaaut Blurr Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Gabby Stamp by midnightlunarose Flim and flam stamp by Jontukka EDGE stamp by anna-becca7 Airborn Stamp by blackcat1806 Starclimber Stamp by blackcat1806



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