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Vampire Academy 1 - The Gym

Step 1 - fall in love with the Vampire Academy series.

Step 2 - attempt (poorly) to draw a series depicting the sexy, saucy scenes of Rose and Dimitri

Step 3 - upload them in the wrong order to annoy people :)

Sorry on all counts, people!
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This scene is in the movie! ungg <3
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I just recently fell in love the these books!!!!!! :D :D :D
Holy one of my fav scenes in Frost Bite
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wow I have read that part a few days ago :D I love that part... so Cute~ <3 :heart: <3
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This is absolutely amazing. My attempt was bad. T^T I mean, my "Dimitri and Rose" drawing doesn't look like them.....but the character's themselves.....don't look like how their depicted in the books.
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I love this scene! It's all really good except Rose is too skinny for my liking and it kinda looks like Dimitris legs are crossed if you understand what i mean. It looks like his right leg is crossed over his left. But don't get me wrong, I love this picture!
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One of the best scenes!
This is in the second book right? Does anyone know the page number? I've been lokking for it forever and I still can't find it! Love the picture!!!!!!!!!
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I don't know which page but it's before they go on the ski trip and after Rose meets Tasha for the first time. Hope this helps x
Yer it does, thanks so much xxx
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what? poorly? man i wish i could do this X) love step three ^^ but im afraid im stuck on part 2. -.-
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Awww! My fac books! Only critasism: Rose lookes a little bit thin! But like i said, thats the only thing! :)
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thanks hon :) appreciate the feedback~!
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No Problem! I LOVE THE BOOKS! Good job! :)
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I love the series
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i lovee this! :)
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i love the books. one of my ultimate favorite books.
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LOVE IT!!! More Rose&Dimitri art? Please?! :D
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