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Pixel Panzer

By Tiefsee
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German tanks of World War 2 pixelated


I tried to be as accurate as possible and transfered all the dimensions into pixel scale. :)


Check out my blog for more tanks!

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where's tHe LOwe?????

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They should totally add the Ratte to World of Tanks :D
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Excellent work, what is the usage rights for these and the ones on your blog, can we use these in a game?
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Very nice and enlightening! =3 Keep up the good work, eh?
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Those are some big people.
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Damn, that P1000 "Ratte" looks more like some kind of land battleship!
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wheres the e100 and jagdpanzer e100?
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Hornisse was a 150mm Artillery Sturmpanzer, looked alot like Nashorn, the only differ was the gun :)
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Dang, talk about a V-class weapon! would that beast even be able to move?!?!
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I blive that you misst some tanks in here like the E 75 E 100 and the other E classes
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Wheres the Dicker Max with the 10.5CM cannon?
It's like,my favorite tank Destroyer in War Thunder
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Awesome chart!!! Great work!!
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¿Puedo tomar algunos para un proyecto que tengo? (Solo los usare de guia)

You mean German offensive efficiency even after they lost the force of decisive initiative after they lost Stalingrad and el Alimain could have thwarted the allies numbers...?

... Well yes if they had been allowed to be smarter with their last bit of desisive power at Kursk to stabilize and muster their needed energy or bleed out the Russians instead of loosing what hold they still had.....

Maybe bought time for the bloody super tanks for crying out loud...

And bloody jets too ...

This is starting to sound like wolfenstirn the new order...
In case anyone reads this ...

Impatience, weak command structure, and fighting a war on two fronts are the primary reasons Germany lost WW2.

Had Germany started the war 5-10 years later with all the military research they were pouring into projects, this is what it would have looked like:

-Biplanes and cloth covered monoplanes against fully metal jet fighters, bombers, and helicopter gunships.
-WW1 style surface fleets with weak anti-submarine forces against silent running high tech U-boats, Diesel or even Nuclear powered.
-Cruise Missiles, SAM Batteries, Anti-Tank Missile based APC's and Air-to-Air Missile equipped fighters engaging Allied units from far away.
-E50 and E100 tanks facing off against Stewarts and Matildas.
-Assault Rifle equipped soldiers, fighting rifle and SMG based Allies.
-Nuclear weapons.

They can have the stupidest generals in history, but if they use what amounts to a Space Battleship against your mammoth bone club, it's still game over.

Germany attacked in '39, not '49.  Germany's command structure had overlapping authority which paralyzed overall decision making.  The United Kingdom and United States attacked from the west; Soviet Russia attacked from the East; Italy eventually buckled and the Allies were able to open up a Southern Front.

So they lost.
I thought the on ground strategies made by the generals were quite effective and the overarching over ambitious and out of touch demands of Himmler and Hitler ruined what chance they had... strategically tactically and especially logistically.

but sure, if the local logistics were completed and/ or the tech development like you said did work... well there wouldn't really be a question
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Wait, was the Pz I really that small, or is that a mistake?  :confused:  That's only slightly bigger than a Corvette!
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The Panzer 1 weight about 6 tons.  The huge tank on the chart was a never built proposal for a super tank.  It was the size of a naval destroyer.
Marzipanzers's avatar
Well no, I mean there's the figure guy at the end, and the Pz II next to it...they make it look tiny.
rms19's avatar
I stand Corrected.
I think the Maus (also known as Mouse) scale is wrong. National geographic documentary stated that it was 4 storey high. Much bigger than the scale here.
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were these actual tanks used in the war?
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Nearly all of them were except for the biggest one the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte which was a canceled project.

The second biggest one the Maus was created but didn't see too much combat.
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