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When I was little, my father was killed by a monster. I was six, my little brother Daniel was around five at the time. Ever since, our mother had raised us one part Hunters one part normal. I preferred the Hunt to the normal, ignorant life. I'm currently in freshman year and Daniel is in eighth, we are both a couple of months into the year and soaring with flying colors. I always finished early and doodled on my jeans. Mom didn't care because she would rather me draw on my jeans then get in trouble for the lack of anything to do.
It was almost time for Daniel to choose which life he was going to live, I had chosen the life of a Hunter, but Mom was making me go through high school. If Daniel chose a normal life, he would go through high school with me, and then he would go to whatever college he could get a scholarship to. I dreaded his choice, fearing he would choose a normal life over me. I had gotten used to not having any friends except the one other Hunter in my grade, a girl named Samantha, or Sammy as I call her. This life was hard on Daniel, even though he didn't really remember life before.
The only strict rule that had ever been put around Hunting was that either be home by midnight the day you were scheduled to come home or call and tell the family when you were coming home. Mom never, ever broke that rule, that's why I'm sitting in the big green recliner in the dining room at 2:30 in the morning waiting for Mom to come home with the phone on the brown shelves next to me and my laptop typing. I put Daniel to bed at 7:30 P.M. He had fought back, but in the end he had gone with it. The phone didn't ring all night, it just sat there demurely, ignoring my staring and mental pleas to ring. Mom also never came home.
At 6:00 A.M, three and a half hours later, I went to get Daniel up.
"Hey, bud, come on, time for school." I sensed his question; saw it in his eyes as well. "No, Mom's not home yet, I bet she just got caught up being a witness to something she helped cause, for example the burning of a body that had created a ghost." Daniel nodded; I hugged him then left him to get ready for school. We lived about a hundred yards from the school, so we walked instead of taking Dad's old Beetle, I wasn't supposed to be able to drive for around two years now, I could anyway.
I dropped Daniel off at the middle school, waving before walking up to the high school from there. Sammy met me in the lobby, our usual spot. Her hot pink backpack was slung over her shoulder, contrasting my black one. She had a couple of books in her arms; I had all of my stuff, laptop included in my bag. I pulled my ear buds out as I walked up to her.
"Hey, Shrinky Dink." I said, smiling. She grinned, we had made nicknames for each other, and her's was Shrinky Dink because she is about a head shorter than me.
"Hey, Angel." My nickname was Angel because Mom and Dad named me Castiel, a boy's name for a male angel. My nickname most people used was Cassie, but to Sammy I'm Angel. She studied my face. "Is everything cool with the family business?" She asked; our cover for the Hunting was a family business. I shook my head and lowered my voice to a whisper, leaning down so she could hear. "Mom still isn't home. She always is home by midnight on Sundays or she calls, she didn't call." Sammy smiled gently. "She's probably fine, Angel. Relax. She probably just got caught up in traffic or something. She's fine." She changed the topic somewhat. "Isn't your brother choosing a life in a month?" I shuddered. "Yeah, I can wait. A: that will mean he is older, and B: what if he doesn't choose the family? What if he chooses a normal life?" I fretted. Sammy bumped my shoulder. "Whatever he chooses, Cassie, we will help him and support him. I'll be there too." I nodded, bumping her back.
"Thanks, girl." I told her.
"No problemo, Angel." She said just as the bell rang. "Come on, let's get to class." She said; I followed her into our art class.  We were told to draw whatever felt natural, causing me to draw an Angel that showed up in my dreams. He had messy, somewhat shaggy, dark brown hair and pale skin. He was built up a bit, but you couldn't see it under that suit he always showed up in. A blue pinstripe suit every time. I lightly sketched in his graying wings, paying very careful attention to his face and the barely noticeable frown lines on his forehead. Every time the teacher passed by she complimented something. I started the background, a tree and a house, my old house. I finished the shading just as she called to clean up. I thought about what I wanted to write in the grass below him; which of his quotes that really got me. Sammy showed me her picture of a ghost she had encountered on her first gig. It was beautiful in a haunting way. A young girl, maybe eleven, in a long dark dress and floating in front of a window with a setting sun and a smashed mirror on the floor. The words, 'You aren't the only one falling…' were along the bottom in a careful cursive. It was beautiful even without color and in early stages. I smiled,
That's amazing, Shrinky Dink." I showed her my drawing. "It's in early stages yet, but it's okay." I said. Her mouth fell open.
"This is okay?" She demanded incredulously. "No, no, no, this is amazing. No quote yet?" I shrugged,
"Still debating which quote of his to use. He has so many." I told her. She nodded knowingly. "Dream guy? Literally?" I fish-tailed my head side to side, going both up and down and side to side. "Sort of, he's an Angel." I explained as we scooped up our things to go to English.
"We have to finish that essay this class don't we?" Sammy complained. "And of course that means you finished a class or two ago and will be doodling in you will be writing like you always do when you finish something in English." She said in a tone of mock annoyance. I nodded, distracted slightly.
Upon arrival to English, the phone rang. Our teacher picked it up and answered; a couple of seconds later I was over and acknowledging that I was there. "Hello? This is Cassie…" I never got to finish.
"Cassie, darling, you should know not to give your name over that phone; really, I thought I had taught you better." I could hear the laughter in my Mom's voice.
"Mom! Hi. What's up?" I asked, it sounded unsuspicious to everyone in the room, but Mom knew what I was asking, where had she been?
"Sorry, I got caught up, there was a ghost and it was awful. A couple of young men's mother was murdered in her own house while they were there. She was buried and everything, but she stayed to watch her boys for the twenty years since the accident. She was reluctant to leave, and the boys didn't want her to go once they knew she was there.
Their names were… um, right! David was the older and the younger one was named Sean. Sean was a baby and in the room when his mother was killed. Anyway, she managed to disable my hone so I couldn't call. How is Daniel?" She asked. I smiled,
"Oh, he's fine, misses you. Are you going to call him, or are you just going to wait?" She laughed, "I'm going in to deliver some food for his class party and to help out. That's why he might have been even more disappointed than he might any other day; he thought I was missing it." I laughed too.
"Well, I should go; I'm distracting people who are writing their essays."
"The essay that you finished last week?" I smiled,
"Yup, the very same. Anyway, see you after school. Love ya, Mom."
"Love you, Cassie." We hung up. I walked back to my seat next to Sammy. I whispered to her that Mom was fine. She smiled and continued with her essay. I doodled in my diary entry for yesterday that we were supposed to be keeping. I had talked about Mom not being home on time, of course, I just said she had gone on a trip with a friend in D.C., easy peasy. I sighed, doodling on my jeans more.
This is how the rest of the day went. At home, the bomb dropped.
Mom called me into the kitchen with her and Daniel. "Castiel," I was sure I had done something wrong. "Daniel has told her he is ready to make his decision early." I froze for a second.
"Alright. So, what's the verdict?" I asked, dreading the answer as I sat on the indented corners of the counter. Daniel stood up from the breakfast bar, and took a deep breath.
"My choice is, I want to try a normal life."

(This is the first chapter of something I'm trying to write. Feedback appreciated.


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