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The Knuckles meme as a 3d model

Update: Now higher poly, has slightly better texturing, and I'm also including all of the files that I have for this model.

Keep in mind if you are having trouble using this model. This is archived using a newer version of winrar. If you are getting errors. Please update your Unzipping programs.!1p4l3CJQ!M4Dfss9O9I4…

Get the model here. I am not the original owner of the design, but I am the one who modeled it. So please show where you got it so others can enjoy it.
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I still don't know de wea in 2021 :c

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mann that thing was so epic in 2018

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Do you know the way?

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DAltimate Showdown of OC History (Part 28)

As a joke, I included Ugandan Knuckles in this parody I made.

The reason I included him? FlyingKitty.

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Is da wae still open?
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Do you have Ugandan Chungus 3d model including download link?
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"A cem por de gold, notin else."
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How it all started
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Used it in my 'Knucles Wii Shop Bling' take
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im not sure this guys ok with this being a method of annoying people trying to have a good time on vrchat
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this is beautiful 
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Still cute after all these years...
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why did you do this? do you know what you've done?
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What did he done
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Can I show you my own custom skin?
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Can I edit your 3d model,please?
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I can't say "what have you done?" like everyone else, as i see what you have done and you do really nice work... so on behalf of a few people i thank you for keeping memes alive in glorious 3D
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It's hard to believe you started it. No wonder Ugandan Knuckles had invaded VRChat this past January. LMAO
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Oh, God! What have you done? 
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you kno de wey brodas
Don't listen to the haters my bruddah, great work, funny as hell model 10/10
You made the world a better place
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