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Alice in Dreamlands

My new Lovecraft monster blog post is up, where I try and cover ghouls and ghasts.…
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I would like to think that Alice eventually became a permanent resident in the Dreamlands where she now resides today which besides Wonderland is in the Dreamlands anyways.
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Very interesting seeing the process you go through designing creatures in your blog. =) I’d love to see your take on some of the adventures Pickman got up to, or the three guys who got lost after helping Carter.

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Yeah, I want to draw some more of the character of Pickman. I need to solidify a look for him and nail down the ghouls a bit more.
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Heh.  Well drawn. Considering the weirdness level she usually deals with, I can imagine Alice being quite undisturbed by Ghouls.
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Randolf Carter, the character in Dream Quest and kind of Lovecraft's alter ego, took everything in stride, much in the same way that Alice did.