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Stop and Stare

i really like this one i made, i am satisfied with the result
i think this might be my best submission yet:D what do you think?
girl in the background: [link]
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Isn't that pic in the files? hmm =e=
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This is beautiful
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I love your style!!!
All of your art is really amazing! I love it! Keep up the great work!
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i like it! i can almost see how you did it.... i've never get the time for making things like this...
oh! it remains me of a song of "one republic"... stop and stare... i love that song... doesnt have anything to do with this right? jaja.. anyway, good work and thanx for the fav ;)
GAH thats so kool!!! youre overflowing with amazing talent! and what do i have?
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*gasp* should be given the nobel prize for this!!!
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ahahaha wait till you see my deviation im about to submit ina couple hours...
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*stares at the screen and waits for a couple of hours* :XD:
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hahahahaha i was reading that comment and i was like what?:S but i get it now.. ahah
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good...tehehe :crazy:
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Wow, that is very cool! I love your style of art! :D
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Wow I luv your work!
seems hard to do though heh
it needs talent to use photoshop!
great result
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ahaha thank you so much i could teach ya sometime if ya want:D and hey i just submitted one of my designs here :[link] it would honestly mean so much to me if you voted for it, if you don't have an account it only takes about 2 seconds to make one cause theres no e-mail confirmation stuff.
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Ok I just voted for you!!! No prob at all!!

hehe I'd love to learn but still i Find it hard :P
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do you have it?
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have what? the will to learn photoshop? probably not
But the link to vote you yes ;)
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aha i ment do you have photoshop but thanks if you voted:D
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Aaaaa yes I have photoshop, ehm its the :Adobe Photoshop CS3and I have the illustrator as well
Can I ask you something? By using both of them can someone achieve 3d results in a photo manipulation or do you need other programs?
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with adobe ps cs3 you can edit 3d renders in photoshop but you cant make any 3d objects in photoshop or illustrator... you need a 3d program like 3d studio max or something along those lines
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wow this is so cool! I love the colors!
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