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Necro Critic: Felix the Cat

Watch Necro's newest adventure in nightmare-movie land!
Felix the Cat: The Movie! Truly an abomination.
Even moreso because I had to WATCH the damn thing, which resulted in quite a rage and a personal hatred.

And this picture.
Fuck you, Felix.

One of my favorite reviews so far! With a twist ending and a surprise view behind the glasses!

Felix and all it's merchandise belongs of course to it's respective owners.

All just for parody's sake.
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After you feel bad about this movie, you should watch a good reboot of 1920s version called "Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat" which give the good homage of Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer and too Fleischer elements which can inspired it, instead of Mickey-like or Disney-like.

P.S.: This reboot show is NOT for little kids.…

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#FelixTheCat2019 ;
#FelixTheCat100Years ;
#TheFirstCartoonSuperstarBeforeDisney ;
#BeforeMickeyMouse ;
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too bad this guy isn't even doing anything anymore. now he just complains that the nostalgia critic stole his stuff
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Recent news: :iconnostalgiacriticplz: will be reviewing this soon. :slow: I knew it was only a matter of time.
TicklishSocks's avatar
God damnit, Critic.
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:music:Whooooo is the boss?
The Duke of Zill, of course!
Who's never at a loss?
The Duke of Zill, or course!
TicklishSocks's avatar

I just got that song out of my mind, fuck.
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wow.... I think I would have been better of NOT knowing about Felix... Nice video though.
Good work on the picture.
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My advice? Check out the original black and white cartoons and, despite his disparaging comment against it at the end of the video, the 90s TV series, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. They're well worth the watch.
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thanks alot for video xD really good!
and awesome job with picture
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Glad you liked it!
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Lol, that vid. Hurr, your pic. Love your twisted humor.
TicklishSocks's avatar
It's not like his voice would change.
K-Gforever's avatar
His voice, wut?
Sorantheman's avatar
He's going to castrate the cat.
K-Gforever's avatar
Lol, oh I get it now.
SuperSpongeNova's avatar
Well-done, my little socks. C:>
SuperSpongeNova's avatar
:C ...I used to love that show/toys.
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another great peice.
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