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June 15, 2014
Suggester said; "I think that the composition and expression on the subject makes it well worth the look!"

Several deviations were suggested by several deviants and if you check out their gallery you can see why they had such a difficult time picking just one shot. Great gallery!

Got it! by Tiefenschaerfe
Featured by Anoya
Suggested by Laemiri
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Got it!

Another picture of the little persian leopard cub. It was taken thorugh glass, so I had to sharpen it a bit.

Update: I thought I'd never have to write something like this, but: Please! Do not use this without written permission! You can share it if you like to, but please give a full credit and link back to this site. Don't use it in a commercial way, 'cause I am not allowed yet to use it to earn money. And please do not remove the copyright sign, I think that would be a fine and fair :) Thank you!

This is an entry for Zoo-Photographer's contest "Zoo Photographer of the Year 2012.
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Uh oh... someone's in for a spanking...
Kiltedfiend's avatar
okay, on a day where I have been feeling depressed and sorry for myself, this put a huge grin on my face.... thank you.
Tiefenschaerfe's avatar
Kiltedfiend's avatar
Quite a bit. Thanks for sharing
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This made me laugh harder than I should have as I just saw it today on a much smaller scale with our kittens. I love the look it the cub's eye as you can tell it thinks it's much fiercer than it really is.
PythonIt's avatar
The right shot at the right moment
RaptorXilef's avatar
Wow, this is an so amazing pic! It is so beautiful! I think it is soooo stronk to shoot this moment an in this sharpnes! (Sorry for my bad english) 👍😉
Tiefenschaerfe's avatar
You can try it in German or French, too :D But nevertheless: thanks for this compliment Hug 
RamonaPfirsich's avatar
Mothers tail tastes the bestDrool
So sweetBlush 
Antarasol's avatar
Even animal parents don't have it easy ;p
DeadOtakuGirl's avatar
Dies of cuteness overload...ergh.
arteater1's avatar
I just want to give them a big hug, laugh and play with them too, but of course.....that wold be a big mistake. Great iamge.
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it is so soo cute. Omg so cute 
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Gosh, that`s really cute and cool :)
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HornyThePony's avatar
omgggg nose bleedddd
FantasyArt99's avatar
dimensions2's avatar
So cute 😍😍
Sunny223's avatar
HAHA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN this is so cute, I can't stand it!! I wish I could go somewhere and play with big cat cubs all day long, I'd care for them for free!
luner-tigher's avatar
awww so cute and funny looking too so well done =3
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