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I found my TOOOOO old stuff in my PC.
I don't remember when I drew it.
she is Tickled Pink from Rainbow brite.

anyway, 80's American cartoons is very popular here in Japan now.
My little sister really love Care bears.

it will be scraps later.
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She looks very cute and huggable!!!:love::hug:
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I love tickled pink too
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I hope you'll enter my contest, where we're encouraging Rainbow Brite fan artists to add their designs to TeePublic for t-shirt printing :)

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ahhhhhhhhhh soooo cute
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I love Rainbow Bright and Care Bears (I have the original Grumpy Bear <3) I have the movies on VHS, I love the good old classics when I was little, but now they digitalize it and it annoys me, they ruined care bears.
Anyway she is adorable, makes me feel like watching them again.
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what program you used to color?
alien-13's avatar
hehe shes tickled pink ^^
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Old cartoons are always fun to watch.

This makes me want to go watch Beetlejuice. I don't know why.
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Haha, nice pinky stuff
so cute :flirty:
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wow! she's soooo cuuuuuuuuute!
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Nyahaha, rainbow brite..I now that cartoons! that was the first cartoon that I saw when I was a kiddo! It was on the BETAMAX version..
And her hair is blondie! =D
alucard-strike's avatar
This is so cute !!!!
LoganJames's avatar
very cute, well done :)
flipitover111's avatar
awww!! its sooo cute!! ^_^
Tahleena's avatar
oro? was that her name?

lolz - i still have a rainbow brite bedspread :blush:

i think i only like the talking horse more than the cabbage patch style people ^^;

i only seen bits of the series ...... was the movie any good?
an old cartoon i miss was the old Wildfire cartoons - has a talking purple horse ^^....but don't know where it from :(

eva heard of it?
Tianta's avatar
haha I remember Rainbow Bright! lol
p3rsh1ng's avatar
Now I remember that I miss your old blinking white haired avatar sooo much. It was soooooo tickled and soooooo pinky :XD:
Matana's avatar
She's cute.
Nice outfit.
Reinhart-31's avatar
hehe... brings back memories. i guess i am too old for kids' stuff.
MarkxSison's avatar
Uuuuuh childhood memories
Pearberrie's avatar
so cute
rainbow bright, care bears and strawberry shortcake were my fav when i was young.
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