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Hatter's New Kitten Ch. 7
    Grell yawned and stretched in the morning sun filtering through the large window, he crawled off the velvet cushion he had slept on with a bit of difficulty as the cast was much harder to walk in than his old splint so, instead he just decided to levitate. He put on his glasses then floated over to the large glass door leading to the balcony. He glanced over to the Red Queen who was still fast asleep before silently going out to the balcony, pouncing up on the railing and looking out over the Red Queen's kingdom. 
    It truly was beautiful; the morning sun was just rising, painting the land red and gold. The queen's property was huge, most of it being an elaborate rose garden and just beyond the queens' property was a town; he vaguely remembered it from his younger days when he was just a stray kitten. Not too far from the town he could see the forest. 
    "Hatter..." the feline muttered, tears forming in his jade-green eyes. He missed him
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    It had been a little over a month since Undertaker had saved Grell. The cats' leg was starting to heal nicely and Undertaker had been urging the cat to try and walk in order to keep him from losing muscle in his leg; although the cat was only able to limp on all fours at the most, but still Hatter was glad that the cat was trying and always praised him for it. His tail was taking a little longer to heal, but was doing good nonetheless. The redhead hadn't really left his side since he confessed to him and the cats' true personality had started to show through and Hatter loved it; he found the cats' feminine and flamboyant perks adorable and his rather perky nature always brought a smile to the silverettes' face. However, even with his energy restored, the cat was still as sweet and loving as ever. The only down side was Grell was still timid and quiet at times...mostly around the others. With Ron, he only got a bit quiet, but with William his timid side showed; he actually
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    As soon as hatter exited the crypt, he spotted Hare out in their usual area still hard at work cleaning up. He approached him with caution knowing Hare may still be mad. "Hare?" William sighed and turned towards the silverette, "yes Hatter?" 
    Undertaker relaxed being able to tell that William had calmed down enough. "I know you don't like the cat, but I'd appreciate it if you'd help me and Ron". William frowned and looked away, "I want nothing to do with that...that...creature". The silverette glowered at William as he suddenly had the overwhelming urge to punch him in the back of the head for being so heartless to something as innocent and currently helpless as the cat; though he refrained from doing so. "Can you at least do one thing for me?" The Hare sighed in defeat and turned back around to face the silver haired man, "Very well...but I refuse to communicate or go near that thing!" Hatter smiled slightly "you won't have to" he pulled a pair
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    "And that's where Claude made his second mistake; the first obviously being scaring Sebastian shitless" Naomi commented, shooting him a half-hearted scolding look. "Yes, looking back on it now I realize my choice was not the most prudent one" Claude replied curtly, adjusting his glasses and sending a look back at the neko that said 'you don't have to remind me that I screwed up'. "With my new sense of certainty, I set to work on making first contact via a letter". "That's how it started out: a clandestine correspondence love affair that would surely last only a short time because it was being fueled by fake passion" came Heather's chastising remark. "As I was saying" Claude began, putting strong emphasis on his words to indicate his annoyance at being interrupted, "I had no way of knowing if Naomi was still angry or not, so I relied on a few of Wonderlands' local inhabitants to ensure my letters got to Sebastian". "Among other things like flower bouquets and small gifts that were quote/unquote tokens of his affection". "Would you like to tell the story Naomi because you seem to know it better than I" Claude bit out, a tad more harsh than he intended. "I'd love to, mister grumpy paws" said Naomi in a teasing tone. Hatter burst into a fit of giggles at the nickname after a long period of silently listening to what was being said and restraining himself. "I think I'll start by regaling our honored guest with the contents of this" Naomi pulled out a folded sheet of paper from her pocket and waved it in the air to show everyone before unfolding it.

    Claude instantly recognized the paper as his first missive to Sebastian and paled white as a sheet at what was going to happen next.

    Naomi cleared her throat and began to read the letter out loud in a deep, slightly accented voice meant to mimic Claudes'. "You don't know me, but I have seen you from afar. The lithe shape of your form, your graceful movements and hair like liquid onyx have enraptured my attention. Are you an Angel or a Succubus, for to have such an aura of beauty surrounding you must be a grave sin indeed! And though I have yet the privilege to gaze upon your visage, there is no doubt in my mind that your face is as lovely as your backside! Signed, your secret admirer". By the end of the reading, Hatter was full on cackling in mirth along with the other servants; even Sebastian was trembling from stifled chuckles. Meanwhile, Claude had turned red as a cherry at the action of his private thoughts being shared with so many others.

    It took a full six minutes for everyone to calm down and regain their composure. By this point, Sebastian decided to pick up where Naomi and Claude left off. "As you can well imagine Hatter, I was quite surprised to say the least at receiving a letter that so generously described my physical appearance".

*                    *                    *

[Sebastian's POV]

    It has been almost a week since that wolf jumped me for no apparent reason, other than the fact it could. And although the experience was horrifying, I find myself more confused than scared at the event. I suppose that is mainly due to the unexplainable circumstances occurring; for example, the fact that I didn't in any way detect its presence. Not to brag, but as a Rabbit I have excellent senses and some random scourge of the canine species being able to get the drop on me is most troubling. Another strange aspect is that even after getting me into an extremely vulnerable did nothing but stare down at me. I wasn't in any kind of mood to be eaten mind you, but I can't help wonder why that wolf pounced if it had no intention of killing me. And if I am being completely honest with myself...a small part of me believes that mongrel will come back and finish what it started. Having my new friend Naomi around these past few days has helped ease my nerves, but she has informed me that she can only stay for one more day before returning home to serve her mistress, the White Queen.

    Logically, I realize Naomi would have to leave eventually, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit worried about being alone again.

    "Don't worry Usagi; any vicious beast that wants to try and make you its next meal will have to answer to me!" Naomi assured me with such confidence. She had taken to calling me 'Usagi' as a nickname over the course of her visitation because it means 'rabbit' in Japanese. I rather liked the new moniker she gave me, but I digress. "How do you intend to protect me from such a vast distance away?" I asked, attempting to keep my voice even and calm. However, I could easily tell from that look she sent me that Naomi is quite aware of my underlying nervousness. "I have just the thing". From her pocket, she produced a raw stone of amethyst; before giving it to me, she cupped it between both of her palms and began to say a spell. "Sora no bōei ōkina kiken no jidai". Streams of bluish light leaked out through her fingers as the stone briefly glowed. As she placed in my own hand, I could feel a slight, pulsating warmth emanating from the object. "This piece of amethyst has been blessed; it can tap directly into my active power of electrokinesis. You can create a shield or summon bolts of lightning depending on which activation word is spoken: 'mamoru' for defend and 'kōgeki' for attack. But be sparing with how often you use it because it draws upon my own energy to make it work and at the wrong time, it could me serious harm" she explained, her tone taking a sober lilt.

    "If it poses so much potential risk, why are you letting me have all this power?" I asked quietly, feeling a mix of concern and confusion. "You're my friend, Sebastian; I care about your well being and I trust you not to abuse the gift". "After are one hell of a rabbit" she finished with a small smirk and embraced me for a goodbye hug. I returned the embrace and we parted ways from there, both of us going back home.

*                    *                    *

    "And after all this time, you still have yet to overuse the amethyst stone; I'm very proud of my bunny pal" Naomi chirped, glancing between Sebastian and Undertaker as she spoke. "Of course, nowadays I rarely even need to use it since I have a big, strong guard dog" Sebastian added, teasingly. Directing their gazes to the mentioned lycan, excluding Hatter, neither of the group were surprised that in Claudes' place was a black wolf lying on the floor and hiding behind the armchair. "Well, since Ōkami is pouting and most likely clammed's up to us to finish this tale of romance and drama" Heather exclaimed, gesturing to herself, Naomi and Sebastian. "Cutting to the chase, that first letter was breathtaking...albeit a bit silly". Claude let out a groaning whine at Sebastians' description. "And all subsequent notes included with the small gifts he sent me were sweet and flattering". "But by the third correspondence, I couldn't shake the strong feeling I had that all this effort was merely a means to an end". "Translation: Sebastian thought Claude only acted like a charmer to get in his pants" clarified Naomi, arms crossed and sending an admonishing look to the wolf. "Fortunately, on her next visit to Wonderland gathering news, Naomi was made aware of the situation and immediately sought to do damage control" supplied Heather.


[Naomi's POV]

    I finally get to visit Sebastian again; I know it's only been a few months, but it feels like a whole lot longer to me! I can't wait to see how he and Claude have been doing since they started writing to each other. I'm practically dancing on air as I race through the forest in my cat form to reach his home. Running on four legs instead of two, I can get around much faster and it doesn't take very long at all for me to reach my destination. Returning to my human form, I step up to the front door and knock; about a minute later, Sebastian opens the door and greets me with a smile. But wait, something's  wrong...he seems so sad; I don't have to be a kanjō to know that something obviously happened in between trips.

    "Usagi, is everything alright?" I ask, not wanting to invade his privacy by just finding out the answer with my powers. His brows furrow slightly and he heads back inside; I follow him and shut the door, watching as he takes a seat on a black sofa. At first, he just sat there head down and an aura filled with sorrow surrounding him. "Sebastian..." I start to say in a voice no louder than a whisper. Suddenly, he pulls out a couple folded sheets of paper from his breast jacket pocket and hands them to me. Taking and unfolding them, I see they're letters - specifically, letters that Claude sent Sebastian; I was about to question why he gave me these when I spared a glance at the words written.


    Yours is a beauty unparalleled by no other. How I long to worship that graceful body and watch as you writhe in ecstasy beneath me. I can scarcely begin to imagine the texture of your pale skin or even the delectable taste that is your essence'.

    I couldn't read anymore without losing it; this is nothing but - shameless foreplay for a quick fuck! I mused to myself; in that moment, it occurred to me what was going on.

    "Oh Sebas-" "I should've known better; he only wants me for my body" Sebastian said out of the blue, cutting me off mid sentence. My feline ears twitched at the sounds of soft sobbing; I looked over to Sebastian, who had his face buried in his palms and crying. It broke my heart to see him like this, but at the same time I felt my blood start to boil a little in anger at what my old friend had done to my new friend. And right away, I developed a conflict.

    Comfort Sebastian or Kill Claude?

    "Uh, Usagi; what do you want me to do?" I asked, giving Sebastian the choice over my next course of action.

[Sebastian's POV]

    "Uh, Usagi; what do you want me to do?" I heard Naomi ask, concern and uncertainty in her voice. I appreciate that she didn't just leave me to go take care of that bastard...not that I would've minded all that much. "I think- I'd like to be alone right now" I replied, my voice barely audible and quivering lightly through my tears. "That's fine, Sebastian; perfectly understandable. I'm gonna go set a certain Romeo straight; I promise I'll be back as soon as I can to help you through this". Naomi spoke hurriedly as she said all that, indicating she was working hard to keep her emotions in check. I heard the door open and close quickly along with footsteps; it makes me feel a little better knowing she's rushed off to kick his ass.

[Naomi's POV]

    'I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him' I chanted in my head over and over. Anger does not even begin to describe how I feel right now; I swear, once I get my claws on him...

    Using my kanjō abilities, I make quick work of locating that despicable cad. Hackles raised and tail whipping dangerously back and forth, I spot him in the clearing where all of this started. "Hey, Emperor Claudius!" I shout to gain his attention. He turns around and I sprint toward him, stopping only when I'm six inches from his jerky face.

    "Naomi, my dear and beloved companion; how are you this fine afternoon?" "Mad as hell" the neko spat, placing her hands on her hips. "Whatever could put such a fair maiden as you in a mood so foul?" "You, dumbass and don't think you can talk your way out of this by flattering me". "Oh, but darling" Claude gently grasped both of Naomi's hands in his and got into a waltz pose, "I sincerely mean the words I speak to your immeasurable loveliness". Naomi could only gape at Claude as he started leading her into a dance. "Are you drunk?" she asked, incredulously. "Drunk on love...and your charm" Claude suavely retorted. As the two ravenettes danced to no music in the middle of the clearing, Naomi noticed something was off about the man other than his behavior.

    'It's not even hot outside and Claude is sweating' Naomi silently observed. Once they dipped, Naomi took the opportunity to touch his forehead with her palm. "Claude, you're hot" she announced in alarm. "And you are gorgeous beyond compare. Run away with me, Naomi; we'll make beautiful pups together". "Dream on, Claude; I don't like you that way. Hell, I'm not even your type!" "Of course you are; my type is any delicious specimen that catches my eye". They had begun the waltz again and Naomi's rage was instantly replaced with worry for her friend. "As to the former, that is simply an irrelevant detail when you consider that we have fiery passion" Claude crooned, twirling her to the side and ceasing the dance. 'Fiery passion; oh no' realization hit the kanjōkō like a freight train. 'Claude is under the influence of a potion, and a very dangerous one at that'. "You need not a map if you get lost in my eyes, for I shall guide you back to reality". "My hero" came Naomi's sarcastic response. "I merely offer my service as a gentleman; your gratitude is unnecessary". Naomi rolled her eyes at the statement, ignoring Claudes' inability to recognize her sarcasm. "Claude, can you stand still for a few moments; I want to see what a charming lycan has been doing with himself...particularly four months back" said Naomi, putting on a 'subdued damsel' act and playing along with the situation. "Anything for you, sweet princess". The wolf did as told and stood like a statue with his head tilted downward partly; Naomi placed her palms over Claudes' eyes and concentrated on searching for his memories of their last visit to Wonderland.

[Flashback - Claude's memories]

    "Greetings and salutations, good fellow!" a voice suddenly called out. Claude looked up to find himself face to face with a strange man. "Oh my, whatever on a magnificent day such as this could cause you to be plagued with melancholy?" the man asked, moving about in an overly dramatic fashion. "I would rather not burden you, but I appreciate your concern". Claude started to leave, only for the other man to cut off his path. "Nonsense; you are clearly distressed and I wish to offer my assistance, if only to lend a sympathetic ear". "Alright; beggars can't be choosers" said Claude with a heavy sigh. "Marvelous; allow me to introduce myself: I am the Mock Turtle, Aleistor Chambers". "Claude Faustus, simply a lycan". Claude extended his hand to Aleistor, who clasped it between both hands and shook it enthusiastically. "Splendid to meet you Claude; come, we'll adjourn to more comfortable settings and continue our discussion at length" Aleistor declared excitedly.
    "Please, regale me with your tale of woe Mr. Faustus". "Of course; first and foremost, the problem itself is not a particularly serious least by comparison of an actual emergency" the golden eyed man took a sip of his tea, "it was just recently that I encountered my soul mate". Aleistors' face lit up in joy at this announcement and rose from his chair. "Oh Cupid, once again you have done the difficult deed of piercing someones' heart with your enchanted arrows, thus allowing a seed of love to be planted and potentially grow into a blossom of everlasting care and devotion!" the blond shouted in exuberance.
    "After a brief internal debate, I've come to a decision..." without warning, the Mock Turtle raised a hand toward the heavens and gazing upward, "despite my complete inexperience in regards to this specific situation, I believe that I can still be of some help to you Claude Faustus!"
    "And how do you intend to help me if you yourself are not even homosexual?" "Claude, the solution is very simple: I can teach you how to be confident, how to charm and most to seduce" the last three words were spoken in a low, sultry tone.
    "Drink this". "What is it?" "A very special potion to thaw your frozen tongue and enable you to express all your pent up passion for Mr. X". Throughout the lessons, Aleistor had taken to calling Claudes' crush 'Mister X' since it was revealed that Claude had no idea of his real name. As for the potion, it was a bright red liquid in a bottle shaped like a valentine heart and made of frosted glass. 

    The next scene Naomi saw was Claude drinking half of the bottle before it fell out of his hand. Right away she knew what the man called 'Aleistor' had given him. 'As if I didn't have enough on my plate; now I have to cure Claude of his reckless passion' Naomi groaned internally. "What might be distressing you so to cause such a lovely face be marred by a grimace?" Claude asked suddenly, snapping Naomi from her thoughts. "Oh, I uh, couldn't help notice you look a tad peaked; I think I should take you home to rest". Claude said nothing in response at first, only giving Naomi a small smile. "Your thoughtfulness and consideration for my welfare makes you that much more beautiful in body and soul". "Okay, I'm confused; are you agreeing to cut our trip early or not?" His mouth turned down into a slight frown, "Far be it from me to deny a lady her request, but we have a task to accomplish for our mistress. Besides that, I feel fantastic and I would hate to keep her waiting any longer than necessary" the raven haired male struck a small pose: looking upward, he turned away and covered his eyes with his arm above his head. "Figures you'd say something like that" Naomi muttered through a sigh under her breath. "Pardon?" asked Claude, redirecting his attention to the neko.

    "I said" Naomi cleared her throat and shifted her weight to one foot, making her hips jut to the side, "Faustus...what's the point of living if you don't take the time to be a little naughty every now and then?" Naomi's voice was husky with lust, her tail flicking seductively and her eyes half lidded. Fluttering her lashes, she continued speaking words laced with a demure sweetness, "Since you are feeling so...fantastic...why don't we play a game of chase; you can be the big bad wolf out hunting for a fresh catch and I'll be the innocent kitty who's lost her way". Throughout her 'flirtations', Naomi placed her hands on Claudes' shoulders, rubbed up against his chest and other tiny gestures to spur his interest. However, Claude managed to restrain himself from indulging in temptation...if only just.

    "Pretty please, Claude; I know how much you're itching to frolic in all that freshly fallen snow back home" Naomi playfully pouted, maintaining her flirty voice. "And I know for a fact" Claude exhaled sharply at a hand suddenly cupping his manhood and palming it teasingly, "that he wants to frolic in the fields as well" whispered Naomi, referring to his partly erect cock. The final nail in the coffin was Naomi sensually and slowly licking up Claudes' neck making him shiver in pleasure. A growl erupted from his throat and the lenses of his glasses fogged over instantly. Claude calmly removed his glasses to wipe away the fog and placed them back on his face. Sliding them up the bridge of his nose, he stared at the ground silently for a few seconds before uttering a single word in a dangerously low tone, "Run".

[Naomi's POV]

    "Run" I heard Claude say - or actually, growl under his breath, but I could hear it clear as day. Slowly, I stepped backwards and kept my gaze locked on the body in front of me. I guess he's giving me a head start, I surmised. Once he was no longer in my sight, I spun on my heels and started running as fast I could to put as much distance as possible between us. My cat ears twitched as I picked up the sounds of paws hitting the dirt and rapid panting breaths. That meant only one thing: Claude was in his wolf form.

    Maybe my plan worked a little too well?

    As I ran, I used my kanjō powers to send a distress signal to one of the others at the castle.

    'Guys, we have a situation; Claude is under the influence of a Reckless Passion potion and is currently chasing me back towards Kōri-chi. Whoever gets this communication first, meet me outside by the frozen lake. And hurry!'

    Taking out a marble sized ball from my pocket, I slowed down some and threw it on the ground; a large hole quickly formed and I jumped into it, thinking of where I wanted to end up on the other side.

[Heather's POV]

    'Guys, we have a situation; Claude is under the influence of a Reckless Passion potion and is currently chasing me back towards Kōri-chi. Whoever gets this communication first, meet me outside by the frozen lake. And hurry!' I was startled awake as Naomi's rushed voice echoed inside my head. I automatically recognized it as one of her mind link messages; realizing the urgency and context of the message, I did as she instructed and lept out the window in order to reach the bottom of the castle quickly. Using my vampire speed, I ran as fast as unnaturally possible to get to the edge of the lake located not terribly far from the palace.

    When I got there, I was just in time to catch Naomi emerge from a rabbit hole on the opposite side. I also saw a large furry mass come out not a minute later before the hole shrunk and disappeared. Naomi shifted to a cat and practically flew across the ice to get to safety. I knew exactly what she had in mind; my timing had to be perfect in order for this to work out just right. Kissing my knuckles, I counted the seconds in my head and knelt on the ground to where I was only about three inches from the edge.


    With all my strength, I slammed my fist against the solid surface as hard as I could. Within the span of mere seconds, the ice cracked and broke crumbling into several pieces, Naomi (as a cat) pounced from her spot and landed into my waiting arms, preventing her from taking a dip and lastly, Claude sunk into the icy waters slightly more than halfway across.

    I felt Naomi leave my embrace and saw that she changed back to a human; we both watched the place where Claude vanished with bated breath. "Shouldn't he have come up by now?" I asked, whispering. Naomi sat wordlessly next to me, a look on her face expressing that she wasn't quite sure what to do or expect now.

[Naomi's POV]

    I heard Heather's voice asking me question, but I didn't really register what it is she said; I was far too preoccupied searching for Claude in the lake. This is the first time I've personally dealt with the consequences of Reckless Passion and I had prior knowledge of how to counteract the effects and cure it...I just don't know if I was able to save him in time. Another minute or two passed before a hand shot out of the water and reached for something solid to grab onto. I had been startled a bit but immediately recovered and tightly grasped the limb in my own hands.

    "Help me pull him out!" I shouted to Heather, pulling towards me. Heather took the other arm that popped up along with the back of Claudes' shirt collar. Claude was gasping, coughing and shivering violently as we got him all the way out of the water and helped him onto his feet, but he was alive. Now would come the hard part: the aftermath.

*                    *                    *

    "It took a week for Claude to recover from his hypothermia and the bad cold he ultimately caught". "Correction; I had pneumonia and I was sick for almost a month!" Claude interjected without warning. "Aw, did puppy not enjoy his polar bear swim...because frankly, I think you deserved it after making Usagi feel like he was just another passing fling!" berated Heather, her tone seamlessly switching from a mocking pout to a normal angry shout. "'re both wrong; it was the flu for two weeks" Naomi said, ending a potential argument before it even began. "As I was saying...Claude was no longer affected by his lust sickness, but it would take a lot of work to get him back to proper health. After getting him stabilized, I immediately contacted Sebastian and informed him of the current situation, albeit vaguely". "And despite whatever I may have felt towards Claude at the time" Sebastian began, trailing off. "I still thought he deserved to know that I" Naomi paused, sighing out a breath and collecting her thoughts, "practically threw myself at him with my overly solicitous flirtations". The room grew quiet for a moment, a dusky blush painting Naomi's cheeks at the memory of that day.


    It had been two weeks since that eventful day; Claude was fully recovered from his illness and other negative effects of exposure. During that time, Naomi kept her promise and returned to Wonderland to check on Sebastian after making sure that Claude was in stable condition. When she eventually got back to his home, Naomi found the rabbit on the couch asleep and dried tear tracks on his face. Neither the Wolf nor the White Rabbit had exchanged a single communication since then and both ravenettes seemed to somewhat move on from each other. Emphasis on 'seemed'.

    It was a slow day around the castle and everyone went about their own business doing as they pleased to entertain themselves. All the inhabitants were quite content with this bit of down time...all except one lone wolf in particular.

[Claudes' POV]

    There was nothing immediately important to be taken care of, so I decided to use this opportunity to just wander the halls of the palace and clear my head. Those months when I had taken leave of my senses, I stayed partially aware of my surroundings and my actions, but there were still scattered gaps in my memory. I remember writing those letters and sending Sebastian various tokens of my affection, however near the was as if my mind was enveloped in a thick, humid mist. Naomi helped fill in the blanks by showing me what she observed from my inebriated behavior; needless to say, I was mortified when I saw myself flirting with one of my oldest friends. And when she returned the attention back to me...I shuddered at the memory, rubbing the exact spot where she licked my neck. I swear, I can still feel that rough tongue and the now uncomfortable sensation it elicited. Naomi explained that she had been using her abilities as a kanjō to protect herself against my 'reckless passion' as she so eloquently phrased it and that the phantom sensation would eventually go away. But what bothered me the most was knowing I had screwed up again in regards to winning over my mate.

    Yes, Naomi didn't hesitate to impress upon me how much damage I caused with my actions. How much I hurt Sebastian, making him believe that I only desire him for his body. I will freely admit that I have fantasized about him once or twice, but he's more than just a future conquest to me! I want all of Sebastian, for however long he will have me...

    [Then tell him a letter; a real one this time] It gave me a start to here Naomi's voice invade my mind. I looked down and she was staring at me as a cat, sitting on the floor. [I was listening to your pity party monologue and I happen to agree; you totally screwed the pooch on this one, if you'll pardon the expression] My already low hopes were sinking even further into the abyss; maybe I should cut my losses altogether? [You see, there's your problem: your self-confidence leaves a lot to be desired and you're too easily selling yourself short] She lept from the floor all the way onto my shoulders perched like a bird. [Listen, confidence comes from experience and impulsive, spontaneous actions; not by drinking a magical concoction you got from a weird stranger] "But you told me so yourself; Sebastian wants nothing more to do with me". Naomi made a disapproving growl and instantly, my body jerked sharply at a set of little fangs harshly nipping my canine ear. [I showed you how he reacted to callous subtext in your last letter; that wasn't an automatic disqualification] [Claude...if you are really honest about your feelings and explain your mistake, there may be hope for you yet] I sighed heavily and replied, "What have I got to lose?" [That's the spirit; I'll even help you from a supportive standpoint]

[Three days later]

    Naomi had returned to Wonderland, Claudes' missive in tow and feeling cautiously hopeful that everything would work out for the best. Upon arriving at his home, she knocked on the door and waited for the owner to let her inside. Within a few minutes, the door opened and Naomi was greeted by Sebastian...only for her shrink back at the strong aura of sorrow in the air. "How nice to see you again" Sebastian half-heartedly greeted in a soft voice. He gestured for her to enter and closed the door behind the neko once clear of the doorjamb. "I won't pussyfoot around, so here it goes" Naomi produced some folded papers from her pocket and held it out to the rabbit, "I have a letter from Claude that I want you to read before you make any final judgements about him" she rattled off quickly. Sebastian stared at the note with slightly wide eyes before regaining his neutral composure. "What does that cad want now?" Sebastian asked, icily. "Another chance; he's different this time, I promise!" Naomi exclaimed, a hint of desperation in her voice. "Save it, I'm over the man; those two weeks of peace were a welcome change from eating up his tender lies". "I know for a fact that's not true". Sebastian plopped down on the couch, dragging a hand over his face tiredly. "I hate being made to feel like I'm just some pretty plaything that will get tossed aside once they've gotten their fill of me" said Sebastian, voice low and flat but with an edge of sadness. "Usagi, please...just keep an open mind, read the letter and if you still can't stand him afterwards...I will take you to Claude so you can personally bitch slap him yourself".

     "Very well" Sebastian relented, through a heavy sigh. Taking the letter and opening it, Sebastian started to read to himself.

    'My dearest kitten,

    First, let me explain and make abundantly clear that the man whom you corresponded with was merely a fraudulent facade. I am ashamed to admit it, but I took a cowards' shortcut and sought help from a local resident named Aleistor Chambers. After a couple days of failed teachings for how to be seductive, he gave a potion he said would aid my ability (or lack thereof) in conversing with the object of my desire. I foolishly trusted him and paid the price: becoming somebody I'm not and deeply hurting the one I care for. It also nearly cost me the whole of who I am as a person due to the nature of the spicy liquid; Naomi explained to me what exactly it was that I had taken and the inevitable, ghastly outcome that would have transpired. Rest assured that she discovered my condition in time and was thus able to act accordingly to return me to normal.

    Second, I have given you the impression that my intentions for courting you are the furthest from being pure. For this, I sincerely apologize; I don't expect you to forgive me so readily, or possibly at all...I just want you to know that I deeply regret the way I comported myself since our initial indirect meeting. Who I am, the
real Claude an awkward introvert. That is, to say that I've never been the most capable of making small talk and properly socializing with other people. I have always been somewhat withdrawn and stoic towards others; even with my own family. Such attitude and behavior on my part caused people to believe I was cold and emotionless. This simply is not the case; I do possess the ability to connect with someone else and get close to them, but it takes time for me to open up and allow them inside. I guess you could say I'm better suited to playing the strong, silent type. But I digress.

    All I have ever wanted for myself is to find that one individual who is meant to be my mate. I knew I'd experience a certain feeling once I crossed paths with them, and after so long...I finally found that special someone.

    You, Sebastian Michaelis are the one who is my soul mate.

    I won't presume to think you believe in that kind of thing, but it is what
I believe in and I want you to know that. Do what you will with this information.

    Furthermore, I've never really been involved with another person in regards to romantic relationships. There have been strangers and people I barely know from which I sought physical satisfaction, but those instances were just meaningless sex; none of them even
remotely resonated with my being as much as you do. And while I am attracted to you, I want more than your body...I want your heart and your soul. In turn, I want to give you all of me, if you'll accept it.

    Whatever you choose to do or think, I will support your decision. No matter what it may be.


    - C.F

    By the time he finished reading the letter, Sebastian was in awe and unable to speak. "Sebastian, how do you feel?" asked Naomi, whispering. She laid a hand on his shoulder, waiting for any kind of reaction; still staring at the page Sebastian replied, "I'd like to see him. In person". "Uh, okay...did you mean right now or at a later date?" "The soonest he is available will suffice".
A Madman and His Mews Ch. 6 - Pt. Two
A/N: This is actually going to be broken up in three parts, not just two like I originally thought

Ōkami - 'wolf' in Japanese
Sora no bōei - 'sky fire defense' in Japanese
Ōkina kiken no jidai - 'in times of great danger' in Japanese
Mamoru - 'defend' in Japanese
Kōgeki - 'attack' in Japanese

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    In a clearing of the woods, a black cat lie stretched out on the ground and basking in the warmth of the suns' rays shining through a canopy of tree branches. [How nice is this; I could stay here all week!] [I swear, it's truly amazing what you take for granted when you have to travel for work] Naomi mused to herself. She was so content and relaxed, the neko failed to notice when someone else entered the clearing and approached her. A gloved hand started to pet her head and blue eyes snapped open to look up at whoever had invaded her space. "Oh, what beautiful eyes you have!" the man above her exclaimed. Eyes wide with anticipation, Naomi froze like a statue in the strangers' presence; however, any thoughts of potential harm he might cause instantly went out of her mind as the man started scratching behind her ears. She began purring up a storm at his ministrations despite herself, lids slipping closed and head tilting back in bliss.

    From a distance, a pair of golden eyes watched the interaction with mild curiosity while also staying alert in case he needed to leap in and protect his friend. Due to the cloaking charm Naomi placed on him, Claude was given a secret, unobstructed view of everything from within the bushes. Meanwhile, Naomi reveled in the treatment she was getting: hands caressing her feline body, fingers gently stroking and squeezing her little paws and a stunning set of crimson orbs gazing on the neko in adoration and reverence. There were also doting words and praises given, but Naomi was too lost in pleasure to distinguish what they were and only being aware that the man was in fact speaking at all.

    Unfortunately, the wolf had rapidly grown bored watching Naomi get fawned over by a rabbit after a couple of minutes. So, with his advantage of camouflage Claude became inspired to create a bit of mischief.

[Sebastian's POV]

    I had been out walking, in no particular direction mind you but wherever my feet chose to carry me. I often did so, wandering aimlessly all over Wonderland and today was no different. I ended up in the forest, specifically the forest close to Hatter's crypt; I briefly considered paying him a visit and then something caught my attention. The unmistakable sound that is like music to my ears: purring. All thoughts went out of my head until the only one remaining was the one telling me to follow that melodious noise and follow it I did. Fortunately, it was a short distance separating me from the perfect creature producing those lovely sounds.

    I emerged through the trees into a clearing and right there in the middle I saw it: a precious feline warming itself in a sunbeam, looking every bit angelic and magnificent. The cat appeared to be having an afternoon nap, so I preceded to make ginger steps as not to disturb its slumber or startle it. When there was only a few feet between us, I knelt down and slowly extended an arm to pet that pretty head. Upon making contact, her eyes shot open as I started rubbing her silky midnight fur. My breath hitched in my throat at the sight before me; staring into my own blood colored irises were vibrant, rich blue orbs. "Oh, what beautiful eyes you have!" I exclaimed in amazement. I must admit, I wasn't expecting to happen upon such a rare prize of a cat; I'm very tempted to spirit this little darling back to my burrow and keep her forever. As I begin to scratch behind her ears she quickly relaxes again, closing those captivating eyes and leaning back on the ground; that's when I see the telltale tag of a collar around her tiny neck.

    She already belongs to someone else.

    My mood dampens slightly at this realization, but I instead focus on this time I have right now to play with Sapphire. That is what I decide to call her since there is no name on the collar. Just a simple black strip of leather and a snowflake shaped opal stone dangling from it. "I hope whomever you reside with knows how lucky they are to have such a treasure as you". Gently grasping her front legs in my hands, I started to examine her paw pads: completely black just like her coat. Unable to help myself, I softly rubbed my thumbs over those adorable feline feet and lightly squeezed them. From her reaction, it is quite clear Sapphire thoroughly enjoys my touch. "What secrets you must hold, you charming vision of perfection?" I croon to Sapphire in praise. Cats truly are perfect...unlike...dogs.

[Claude's POV]

    I tend to agree with Naomi on that aspect; the weather is nice today, although to be honest I prefer a more tundra like climate. As a wolf, I'm built more ideally for colder temperatures. It isn't that I dislike Wonderlands' temperate weather patters, but snow is far more fun to run through; white powder crunching underneath my large paws, a brisk wind blowing through my fur coat, the intoxicating scent of pine permeating the air. I sigh in content thinking about it. {Blissful}

    Before I can delve further into my imagination and memories of home, I instantly detect the presence of another entity approaching. Immediately, I get into position to strike but remain where I am standing; I do not know for sure if it is a friendly being or an enemy and attacking half-cocked could cause more harm than good.

    I can only see them from the back, but I quickly discover it is a human...with a white, puffy tail. Correction: a rabbit. More than likely a local resident of this place. I watch him intently, eyes affixed to the pair for any sign of malicious intent.


    My posture slackens considerably when my sharp ears pick up the hum of Naomi's content purrs. From what I can tell, he is merely playing with Naomi as if she were an ordinary house cat. And with no threat present, I decide to observe further since I had no other pressing engagements at the moment.

    After nearly five minutes of watching the raven haired rabbit lavish Naomi with endless affection and compliments, I found myself growing bored. My mischievous side reared its cunning head and for a minute, thinking of what I could do to sate this urge became difficult. The mysterious rabbit, Naomi and myself were the only ones in the immediate area and I was hesitant to wander elsewhere out of concern for my friend. Luckily, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a particular sentence spoken by the unknown ravenette.

    "Cats truly are perfect...unlike...dogs".

    From his inflection and the venomous tone, I knew right away that Usagi detests canines. And from there...I received my inspiration for an awfully evil idea. But fret not little rabbit; I have no intention to add you to the menu, I muse to myself with as much of a smirk as I can manage in my current form.

*                    *                    *

    Crouching low to the ground and taking a couple steps backwards, Claude hunched his shoulders back getting into a strike position. The Wolf gave off an audible growl before leaping forward at the White Rabbit.

    Everything suddenly felt as if it were in slow motion; within seconds, Sebastian tore himself away from the cat and rose to his feet at the sound of growling behind him. As he turned toward the noise, a large black shape flew at him in a predatory pounce. Sebastian lie on the ground, frozen in place and unable to breathe; all the air had been knocked out of his lungs at the hard collision. A fact Claude was too distracted to recognize. Naomi had narrowly managed to jump out of the way and avoid being crushed under the mans' head.

[Claude's POV]

    The growl was mainly a warning for Naomi; not that I wouldn't extend the same courtesy to my prey. I am a civilized lycan, after all. As soon as we connected and Usagi successfully pinned to the earth, something rather...unexpected happened.

    Looking up at me were the most exquisite pair of crimson eyes I had ever seen. Set into a face like an angels', I instantly noted how that pale-as-moonlight skin contrasted divinely with messy locks dark as coal. I couldn't help staring into those blood orbs; I felt at any moment that I would become lost in them...and honestly, I found that thought quite appealed to me. It was then I noticed another unexpected reaction.

    A sensation of warmth spread through my chest, sending my heart all aflutter. Right away, I knew what this meant.

    I had found my mate.

[Sebastian's POV]

    It all happened so fast; the all too familiar growl of a hungry predator, being forced to the ground by its massive weight and holding me in place. I can feel my heart thundering in my chest, threatening to burst through my rib cage. I can barely even breathe; whether it is from fear or the wind getting knocked out of me, I cannot say for sure...perhaps a bit of both.

    This wretched mongrel is staring at me intently; why? Does he wish to draw out my suffering by torturing me first? The last thing that registered in my mind before I succumbed to the ether were his eyes.

    Those piercing, golden eyes.

    Claude's ears folded back and a whine escaped his throat; backing away from the rabbit, he shifted into his human form while keeping his gaze locked on the other ravens' unmoving body. Naomi instantly followed suit, knelt down next to the man and instantly went to work checking his vitals. Neither of them said a word for three whole minutes; when she was finished, Naomi stood back up and faced Claude with a burning glare marring her features. Pupils narrowed to slits, tail whipping side to side aggressively and lips pressed together in a tight line. "He's alright...for the most part; just passed out from fear. There was some slight, temporary inhibition of respiratory function, but that was only because somebody knocked the air out of him. Bottom line: the rabbit will live" Naomi listed off her diagnosis in a deadly calm voice. Claude released a breath he didn't know he held and automatically relaxed at the information.

    "Naomi...I didn't-" Claude began to explain himself, but was swiftly cut off by a hard slap across the face. The force of the hit so strong, it caused the wolf to fall sideways to the ground. His cheek burned more than it should have; lightly touching his fingers to it, Claude wasn't very surprised to find the fabric of his glove stained red. Naomi had slashed him with her claws.

    Claude knew Naomi's reaction was at least partly influenced by lingering energy from the rabbits' emotional state. He could practically see the aura of rage surrounding her and wisely kept his mouth shut to avoid angering the hybrid further. The wolf tried to relay his contrition to the neko through his own aura, but held back on mentioning his newest discovery; she was far too upset to really listen and act reasonably. Thankfully, it seemed to be working; Naomi calmed down a fraction, simmering her fury for the time being. More tense silence fell between them as the female ravenette took a few deep breaths to diffuse her anger. Once she felt calm enough to speak, her face set into a neutral, unaffected mask "If you ever hope to have a chance in hell with Usagi" Naomi pointed at the still body, "I strongly suggest you get as far away from here as possible". The tone in which she said that was cold, low and left absolutely no room for argument. Claude obeyed, returning to his wolf form and retreating in a submissive manner.

    Being sure that he was out of range, Naomi raised her arms to the heavens and released a bold of lightning into the sky while screaming at the top of her lungs. A deafening crack of thunder drowned out cries of intense rage; consequently, the electricity had struck a few clouds overhead. After nearly a minute, Naomi collapsed into the dirt on her hands and knees; palms tingling and vocal cords raw from the demonstration of expression. 'Might as well get comfortable; he won't likely wake until much later'. Naomi reverted to her feline shape and curled up at the mans' side for a nap. Her last thought before descending into the realm of dreams being, 'On my honor, I shall protect you'.

[Several hours later]

    When Sebastian finally regained consciousness and opened his eyes, he was taken aback at the now dark sky above. "How long have I been out?" [If I had to guess, I'd say about six or seven hours; give or take] responded a female voice to his question. Sebastian stiffened and twisted around frantically trying to locate its source. "H-hello, is anyone there?" asked Sebastian in a slightly quivering tone. [I'm right next to you; on your left] Glancing down in the mentioned direction, Sebastian saw that the prized pussy cat from earlier was still with him and staring up at the White Rabbit, head cocked to the side. [Don't freak out; I happen to be more than just a rare eyed cat] As the sentence registered in his mind, the feline morphed into an adult woman with cat ears atop a head of long, black hair and matching tail swishing back and forth behind her. "First order of business: my name is Naomi and I am a kanjōko; that's the word I coined for a kanjō/neko hybrid". Naomi extended her hand to the man; slowly taking it, he introduced himself as well, "Sebastian".

    "So tell me Sebastian; what exactly were you doing here in the first place?" asked Naomi, helping him to his feet. "No specific reason other than the fact I just felt like losing myself during a nice walk". "And yourself?" "I was just enjoying the warm sun; as you probably already guessed, I'm not from around here" Naomi replied. "I figured as much; are you here on business?" "Sort of; I arrived to Wonderland with a friend and we basically act on behalf of the mistress we serve to deliver news and current events on her former home". "I see; are you at liberty to discuss details of your mistress?" Sebastian inquired, curious. "That depends" Naomi halted them in their walk through the forest to stand in front of Sebastian, directing her attention to his tie, "how loyal are you to the Red Queen?" Naomi tapped the ruby heart shaped stone with a dark purple nail, "You wear her symbol so I know at the very least you work under her in some capacity". "I assure you Naomi that my service to the queen is merely that: a service and nothing else. I harbor as much adoration for her as I do a certain annoying Cheshire cat" Sebastian bit out in disgust as a few choice memories came back to him.

    "Can I try something; it'll be a faster way to explain everything I want to tell you". "Very well, proceed". "Oh and just a warning: you may experience a splitting headache while I'm doing this". Naomi closed her eyes and placed her palms against Sebastians' temples, "Sokuji chishiki". Within seconds, a large stream of information and flashing images assaulted his mind; Sebastian let out an audible wince of pain, jaws clenched and eyes screwed shut. A few moments passed when Naomi was finished 'telling' Sebastian all he needed to know. "And yes; I can stay with you tonight if you want". The rabbit said nothing to this statement and simply gave her an appreciative smile. The pair continued onward, being led by Sebastian to return to his home.

*                    *                    *

    "The next week wasn't really that eventful or exciting; it mainly consisted of Sebastian and I getting to know each other, hanging out together and just developing our current friendship" Naomi explained, pausing in her story. "Now I turn it over to Mr. Faustus to continue this epic tale of romance and drama; take it away fido". Claude shot a half-hearted sneer to Naomi at the nickname; Hatter could barely contain his boisterous giggles at her quip. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, Claude resumed the story from his perspective. "While they were occupied with each others' company, I decided to use the opportunity to enjoy Wonderlands' local scenery as well" Claude smoothly replied. "In other words, you were wallowing in self-pity" Heather retorted in a knowing, smug tone. Claudes' brow twitched in irritation; ignoring any further comments from the peanut gallery, he continued to speak. "Given the circumstances of the situation, my options were quite scarce. I suppose it was sheer dumb luck that I happened to cross paths with whom I believed at the time had been competent enough to assist me in solving my problem".


    Three days following the incident, Claude had been wandering through Wonderland aimlessly. Just like the White Rabbit, the Wolf sought only to lose himself in his thoughts and hopefully figure out a solution to his current predicament. Yet, for all his journeys he knew of only where he couldn't go: wherever Naomi and Sebastian would be. 'The best thing for it right now is keeping my distance; I can only hope there won't be any lasting effects from my attack' Claude mused to himself woefully.

    "Greetings and salutations, good fellow!" a voice suddenly called out. Claude looked up to find himself face to face with a strange man. "Oh my, whatever on a magnificent day such as this could cause you to be plagued with melancholy?" the man asked, moving about in an overly dramatic fashion. "I would rather not burden you, but I appreciate your concern". Claude started to leave, only for the other man to cut off his path. "Nonsense; you are clearly distressed and I wish to offer my assistance, if only to lend a sympathetic ear". "Alright; beggars can't be choosers" said Claude with a heavy sigh. "Marvelous; allow me to introduce myself: I am the Mock Turtle, Aleistor Chambers". "Claude Faustus, simply a lycan". Claude extended his hand to Aleistor, who clasped it between both hands and shook it enthusiastically. "Splendid to meet you Claude; come, we'll adjourn to more comfortable settings and continue our discussion at length" Aleistor declared excitedly. Producing a marble sized orb, the Mock Turtle threw it down on the ground enveloping the pair in a cloud of red smoke. When it cleared, they were seated at a white wicker table sitting inside a gazebo decorated with plant boxes of different colored flowers.

    A woman wearing a simple peach colored dress and feathered headband appeared quickly pushing a cart of tea and pastries. "Would you and your guest care for some refreshments Master Chambers?" "Thank you Adriana; anything for you, Claude?" "A cup of tea shall suffice". After serving them, Adriana took her leave and left the men to talk amongst themselves. "Please, regale me with your tale of woe Mr. Faustus". "Of course; first and foremost, the problem itself is not a particularly serious least by comparison of an actual emergency" the golden eyed man took a sip of his tea, "it was just recently that I encountered my soul mate". Aleistors' face lit up in joy at this announcement and rose from his chair. "Oh Cupid, once again you have done the difficult deed of piercing someones' heart with your enchanted arrows, thus allowing a seed of love to be planted and potentially grow into a blossom of everlasting care and devotion!" the blond shouted in exuberance. "But could an event as this be anything but wondrous? Is the fair maiden not yet of age or is she already promised to another?" "Neither; it was actually the way I comported myself when I made first contact. Furthermore, it isn't a 'fair maiden' as you so quaintly put it that I's, another man" Claude explained, the last two words holding reluctance in their inflection.

    The silence that followed his statement was wrought with tension and more deafening than a bigots' horrified shrieks.

    "Do you have issue with this development?" asked Claude, unable to take the quiet any longer. Head tilted down slightly and bangs covering his face, Aleistor stood from his seat and spoke in a rare even tone of voice, "After a brief internal debate, I've come to a decision..." without warning, the Mock Turtle raised a hand toward the heavens and gazing upward, "despite my complete inexperience in regards to this specific situation, I believe that I can still be of some help to you Claude Faustus!"

[Claude's POV]

    In all honesty, that was the last reaction I was expecting to receive from Aleistor. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders at his seemingly accepting the fact that I prefer a mans' company to a womans'. But still...I need to make sure I am inferring correctly what Chambers' words are implying. Here goes nothing.

    I took a deep breath and mentally braced myself for whatever the answer may be to my question. "You- are not disgusted to learn I favor men to warm my bed over women?" I asked, my voice a bit quieter than normal. My face became just a touch heated; no doubt a subtle, pink blush is dusting my cheeks. Even though we know each others' names, I still find it uncomfortably awkward discussing such personal matters with a total stranger. I've always had a slight difficulty opening up about myself to anyone but family and close friends and unfortunately, this has sometimes given others the impression that I am a cold and stoic person by nature.

    I promise I am assuredly not.

    The Mock Turtle let out a squawk of indignation at the accusation. "You wound me, sir; what right do I to condemn someone for merely following the dictates of their heart? The pear shaped organ knows what it wants and to deny them that opportunity is perhaps one of the greatest and most unforgivable sins one could ever commit!" "The only things that really matter in a relationship is mutually shared feelings of romantic love, passion and of course, that all parties involved are of age to handle the complexities of their bond" Aleistor exclaimed, in a calmer voice this time. "And how do you intend to help me if you yourself are not even homosexual?" "Claude, the solution is very simple: I can teach you how to be confident, how to charm and most to seduce" the last three words were spoken in a low, sultry tone.

    "Adriana" Aleistor shouted, clapping twice. The woman from earlier swiftly appeared in front of the table, "Did you need something, sir?" asked Adriana, giving a short bow to her master. Aleistor sauntered over to Adriana, gently grasping one of her slender hands in his own and looking directly into her slate gray eyes. "I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate having you in my employ". At this, Adriana's face started to break out in a blush that matched her dress. "When I gaze into your eyes, I can't help but compare them to the soft downy feathers of a pair of penguin chicks; that is how sweet I think they are. Your lovely auburn hair like so much cinnamon sprinkled on a pastry and your skin fresh cream, an all important ingredient to make that delicious pastry; your lips are two ripe cherries that only further garnish the sumptuous dessert and make it even more delectable. I consider it a privilege to bask in the presence of a beautiful lady like yourself".

    When he finished lavishing the girl with praise and compliments, her head bore striking resemblance to a tomato and high pitched giggles continuously bubbled up from her throat. "That shall be all for the time being, my precious flamingo" Aleistor whispered to the flustered servant and silently dismissed her with a wave of his hand. Adriana heeded the order and sprinted away, giggling more wildly as she went and partially hiding burning red cheeks behind her palms. "I know what you're thinking, but I sincerely meant every word of what I said to Adriana". "You make it look so easy; I don't think I could even come close to being that suave with him" Claude remarked, a hint of despair lacing his words. "I promise I will do everything I can to help; you just need to believe in yourself Claude and the mystery gent shall be yours" the Mock Turtle declared, having the utmost confidence in this situation turning out favorably for all parties involved.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't what ended up happening.

    Three days of Aleistor's lessons in love were all for naught; not for lack of a competent instructor, but rather a problem with the student. Claude's retention of all the information on how to woo somebody had been right on point...putting it into practice was another issue entirely. Every time the ravenette tried to use his charm, he would make a mistake, forget a line or even accidentally say something to insult whomever he'd be practicing on. It was getting so bad, Aleistor was nearing his limit of patience and decided that the wolf required something extra to accomplish his goal.

    "Drink this". "What is it?" "A very special potion to thaw your frozen tongue and enable you to express all your pent up passion for Mr. X". Throughout the lessons, Aleistor had taken to calling Claudes' crush 'Mister X' since it was revealed that Claude had no idea of his real name. As for the potion, it was a bright red liquid in a bottle shaped like a valentine heart and made of frosted glass.

[Claude's POV]

    Taking the bottle from his hand, I turn it over between my fingers and inspect the contents with a bit of apprehension. "Forgive me if I don't totally trust your judgement, but how can I be sure this isn't some kind of poison?" Aleistor was about to protest my statement when I quickly placed my hand over his mouth. "I only bring it up because I've heard stories about certain foods and beverages causing unusual side effects when consumed; one example that comes to mind being a child named Alice going through dramatic physical changes after several doses of the local foodstuffs. Furthermore, I am no good to the mistress I serve should I grow to tower over the trees or am reduced to the size of a squirrel" I rattled off my concerns, removing my hand once I finished speaking. "Fair enough; you should really only require half anyway" Aleistor replied. I'm grateful he understands my worries; I just can't take any risks being so far from home and Naomi. The small cork gave an audible 'pop' as I opened the top and mentally prepared myself for whatever taste may assault my tongue. Bringing it closer to my lips, my nose is hit with a moderately overpowering aroma of spices; to say the least, it's an uncomfortable sensation.

    'Only half' I think to myself and quickly gulp down some of the liquid to get it over with. However...the moment that first drop makes contact, it feels as though I'm tasting lava. I force myself to continue drinking until only half remains of the crimson liquid; I can feel my eyes watering from the intensity of the heat. It isn't the temperature of this concoction, but rather the combination of ingredients that gives it an overwhelming burn. I could barely register what was going on around me: a muffled thud of an object hitting the floor, my eyes nearly rolling back in my head, a surge of heat spreading throughout my body and...flamenco music?

    My senses returned to normal after a minute or two; I also felt a sudden wave of self-confidence wash over me. And I knew right away I can do this...I can win over that angel faced rabbit and make him mine.
A Madman and His Mews Ch. 6 - Pt. One

I guess on a whim, I decided to break this up into two parts because otherwise the chapter covering Sebastian and Claudes' backstory for how they met and got together would be too long in my opinion. Once again, I claim no ownership whatsoever for anything related to Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)...only the OC characters and the basic plot outline is mine.

[blah] - Naomi 'speaking' in her feline form

{blah} - Claude 'speaking' in his wolf form

For the next chapter of A Madman and His Mews, I will be debuting seven new characters of my own creation. Below is a brief description and the link to each one in my
Another member of the White Queen's court, Heather is a healer with Naomi. Her unusual appearance is due to being a hybrid of a vampire and an elf, however she rarely feeds on blood and found an alternative source of food that is more sustainable.

Second oldest, Maggie has a strong sense of protection for her friends and family, but takes a more maternal approach. Her main position in the court is something of an adviser to the Queen and assisting with important matters.
As the youngest of the six, Ivy has a childlike personality and often views things from an optimistic standpoint. The happy blond chibi is also the shortest at four foot two. 

One of the middle sisters, Jasmine serves as a healer alongside Naomi and Heather. Her total height is five feet even.

Second youngest, Rose is also on the shorter side at a height of four foot nine. Like Jasmine, she works as a healer but more often than not serves as another chef for the castle.

Out of the group of six chibi sisters, Valerie is the most angsty. Her initial attitude toward strangers is that of a hard-ass that takes shit from nobody. However, under that is a kinder side she only shows to people she feels are trustworthy. Valerie is also the oldest; this fact owing to her over-protectiveness. Her speech pattern and accent is indicative of someone from Brooklyn, Jersey or New York. 

One of her jobs in the White Queen's court is working security; though only five foot six, Valerie can be quite a formidable opponent. 

As her twin, Delilah has motherly traits to her personality, but acts more like a friend than anything else. Unlike Maggie, Delilah helps out with more domestic tasks such as cooking. Both twins are the second tallest at five foot three.

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