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Here is an update. Been a year, might as well add something new :)

Been a 3D modeler for a little over 2 years now. I use Blender and am self tought. Although I read a tutorial every now-and-then.
I may not be the best, but whatever. I also don't aim for perfection. If I did, I should become a photographer. Nothing is more realistic then real life.

If I point out a flaw in my image, that means I noticed it to late. and most likely will fix at some point. May take a year, or a day. It all depends if anyone motivates me or not :D

I also do requests. As long as it is not a humanoid type of thing (anything with 2 feet/hands).
With requests, I require: final render size, atleast 1 reference picture, color theme (eg. blue/silver), poly limit, and a short description.
I also reserve the right to use the model/render in anyway. Including redistributing it. I would aslo like credit.

Been using GIMP around 3.5~ years. 2D is not really my thing, but I have tried many times to learn stuffs, such as shading, human anatomy, landscapes, lighting, 2 and 3 point perspective, and many other things. It's just to hard. I've never been great with a pencil and paper either so that makes sense why I'm not that good at 2D. But....atleast I try. otherwise I would have given up 3 years ago.

Bought a Cannon PowerShot 2100 LS. So I might post some pictures here. That is if I ever get the chance to see something worthwhile.
I also use it to take closeups pictures of common stuffs. I then use them pictures as 3D model textures. after some tweaking ofcourse. I may post some of those here someday.

Motivate me and I'll do stuff.
Got questions? Ask.
Got something to say? post a comment.
I allow criticism, as long as it's constructive.
I would like credit if you use my stuffs.
I have MSN and GMAIL. If you need my contact, give me a reason why.
I am also found on several FreeNode IRC channels.
I specialize in landscapes and common objects.
I suck at lighting.
I suck at texturing.
I suck at anatomy.
I suck at typing.
I don't add everything I make here.
I help people, but don't join teams.
I reserve the right to do anything with anything I make.
I often help game developers. I may give them stuff.
I use Windows XP.
I am running out of things to say.
I feel 90% of questions can be solved with google. "Just google it".
I think I am done with this list.
I am.
© 2009 - 2020 tidb1t
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I have a few ideas for 3d modeling jobs:

A skull. ARPGSplash.png"This PARPG image made me think it might be useful. I found one tutorial for making skulls in Blender. I think skulls are universally useful for games and can be used as characters, props, bullets... :D

Maybe a building? For example a bunker entrance (seen in iso view here and perhaps in a photo here). It would be useful both for PARPG and DccNiTghtmare.
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I could probably make most of the things on that PARPG picture. if needed.
a skull....I could try. I've seen that tutorial before. looks good. might try later after i finish texturing a couple buildings (should be easy).
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I made some progress with that door texture.
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Cool to hear you're interested!

A door would be good, so it could have closed and open states later. I'll create a door texture using burningwell resources.