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Hero: Tarou

I thought about giving up this thing ... I had few hours per week to create the concepts for this contest... And I have accumulate a lot of things to do because of this , that´s why I couldn´t throw everything to the sky and run away. Initially, I had 3 characters but I couldn´t improve the concept for all of them. So I have chosen only 2 of them. Tarou has the best concept in my opinion. But when you think about Shibuya fashion way of life, God, he is so no no. I just like his cap, it is a bit different (and fashion?). The others things of his outfit is just reasonable (my opinion). His best trump is the Tarot cards thing! Wow, that idea just sounds very good! Everytime I read the "world ends with you" phrase I just laugh! Tomorrow I´m posting the other character if you waana see it.

Oh, I´m sorry for the grammar errors, my english isn´t quite well. If you see one, tell me, please :)

PS: And I think he reminds me Micah from Heroes anyway o_o"
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this is one of my favz. i wish i can get one  that might cartoon me like this. but yeah i like this.
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cool!!! love it!!
hahaha about the DS cartridge haha.. It's like tarot :D
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ya know that this design is AWESOME!

But i always had a question: what are the effects of each card?
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Marvelous , I liked both of them so much. They called my attention to the game even more - but I got curious about the third unfinished character. ._.
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The design is excellent. :thumbsup:
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I like how most of the cards have reaper wings, but is it just me or do a couple of them seem rushed?
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I totally love the use of Tarot Cards. excellent work here.
Character designs like this make me wish that TWEWY had included some kind of character creation. I really like the major arcana designs - I don't suppose you have larger, higher-res versions of them?
The pics great, but I especially love the cards! I use the Magician one as my avatar at places (with a link to your DA of course.
vc q fez a foto?se for de jogo,me passa o site!!!
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This guy should be in the next game along with the fruity girl! XD
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Hermit reminds me of Phoenix Wright in Apollo Justice

just sayin'
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I haven´t ever played PW , but I really would like some day o.o
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This is awesome! The cards were a great idea :D
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Epic, nuff said
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i was wondering if you were interested in making a real game from this... just email me/pm and we'll talk about it.
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well would be great but... I don´t have time nowadays for drawing such a thing, i´m so busy :( i´m very sorry ... but I would like a game of them for sure.
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well i could just take the ones you have if that's okay..
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Ok... Would you like this images in high quality? I can send to you, just tell me your mail.
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