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Night Gaunt

One of my initial drawings of a Night Gaunt for my upcoming blog entry all about the Gaunts. Should be done in a few days: . Right now, I have articles there about Lovecraft's Mi-Go and the Elder Ones.

Update: the night-gaunt blog is finished:…
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Looks like Corona.

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Best depiction I've seen of a nightgaunt. Well, at least of their image in my mind: Shrivelled, leathery, barbed, nightmarish.
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Kurt!  I am really impressed with your whole collection of blog drawings.... I can't imagine you're doing all of this just for a blog, are you??  This particular one really appeals, despite the limited palette it conveys a great deal of form and texture.  I had just been researching bat wings and so the way you treated the slightly relaxed membranes really feel truthful to me.  
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Hey, Paul! Good to hear from you and thank you for your kind words! Yeah, it's all for my blog. Increasingly concerning lull in freelance work affords me plenty of time to work on private projects. Having fun doing these, and it has gotten me one freelance job prospect. It'd be nice if I could somehow turn this into some sort of complete project, but I guess we'll see how that goes. 
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It's begging to be a book of some sort, I can easily imagine a lot of Lovecraft enthusiasts enjoying this.  Not sure if you're aware of Petersen's Field Guide to Cthulhu Monsters, but I could envision something of that nature but far more in depth focusing on a smaller number of species.  There's always Kickstarter!

thanks for watching, by the way! :)
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I would like to make a book, but I'd have to reformat it a bit, so it doesn't sound so much like me just rambling on the Internet. 
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Very very interesting. Amazing :)
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Definitely gaunt.
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