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Holding Adventure

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Some of you may have watched me sculpt this guy on stream! Now fully painted in mind-blowing HD!!!

Please enjoy this mini Noc-sized tour of my apartment, haha.

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Wow this is adorable!! A happy li'l holdin' friend!
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Aaa, thank you! Now I need to collect more tiny things to hold...
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Blown Away My god this is absolutely beautiful. I would love to own one of these myself.
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Wooooooh thank you so much! I seem emerge from my art coccoon to do 1 clay thing every 6 months or so...glad you like it!!
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Oh look Skyrim and Zelda of course I mean YOU DON'T PLAY ANYTHING ELSE. 

This came out really awesome dude. Way more helpful than mine, hahaha. 
You should link which Noc this is! 

Noc Masterlist #1 by Wyngrew
Also plz change total to 15 wyns for the hard work I HAVE PROOF I SAW THE HARD WORK IT'S NOT BIASED. 
ticticai's avatar
I refuse to apologize for liking Skyrim I REFUSE

Where's your choo choo boy why is he not posted yet???

MMMMM THANK YOU!! My paint situation has dried up since the last time I did clay, I need to go shopping!
Shannon finally cracks 200 wyns and the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiiild
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And omg you should've borrowed some of mine! I think I'm running out of red though. 

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He will hold ALL the things! OwO
This lil fella is so cute oh my goodness~
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E v e r y t h i n g
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You did such a great job on this! The anatomy is spot on, and you clearly spent a lot of time to make it look right! Wow! :D
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Thank you! Was hard to get those big meaty hands to stay in place during baking (and they super definitely didn't break off at any point in the but and it's been a while since I painted anything but. Clay is always fun!
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Oh my gosh that's awesome! Well done!
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idk how to praise this without sounding rly generic b/c i know ppl rly hate that. aaaaaa it's so cute tho!!!
ticticai's avatar
lol to be honest I'd be ok with a bunch of people leaving comments of nothing but 'aaaaaaaaaaa!!!' Thank you for your praise though, it means a lot!!
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fjkdsa Good to hear i'm not a total annoyance lmao
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Aaaaa I love this so much!
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Hahaha, happy you like it! Been a while since I've done anything in clay!
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Love it!!!
I will try some clay work too, someday~
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