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Showreel 2011

By TidalNight
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Showreel of 2011

+ 2D ART [ 00:12 - 00:30 ]
- 00:14 : Chaos Arts, [Illustration]
- 00:16 : Character Select Screen: "The Magicians" [Illustration, Flash Game Concept]
- 00:22 : Elemental Bookmarks - West Set [Illustration/Print]

+ 2D ANIMATION [ 00:30 - 00:56 ]
- 00:32 : MiDFur 12 Opening Ceremony Anim [Frame by Frame Animation for Compositing]
- 00:34 : K-Ball [Frame by Frame Sketch Animation]
- 00:41 : NATRAD TV Commercial [2D Paper-Style Animation]
- 00:51 : Noosa Junction TV Commercial [2D Paper-Style Animation]

+ 3D ANIMATION [ 00:57 - 01:28 ]
- 00:58 : Quietis Sanctum - Carmen [3D Character Animation, 2D Sketch Render Technique]
- 01:08 : Trip Trap Side Scroller Concept [3D Animation, Concept Demo]
- 01:12 : Trip Trap II [3D Animation, Game Concept Demo]

+ COMPOSITING [ 01:29 - 01:42 ]
- 01:30 : Trip Trap Models Composited on Table [Camera Matching/Tracking]
- 01:33 : Frost Diver Shot [Compositing]
- 01:37 : Waterbending [Compositing]

2D Art, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and Compositing reel of porfolio work as of March 2011.

I have to say that despite the generally positive feedback I had on my 2010 reel, I was overall pretty unhappy with the reel and only had to update/create it due to necessity at the time. It was pretty rushed.

This time I certainly had some decent updates, and some new skills to pop in. I'm much happier with how this one turned out, it feels the most 'pro' of the three reels I have here.

And well, since writing this sound track (Digital Icefield) I had wanted to use it for a reel :)

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Pretty epic, i.m speachless.

Your skills are amazing, keep it up!
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That was so cool I love your work.Man you rock.
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This is amazing! the special effects are perfect!
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Love it, excellent work!!!
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:wow: X3 amazing!!! Sensei x3 really this reel looks so professional :clap: ^^
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amazing, i want your skills
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Dood, you have some serious skillage there!
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Wow, what memories they bring back. It was a lot of fun, hope it doesn't end Kupo. :)
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wow, thats is have a very busy start of year, but all work is reflected in the good quality of the projects
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Amazing as always! ^^
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Looking good ^^
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