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GlassUI Anim Demo

By TidalNight
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UI concept/demo/visualisation done a lil while ago. Animations play, and when it stops you can press [Space] to continue.

(Also keep note on the bottom left of the screen if you don't know when it's stopped/or when you can press space to continue).

Has 4 points it stops before looping:
- Idle Screen
- Home Menu
- Reports Menu
- Notifications panel

Uploaded for portfolio purposes only.
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I'm not sure about the diagonal motion of some of the elements when they appear. If most of the motion is going to be horizontal or vertical, you should probably make all of it that way so that it fits better. Aside from that, though, it's a very smooth and uniform look and feel. Good use of transparency! I like it!
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This would be a breath of fresh air for a tablet and mobile OS, if you ask me. It's beautiful. :) And thanks for Rick-Rolling us here too. XD (Rick Astley... you just had to do that, didn't you...?)
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Haha, whilst I can't give away too much info on the project itself, this actually was for a mobile OS of sorts.

As for the Rick Astley ref, that was what our client came up with as a placeholder username lol
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A. That's a shame. Heck, even as a console OS it'd be great. :) It's just so clean and streamlined but still aesthetically pleasing to look at. ^^

B. The client either has an evil sense of humor or has been Rick-roll'd waaaay too much in their life.
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Very nicely done! I had to do something similar in a colege class but of course, nothing compared to what you came up with! XD