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Hip and trendy vector Glenn

More vector art, this time of my buddy Glenn. Pencil sketch, using an icon of his for reference, then all traced and fiddled with Expression 3.
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this so reminds me of the ipod ads. nice work with the lines and facial expressions. top job :D
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yeah, it was the first thing that came to mind when i saw this piece :D
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That's exactly what I was going for, glad you noticed!
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This is very sweet. You did a terrific job on Glenn's expression. This deserves to be put on one of those hip "upcoming music artists" website! Hip being the very magic word. You do hip and trendy so well, it hurts!
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Glenn and I are going to start our own Musicblog, where we'll just post mp3s and talk way too much about music. Since I was designing the site, I figured I'd give us some avatars to match, so it pretty much IS for a hip and trendy music site.
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Really? No kidding! Well how about that! You should consider it a compliment when someone looks at your work and can guess just by the picture what it exactly is means you know what you're doing! ^_^

Good luck on the site! Let me know if you would like any mp3's of my own music, if you are bored. I like to make jazz compositions and stupid vocal songs every now and then ^_^
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Wow, I really like both of these "Hip and Trendy" pieces. There ain't nothin' that makes my heart sing like seeing a limited color pallet done right, and the linework is fantastic.
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Thanks Teague! I love limited color pallets, even if I never use them. It's kinda hard working with just a few colors to get everything in balance, but it all came together so easily for these two peices.
object2bdestroyd's avatar
Very stylish, I think it is excellent.
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ooh, i like how liquid the lines look, it would be great as a graphic design thingy. i want to try vector art someday, looks cool. keep it up.
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I downloaded Expression 3 for free here . Microsoft just bought the program, so it's not tainted with evil, and it's pretty easy to learn and have fun with. I've been doing both lineart inking and object manipulation with it. I like it a lot better than Flash, at least the version of Flash I have. You should try it out if you can, because I think it would suit your art style tremendously. But then you'd have a gazillion peices for graphic design and will need more websites to design around them!
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haha i like it. good work man
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