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D.Va's Tickling Punishment F/F
Warning: This story contains a ship that you all would probably not enjoy, also this story is extremely kinky, and I didn't put a mature content warning on it cuz i'm a freakin' savage!
"P-Please... Let me go..!" The young gamer said as she was crying and whimpering, looking down at her girlfriend, thinking she was acting like a deranged maniac or something. Katy giggled evilly and looked her in the eyes, "heh, well that'd be no fun now would it? You bad girl!" Katy put her hands in her pockets as she glared at her prey. "I guess you and I are gonna have more fun together until you die from laughing too hard!" Katy said walking up to D.Va, menacingly.
1 hour earlier....
It was the weekend, the perfect time for D.Va to finally spend time with her one true love, the Korean gamer held up a photo of her girlfriend and hugged it, D.Va sighed a bit as she looked up at the ceiling. "Hm, I guess she
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Tracer Tickle Tortures D.Va
"Hiya buddy, how's it going?"
D.Va let herself in, looking pretty smug, sticking her tounge out a bit as she stretched her arms over her head "Heya Tracer, i'm doing ay ok, i'm just wondering why you invited me over, not like I had anything planned or something" D.Va said as she finally finished her stretching, "aye don't be so salty, I just wanted to hangout with my best bud in the whole wide world" Tracer explained in a rather quick, yet suspicious manner which made D.Va raise an eyebrow. 
"Alrighty then, we should at the very least plan the stuff were going to do tonight" D.Va exclaimed as she put her hands on her hips, "heh, well I already know what i'm gonna do" Tracer proclaimed in a devious manner, D.Va was confused, she barely set foot into Tracer's house and already she was feeling leery about her, the young gamer thought that it was perhaps the full moon out, she couldn't really think of a logical explanation for Tracer acting strange, "oki doki I guess...." D.
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Sorry if this is random and maybe i shouldn't be sharing this so publicly but So for those that care  Dealing with some Mental trouble lately     so i'm need to rest my mind from the Drama/Stress and Emotional stuff that i've been dealign with over the last few weeks constantly and i worry if i don rest my mind a little from the Ramped up Anxiety and Worry then i might have a bad mental breakdown  like i did a few nights ago but WORSE! So yeah  i ain't ditching DA  but i will be taking a few days or so to rest my mind and to be honest i could really use the knowledge that i have people that are indeed my friends and have my back if i'm in need of a distraction during this odd moment in my life mentally.   I don't usually ask something like this because i'm usually to scared or worried to put myself out there like this but Yeah it would be helpful if i knew people had my back and like me too. So then if those friends happen to not be to busy then i could talk to them and stuff  or maybe rp too  just for a a much needed Distraction to help meHow can DA help you? To avoid a Bad Mental BreakDown.    Anyway  thanks for reading through this hopefully it was understandable and explained sorta what is going on..            :) (Smile) Sweating a little... No, I disagree! anger stressed :worries: Pikachu Crying Plz  :writeexam: :stimmy: Tickle :tickle: Sad dummy sad Free -Alone in a box- Avatar Stitch is Sorry plz First Emoticon :help: 
i think this is how it's suppose to work lol 
*sends Tickles or Hugs to anyone that sees this and needs or wants a hug or some tickles*
*sends Tickles or Hugs to anyone that sees this and needs or wants a hug or some tickles*
Tickles Buddies Chatzy chatroom  Time to promote this again and see how many people join the growing tickling community on Tickle Buddies.   Just make sure you check the rules and have fun too.       
Also thought i'd post this picture of my fave thing to hear ticklish people say.  THAT TICKLES  

   Tickle Buddies
Should i make top fave lists?  i think it could be a good idea to actually do something  and share my thoughts and stuff. all on random topics   I saw my friend FT do it a while back and i thought that could be fun.  So i might start doing them but maybe i could do suggestions to at to what particular topic should i Rank. 

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Tickle Chat Room Tickle Buddies!


Curtis(Tickles Belly's)
I'm A Guy Who Has a BIG Tickling Fetish aswell as Girls Belly Fetish!
Feel free message me and note me about anything and if you want chat or RP let me know ok!
I'll be favouriting alot of tickle related or tummy related or random stuff so be warned on the journey my Faves list might take you haha!
I'm Proud To Have these Unique interests I'm not afraid To admit them!
I'm by no means an artist but i quite love DA and i love what you wonderful artists do on here.


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Thanks for all the favs!
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Thanks for the favourite!
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No problem you always seem to grab my attention with yoru content so yeah 
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By the way. How are you doing today?
Tickles25 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hi FT well you know how i'm doing to some degree.  but i'm stable and ok i guess.     HBU how is the Smashing buddy of mine doing?
FTGenikit Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I'm doing well. Though yesterday, not much was going on for me, and today is about to be pretty busy in the afternoon. Mainly because I'm going to home improvement store to get the stuff needed to finish redecorating a room.
Tickles25 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
oh wow haha busy time it sounds for you  glad your able to pop into tickle buddies and smash too.    btw are you abel to see my latest journal post? 
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Thanks for the fave. :)
Tickles25 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019
Glad you like my fanfiction of me & Wacky Jackie from "Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil" during our Picnic & Barefoot outing. How was it BTW? Please leave a comment. I'd like to hear from you.
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