ACM Episode 1: Mayoral Secretary Services

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Animal Crossing Moments
Episode 1: Mayoral Secretary Services

“You’ve finally done it Mayor Wizard, you’re finally officially the Mayor of our fair town! Congratulations!” Isabelle excitedly stated. “Thanks Isabelle, I couldn’t have done it without you. If it wasn’t for your advice I fear I would have never gotten the citizens to like me.” Isabelle blushed slightly, her ever optimistic smile growing slightly. “Y-you’re too kind Mayor Wizard” the Shih Tzu girl happily responded. “How many times Isabelle, you don’t have to be so formal. You can just call me Wizard you know?” the mayor replied with a chuckle. “Sorry… I'll try to remember in feature may… Wizard. Now that you have your Town Development permit, you are now 100% officially the town’s Mayor. So we should move straight on to getting some public works projects in order. I'll just go fetch the list of suggested projects right away.” The mayor let out another chuckle, smiling friendly at his secretary. “Do you ever take a break Isabelle? It seems like you’re always working. You need to take a break every now and then otherwise you’ll burn out.” “T-thanks for worrying about me May… Wizard, you’re too kind.”

The ditzy Shih Tzu headed for her desk,  a slight limp prominent in her walk accompanied by the occasional wince or groan of pain caused the Mayors smile to change to a look of concern. “Hey Isy, is everything ok? Did you hurt yourself?” “It’s f-fine…. My feet are just a little sore from walking around so much. It happens. Don’t worry sir; this won’t get in the way of work.” The Mayor stood up, shaking his head slightly. “Isabelle, come here and take a seat” he said, motioning to his chair. “It’s fine, don’t worry sir.” “Please Isabelle, if not for you then for me. Just take a break for a little bit, it’ll do you no good to keep on working like this.” Isabelle’s blush returned as she reluctantly came over and sat in the Mayor’s chair. As the lovable Shih Tzu girl got comfortable, the Mayor found a sturdy enough box to take his weight. He moved said box near to his secretary, before taking a seat upon it. From there, he took his secretary’s feet into his lap and carefully slipped her shoes off.

“Ummm… Sir you don’t need to do thaaaaahmmmmmm…… oh my….” Isabelle sunk back against the chair, her eyes glazing over dreamily as her body immediately began to relax. Her boss had proceeded to gently massage her feet, pressing his thumbs carefully against the soft soles before him. He started at her heels, carefully applying gentle amounts of pressure to the poor tired skin. “I don’t need to, but what kind of mayor would I be if I just left my lovely assistant in pain?” the Mayor replied, his hands skilfully and affectionately massaging the soles of his adorable secretary’s sore feet. Isabelle’s blush was in overdrive, she couldn’t believe the mayor was massaging her feet. It felt odd to her to relax at work; she was usually in gear 24/7. But here she was, sitting her bosses chair and desperately fighting off the temptation to fall asleep. The Mayor had moved his attentions to the middle of her foot, carefully rubbing along the sole of petite feet. The sensations her brain was being barraged with were new to her and so utterly euphoric, she was relaxed to the point of just dozing off there and then. Despite all of this pleasure, her brain was not content to just sit back and relax. Still it kept trying to make her think of work; still it fought to get her back up on her feet and straight back to work.
“Ummm… S-sir s-shouldn’t… hmmmmmm oooh….. we review the projEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHE” her workaholic mind’s attempt to cease the soothing sensations were interrupted by a squeal accompanied by giggles. The culprit and cause of this squeal? A lone fingernail gently teasing the undersides of her toes. “hehehe Wow ticklish too?~ Well if you don’t want more tickles you had better stop thinking of work and just relax. Every time you bring up work, I'm going to delight in tickling your adorable little feet!” the mayor teasingly chuckled, smiling softly at Isabelle. Her blush grew slightly more vivid as she let out a nervous squeak. She was in love with the work her boss’ hands were enacting upon of cloud soft soles, moaning contently with eyes shut. Her boss had started to massage the balls of her feet, causing her moans to gain a slight more volume to them. She was in paradise; her face was the picture of relaxed bliss. Her head was resting softly against the back of the chair, her eyes were closed and dreamy smile was present across face. Though as much as she loved the massage, her brain couldn’t help but contemplate the possibility of bringing up work again. Not for the sake of working, but for the sake of feeling that delightful teasing sensation again. She wasn’t sure why, but she had taken a fancy to that brief titillating sensation.

These thoughts however, never made it past that stage. As much as she would have loved to remain awake the whole time, her body was not used to dealing with these sensations and thus, she fell asleep. The mayor smiled sweetly as he moved up to her toes. “Bless her, she’s just not used to taking it easy… Pity too, I bet she would have loved being awake for this” he thought to himself as he began to carefully massage her toes. Her toes greeted the attentions with the occasional wiggle and giggle from their owner, clearly this was a soft spot for the lovable pup. After continuing on her toes for a few more minutes, the Mayor softly kissed her feet before standing up and placing her feet upon his seat. He pulled out a pillow and put it under her feet before taking a step back to admire the result of his handy work. He wrote a note for his secretary, leaving it on his desk for her before walking out.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself Isabelle, if you ever want another massage feel free to ask! (It’s always nice to help a cute girl such as yourself). I'm going to the shops quickly to find some stuff for the office, shan’t be long!
How on earth did you get your feet so soft? It felt like I was massaging a pair of marshmallows!”
Welcome to the first installment of Animal Crossing Moments! This was originally gonna be a stand alone story, but I had such fun writing it and came up with a bunch of other ideas.... so it's a series now... Yeah... Anyhoo, the first episode see's our dashingly handsome hero, Wizard the Mayor saving New Leaf's adorable secretary Isabelle from the fiendish clutches of overworking!

Animal Crossing and all it's characters and such belong to the glorious Nintendo! (Miyamoto be praised!)
Wizard the Mayor is a creation of mine, meaning he's my original the character, so do not steal!
© 2013 - 2020 TickleWizard
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Anything new coming soon? This needs a continuation
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I had planned to, but things are a bit upside down in my life at the moment, so writing hasn't been something I can put my brain into
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I am not sure how to feel about this.
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My apologies
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Isabelle was just too cute.
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She is, isn't she? She's such a cute lil character... Curse you Nintendo and your ability to make ridiculously lovable characters!!!!
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But then where would we be?
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that was so cute. isabelle is such a sweetie great job cant wait to see whats next.
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Thanks and agreed! The next one might be awhile... My ipod got stolen and it had the stuff for the next story as well as the opening for it
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sorry to hear that man.
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Yeah.... hopefully I can get a replacement one next week and put the back-up from my ipod onto it
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ACPawzHobbyist Digital Artist
That's adorable, nice job describing everything. X3 Especially the last part about her soft feet feeling like marshmallows. :3
Wait...you're going to do more in the future? :D
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hehehe thanks! I thought that'd be a cute way of describing them and that it'd make for cute ending.

Yuuup I am indeed, in fact you in particular might enjoy the next piece.
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Thanks, glad you like it! You got this game?
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Yup. Downloaded it a midnight on NA release.

Then realized how little you can do when you start at midnight.
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ahahaha YEah.... that's a bit of a bad time to start. Fancy trading friend codes?
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Sorry, but no. I like to keep "dentrag123" entirely separate from everything else I do on the web, including gaming.
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That's ok man!
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