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... i've never made something and just really think its awesome while i'm making it.. haha... but if you really look close this is just most of my dA submissions... the bear is from 808's and heartbreak... the hand, abstract attraction, the weird dude:scramble...? ...theres the little guy from flying with george in there etc. But after making this, i learned so much and now all the art i make is going to be uber cool.
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minimalism evolution!
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beyond cool, i love you haha
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friggin' awesome
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I love your art. It's so vibrant and colorful~ <3
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Wow, this is pretty cool!
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Other than the Kanye bear (I was at Bonnaroo, sorry for the hate, ha... I DO love Murakami though, the stuff he has done for Kanye has been pretty cool) this piece is pretty great. Love your characters and colors, great work :)
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This is rather a huge reminder or Korn. Excellent!
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This is excellent! I think my favorite part is the little word balloon coming out of the mix; "Scramble?" just describes it perfectly. Very well done!
nice. this is awesome
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Mmmm... everything and eternity, summed by a single moment. Everything seems to just fit together like a rainbow puzzle.
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Absolutely Brilliant!!!!:jawdrop: Reminds me of my day!:sun::earth::heart:
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Wow! This is awesome! I love all the vibrant colors, the tiny figures, and of course the bear. I think Mr. West would approve. :D
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thats just incredible :D
what program did you use? :)
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btw if you know, is it easier to draw in photoshop or illustrator? :)
would help alot :)
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if your doing art that you want a more cartoonish or just artsy looks illustrator is the best to draw with, i did all my new stuff without even using photoshop, i don't really hae a need for it anymore, unlses im making a logo or manipulatios.
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do you think that i can draw in illustrator and colorize it in photoshop? :)
i just find it hard to draw in photoshop :(
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you could put coloring isnt hard in illustrator, anything you do in ullstrator, you get twice the cleaner results
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maybe but i have much trouble with the shadows, i dont know how to shadow in illustrator :(
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well i can help you out, it would be much easier if we talk over msn, do you have an e-mail?
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