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Hero: Loli

She is my last choice for the contest. I like her outfit , that´s nicer and shiner than Tarou´s. And her personality is lovely (my opinion). But, you know, she is totally "character for the girls" that explains that tons of sugar pink XD And it was fun modifying the sprites of the game like if she was a real character :)
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I love her design! I lovethe harajuku vibe from her! also I'm a sucker for harajuku and visual kei style if I'm being honest XD
Just be part of the creative team for the next TWEWY
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Go work at Square Enix. No questions. Just go.
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veeery intersting!
the devellopers could use it.
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If someday there is a sequel to TWEWY,PLease god let this character be in it
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Dawww, she's the cutest thing evers!! :DAdorable accessories, pretty hair and I wan her fluffies!! ^-^
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Dude this is pretty awesome. I would love to see this character in a game. Excellent Work. = )
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The power of fruit burns bright within this one!XD

I just LOVE the character design! It's so bold like er personality. :heart:
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ahhh~! she's so CUTE!! :love:
i really like your design!
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First i really think that she was a real character of the game :omg: , ijust have something to say to you : SHE´S AMAZING :la::heart: , one of the best oc's i never saw :D , it´s so beautyfull:love: , if i can had your permission i would like to cosplaying she :blushes:. Sorry for my bad english :p , i'm from argentina ^^;
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Thankyou VERY much the comment! No problem about english because mine is worse... I would love if you cosplay Loli!! Actually, I would feature your photos in my ShingoTM´s Journal!! Thankyou so much ,dear! :hug:
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yay! =D , thank you so much!:aww: :heart: , i will do it , i promise :boogie:
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haha i love the irony! Good job too! Loli totally kicks a$$ :P
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Wow, this looks great! It looks very real!
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Awesome and cute character!
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This makes me want a sequel!
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CUTE! i like how you thought of her moves.
btw, her last name is my sister's first name! lol
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It's awesome but sickly sweet.
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'Orange Pimping Swing'?

I am officially in love with you.
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oh my daze it's good
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She's cute! Talk about a rabbit that likes fruit!!! XD
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there couldnt have been a better winner for the contest! :) the style and color are amazing and really creative. i wish that both your character were in the game. now that would be so cool :nod: so a late congrats and favs from me hehe :D
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