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Respect Fetish Artists
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Published: August 2, 2016
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I know, I'll be posting more actual art soon, but this is something I feel I've been wanting to speak up about for quite some time now.

Although I haven't been as active lately, I've been noticing a disturbing trend both on here and on Tumblr of tickle-lovers (or anyone with any kind of kink, really) being made to feel very uncomfortable, and sometimes outright violated, by people who have no regard whatsoever for their personal boundaries; People who try to sweet-talk or guilt them into a roleplay, or jump right into being flirtatious or raunchy, and end up making someone feel like they're trying to get physical with them by using so-called "harmless" asterisk cues ( you know, like *squeezes your sides* or *licks* or *pokes your feet* ). I have seen this affect people with anxiety, people who are recovering from terrible relationships, asexuals who have no interest in making tickling into something more sexual, people who are minors, and a few of my own friends. I have experienced it myself more times than I can count, despite my repetitive reminding people that I really don't appreciate it.

And while I don't put it this bluntly in the stamp, I'm just going to say it here:


In my experience, the reason a lot of fetish artists, especially tickle-artists, draw or write fetish content is because they feel alienated, or even embarrassed about their kink, so they wouldn't dare share it with people in person out of fear of judgment, or fear of some selfish, manipulative pervert trying to take advantage of it. But, they need to express it in some way or another, and have found respite in a wonderfully patient and supportive community which they feel comfortable sharing their work with. And hey, maybe they do end up finding someone they love that accepts their fetish too!

But, see, the people who respond to their work by basically deciding it's okay to see the fetish before seeing the person... They are telling the artist/writer they are merely a means to an end. They are taking away that feeling of security, trust and respect from someone who has very likely struggled to feel safe and accepted, by trying to push past or outright ignore boundaries just to indulge in THEIR own desires.

"But they enjoy this too! So obviously it's okay to tease them about it!!"

NO-ONE who claims they're pulling any of this crap because they know a fetishist also gets enjoyment out of it, without even stopping to think that maybe someone's not interested in experiencing what is essentially the internet version of groping or cat-calling, is thinking about anyone but themselves or actually taking said artist's emotional well-being into consideration.

"But this person is very open about what they enjoy & what turns them on! They're obviously asking for the attention!" 

This is just as bad as slut-shaming and victim blaming. Don't fucking do it.


Sure, kink artists are being open to their audience. Once again, they are in a community that knows how to talk about what they enjoy as general discussion, as a way of sharing creative ideas, as a way of venting and feeling more content with themselves for having their fetish, and as a way of ensuring other people that they have every reason to feel loved and accepted. But, see, unless they explicitly give permission for someone to suggest something sexual or intimate with them, you do not have the right to jump in and basically back them into a corner for you to try and persuade them to enact their (or your) fantasies.

Basically, when it comes down to it, ask permission! Keep the vulgar comments to yourself! And know when to quit while you’re ahead. You are NOT being sexy, coy, fun, or attractive in any way by more or less deciding you know what will turn someone on when you don't even take the time to truly know the person first.


Feel free to use this in journals, on your profile, etc.

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K since mobile keeps messing up my comment, I’ll just shorten it.
-Thank you for making this stamp.
-There are minors in this community and tickling isn’t inherently a fetish/kink, but rather an interest that’s odd but harmless, and adults should either make the community more friendly or abstain from interacting with minors if they can’t do that (for some reason?)
-Not everyone looks at the kink the same way you do, so you can’t assume that it’s okay to force interaction with it onto others, especially knowing that everyone looks at it differently to begin with
-Being autistic isn’t an excuse for your creepy behavior. You need to learn how to socialize, or refrain from doing so. As someone who’s autistic herself, I’m still learning what’s socially acceptable to say and do and what’s not. Society isn’t going to hold your hand and give you a pass every time you wanna wave your “special needs” ticket around. You’re accountable for your own actions, and if you don’t want to be called creepy, don’t be creepy. Can’t do that? Don’t interact with people.
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for your feedback! I totally agree with everything you've said. I'm on a Discord server with people from all kinds of different views on tickling overall, from sexual to platonic, and it's so important for people to understand that everyone has their own boundaries and it is NOT okay to push them past their comfort zone.

And yeah, agreed. I've seen several users on this site that claim to be on the autism spectrum that have used it as a cop-out for continued persistent creepy behavior that people have TOLD them is not okay. I have friends on the autism spectrum that have been MORE than capable of learning those social cues and boundaries and it's just...kind of infuriating for people to use any sort of mental or emotional disorder to try and justify bad behavior, instead of learning from their mistakes. :no:
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FloofyGeckoHobbyist Digital Artist

While I don't have a tickle fetish, I am in a different fetish community were unfortunately shit like this happens a lot
And y'know it really fuckin sucks
Cause the internet and art is the only place were I can actually feel safe about expressing my fetish. But when people try to ruin this by being perverts, that just takes away that sense of security I have. And then I can't even feel safe about posting fetish art at times
Just UGH it makes me so pissed off that people don't understand what boundaries are DX
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Dasha-DoodlesHobbyist General Artist
But you can have non-sexual tickling and sexual tickling at least.
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! Like I said in the description, I've seen plenty of people, especially on Tumblr, that are asexual and only enjoy SFW (safe for work) tickling. Which just makes it all the more gross when creeps try to make it sexual and try to persuade & harass people into getting what they want :no:
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Dasha-DoodlesHobbyist General Artist
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CalliefeetHobbyist Writer
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GreenhorngalHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like this stamp alot
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!! I'm glad :)
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It's insane how much people invade boundaries when it comes to this topic. I must admit that I have some trouble with boundaries sometimes, given my... erm... personality shall we put it? But at least I know not to be a creep... I'm glad people in this community are as friendly and respectful as they are.
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neckbeard-cadetProfessional General Artist
what does fetishism have to do with what your sexuality is

i mean maybe for mpreg and that shit but vore isnt a gender lol
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No one is talking sexuality.
We are talking about... you know, starts with s...
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
...You missed the point, dude. Where do I ever mention gender/sexuality? I'm talking about people who try to take their interest in a fetish too far and act like total creeps towards people who draw the art, and that's regardless of what anyone's gender is.
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neckbeard-cadetProfessional General Artist
O H  :^(((

but why would anyone draw fetish art if they arent prepared for people to comment about how hot it is

u dont draw a dog and say "NO DOG PEOPLE ALLOWED TO COMMENT"
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
Did you even read the description? There's a difference between commenting on the art and saying it's hot, and harassing the artist into cybering or role-playing, leaving creepy comments about what they want to do to the artist, and asking them to post photos of their feet (or any part of their body really).
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neckbeard-cadetProfessional General Artist
i skimmed it since it was like 3am

dont most fetishists do that anyway
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
Aah, I see :P

And...yes, sadly. :no: But that doesn't make it okay. I made this stamp as a way to tell people that just because people in the community make kink-related art, we're not automatically open to random people basically hitting on us. I understand that people outside of a fetish community will assume that fetish artists are automatically sex-obsessed creeps by nature, but we're still human and we all have our comfort zones and personal boundaries.
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neckbeard-cadetProfessional General Artist
woah there pal nobodys saying youre inferior at all dont worry

its just

what else would we think if youre dedicating all that time, effort and talent to your turn-on
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
I suppose, but it's just as judgmental to make that kind of assumption as it is for people to assume all artists are okay with creepy comments. Basically 'don't judge an individual by the fandom' is what I'm getting at.

I'm not really sure how much more clearly I can explain this, so we're done here. Have a nice day. :)
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Found this under my friend's favorites. Let's look at this from the other side. I have autism and have trouble seeing boundaries. I don't do exactly what you say but I mainly just ask to be friends. Still I end up being always labeled a "creep" or "random person on the internet" if not immediately but eventually with no explanation. And so it's no wonder autistic people commit suicide 28 times more often than the general population.

And I like vore not so much tickling.
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry you've been made to feel that way. :( You're right, that kind of treatment is uncalled for, especially when you deal with Autism or any other type of mental disorder.

It's still very much the responsibility of the person who feels they're being harrassed or violated to speak up about it, and politely tell a person that they're not comfortable with the direction a conversation is going. How the hell else will the other person know what they're saying or doing wrong? I, too, highly dislike it when people will make snap judgments about online users, and either 1.) assume the worst right away, or 2.) tell other people to avoid them.

That being said, the reason I made this stamp is because of people - myself, my friends, my peers on Tumblr - that have spoken up about their boundaries in the past, but still continue to get vulgar messages to this day.

I'm sorry you've been treated unfairly, but please know that I'm not trying to perpetuate the message that anyone and everyone in fetish communities that try to communicate or reach out to others who share their interests are automatically creeps. It's when the boundaries have been clearly set, when the person has repeatedly told others to stop bothering them, or when they say right on their profile page that they're not comfortable with something, but people outright ignore them, that it's unacceptable. And, to mirror what you say, it's no wonder people like myself grow up to be very defensive and untrusting, when almost all of their interactions with other online users lead to them feeling violated in some way or another... To the point where they no longer feel there is a point to try and explain themselves.

It isn't something that can be easily solved from either side, sadly :no: But the first step is to try to make that effort to communicate. And, I'm sure you do and/or will find people who will be able to do this properly. :)
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SuperOverwatchStudent Digital Artist
I don't even know what to say...
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TicklishTouchHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay? :?
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ColossalStinkerHobbyist Digital Artist
One person sent me a note asking if I could show them my feet. And I don't even have a foot fetish...
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