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Batman 1946

By ticulin
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Fan art poster for Orson Welles Batman.
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Basil Rathbone as the Joker? Interesting.
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This would have been superb, I think Orson Welles would have been a great Bruce Wayne/Batman

My only complaint is that I think the middle two should be swapped over
Cagney seems more fitting as Two Face to me

Other than that it's some really great work.
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I wonder though, if Orson Welles played Batman, who'd be Robin?
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Someone younger perhaps, like John Garfield or Montgomery Clift 
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I came up with some others if you're interested:

Alfred Pennyworth - Clifton Webb

Commissioner Gordon - Charles Bickford

Vicki Vale - Barbara Stanwyck 

The Penguin - Sydney Greenstreet

Scarecrow - Claude Rains

Boris Karloff - Hugo Strange

Tony Zucco - Steve Cochran

Salvatore "Sal" Maroni - Edward G Robinson
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Those all sound like good casting decisions. Who'd be Chief O'Hara?
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As far as I know he didn't feature in the comics (which is what I was going for based on my casting) only in the 60s TV series.

Besides I'm not too sure I already used Charles Bickford so maybe someone similar to that upstanding authorative type.
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He was in some comics from this time I think but not entirely present. I always thought  Scarecrow should've been played by Claude Rains in the 60's show cause he had such a great voice for the role. Either him or Karloff. 
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Thanks for your kind words!
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Nah, Richard Widmark as the Joker -- with his push-the-wheelchair-lady-down-the-stairs laugh...

Raft did know all about flippin' coins, though...
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this si EPIC!!
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welcoem Kane & Finger will be proud.
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Oh man, this would've been so awesome to see on screen...
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Happy You like it!
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1 million times a fave!
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