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Doing my duty to spread the word about this awful article on 'How to Hire an Artist' which should be renamed to 'Clients to Avoid'. Check it out to be sure to steer clear of this guy and guys like him:…

Also, a great counter-point article that refutes the ridiculous claims of the article (read: pile of bad news) above:…

Don't ever sell yourself short, friends!
Just an update on the status of commissions!

1: :iconswordfox: FINISHED!…
2: :iconbladeron: FINISHED!…
3: :iconchaz-gelf: FINISHED!…
4: :iconnidonocu: FINISHED!…
5: :icontwoscrewsloose: FINISHED!…
7: :iconluprand: FINISHED!
Just an update on the status of commissions!

1: :iconswordfox: FINISHED!…
2: :iconbladeron: FINISHED!…
3: :iconchaz-gelf: FINISHED!…
4: :iconnidonocu: FINISHED!…
5: :icontwoscrewsloose: In sketching phase
6: Rolo In sketching phase
7: :iconluprand: In sketching phase
I'm still open for commissions but I've decided to put a cap on number of slots so I can keep everything in check. :)

If you'd like a slot, please comment here or send me an email to! My prices vary depending on what you'd like drawn- I try to keep them fluid to work with everyone. :) They can vary from $10 to $50+, but they usually end up around $25-$30, it just depends! I can draw anything PG13 and under from icons to full pieces with multiple characters and complicated backgrounds.

Currently, the slots stand as follows!

1: :iconswordfox: FINISHED!…
2: :iconbladeron: FINISHED!…
3: :iconchaz-gelf: FINISHED!…
4: :iconnidonocu: In sketching phase
5: :icontwoscrewsloose: In sketching phase
6: Rolo In sketching phase
7: :iconluprand: In sketching phase
Hey, all. Just taking this opportunity to let everyone know that I am

open for commissions!

Prices vary depending on content, background, number of characters, etc. but I am more than willing to work with anyone interested to settle on a reasonable price that works with both those involved. :) If you'd like to see a commission sample, my latest one is located right in my gallery here. My gallery probably gives the best examples of what I do but if you have any questions feel free to send me a note or just email me direct at
Happy New Years to you all! Here's my boring, bi-annual DA journal post! :D I'm not sure what it is about the dead of winter that makes me flare up in creativity and the will to do art. The yearly review and the promise of a new year? The mountains of snow that keep me inside with less to do? Either way, I'm grateful for it. I've even got a few sketches and pieces backlogged that I'm waiting on so I can slowly submit them day by day instead of all at once, I hope that will help! In the meantime, I'm trying to keep up with art and set aside time to actually work on it because I've missed it over the past few months!

I'm still participating in the MADNESS Art Challenge!!! created by Fault- you can find my progress here:…. Not much hope in winning but I will be trying up until the last day! It was really fun, actually, and it helped me out with motivation to draw SO MUCH. :D I'm making a New Years goal to keep on try with my art and not fall into the yearly, months long slump this year. I'm also going to try for 100 uploaded pieces in 2009, though sketches are included. :P Sort of like the MADNESS so I can stay on track.

Here's to the new year and everyone that has drawn something so far!
The month of November is National Novel Writing Month ( and I will be participating for the first time. Thusly, my art will unfortunately be put on hold as I will be writing furiously during every moment of spare time that I am not lazing about! Sorry, guys, I hope to get this novel thing out of the way so I can clear the art block and finish some art!
Don't know why this took so long to be realized, but the awesome :iconvVandergant: made a community for artists that are members of Pokemorph MUSH! If you are one, please go check it out! :D
Again with the tagged! Tagged by :iconluprand: this time.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most one at the least.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some question yourself!!

1. Akito
2. Felicia
3. Madilynn
4. Cherie

A. How old are you?
[Akito] I dunno. 29?
[Felicia] Somewhere around 26.
[Madilynn] I seem to be 21 or so.
[Cherie] Too old.

B. Height?
[Akito] Five feet, eight inches.
[Felicia] Five feet, six inches.
[Madilynn] I don't know exactly. On the shorter side.
[Cherie] Too tall.

C. Do you have any bad habits?
[Akito] I'm anti-social.
[Felicia] Yes.
[Madilynn] Yes, but if you think I'm going to share them with a stranger, you're completely wrong!
[Cherie] Uhm... I guess I can talk a little too much sometimes.

D. You a virgin??
[Akito] ...
[Felicia] You jest.
[Madilynn] I am not answering that, thank you very much.
[Cherie] No.

E. Who's your mate/spouse?
[Akito] Anna.
[Felicia] None.
[Madilynn] I don't really have one... yet.
[Cherie] Ha. Yeah, right.

F. Have any kids?
[Akito] No!
[Felicia] Never have, never will.
[Madilynn] No.

G. Favorite food?
[Akito] Anything, really. I'm not too particular. Except about seafood. Pass.
[Felicia] I like steak, actually.
[Madilynn] A number of soups.
[Cherie] Ice cream!

H. Favorite Ice cream flavor?
[Akito] Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and almonds.
[Felicia] Raspberry sherbet.
[Madilynn] Chocolate.
[Cherie] Hot Fudge Sundaes!

I. Killed anyone?
[Akito] Yes.
[Felicia] Of course.
[Madilynn] No.
[Cherie] I tried, but- oh, wait, yes!

J. Hate anyone?
[Akito] Yeeesss.
[Felicia] Oh yeah.
[Madilynn] Yes. Yes, I do.
[Cherie] YES.

K. Any secrets?
[Akito] Yes.
[Felicia] Naturally.
[Madilynn] From the public, yes.
[Cherie] Uhm... not really, no.

L. Love anyone?
[Akito] Sappily so.
[Felicia] Once.
[Madilynn] Yes...
[Cherie] Not anymore!

M. What is your job?
[Akito] Team Rocket.
[Felicia] The Team.
[Madilynn] I'm a Commander in the Pokemorph Intellience Agency.
[Cherie] Team Rocket.

N. Are you a boy or a girl??
[Akito] Male.
[Felicia] Woman.
[Madilynn] Female.
[Cherie] Girl.

O. Family?
[Akito] Just my pretty younger sister, Gabriella.
[Felicia] None.
[Madilynn] I don't really remember my family.
[Cherie] Don't have any.

P. Best Friends?
[Akito] Ryotsu, of course.
[Felicia] None.
[Madilynn] Kolo, I suppose!
[Cherie] I don't have one. Cry.

Q. What was the most surprising moment in your life up until now?
[Akito] When I was told I was going to the Chamber.
[Felicia] The day Delphi began my training.
[Madilynn] I can't decide; I've had a lot of them.
[Cherie] When my Master... the last time with my Master.

And... I don't do the tagging game! :D Yay!
I was tagged by the awesome :icondoodlebotbop:.

The rules are:
1-Post these rules
2-Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3-Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4- At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5-Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1) Ever since purchasing my iPod, all of my electronics and my car have all been named after Depeche Mode songs.

2) I'm an avid reader and Gab has finally convinced me to try to actually write a novel.

3) Though I like them, foxes are not my favorite animals.

4) Because I dislike my legal first name, I go by the shortened version of my middle name 'Crystalynn'.

5) I keep up with roughly 20 different online web comics that update frequently because I'm that crazy.

6) I really love most Asian-inspired things.

7) Intelligence is the thing that I find most attractive in a guy.

8) As an infant I had almost white blonde hair, but now it is dark blonde/brown. :(

I'm bad at the tagging game, so just feel free to do this if you want!
I am open for commissions!

I'm offering three slots for a full color picture of a single character with a simple background for only $45! Feel free to email or comment if you're interested!

1 - Sera (finished)
2 -
The first ten people who reply to this journal get put up here, along with three of my favorite deviations by them.

But you have to put this in your journal as well, so no cheating!

You must also be watching me.

Please visit these great artists!

1. :iconsharyamato:

I'm Feelin' the Wind n the Sky
The Beauty
Love of My Life

2. :iconazfox:

Moogirl - Sarene - Colored
Azera Fox

3. :iconcharade:

Mono Wolf
Avatar Colored

4. :iconniareh:

.:You'd Better Turn Around:.
009 - Drive

5. :iconbattie:
the explodey one
chocolate swirl
Tagged by :iconflaminko:!

List ten things that bring you joy, then tag ten more people to do the same.

1. Hanging out with my best friends wasting time and just having fun

2. Playing DDR

3. Sitting in the grass on a summer day

4. Playing with my beloved little rat

5. Roleplaying

6. Helping people out with different things

7. Being able to buy my friends food or presents

8. Listening to music

9. Letting my family and friends that I respect and appreciate them

10. Liking what I've drawn

Tagging only five because I'm lazy!
:icongabfury: :icondarkstripes: :icontheslink: :iconsharyamato: :iconkatiehobbit:
Rar, I've been bad at uploading my sketches here lately. :P I usually just upload them to my art journal, located here. But I'm working on finally uploading the past months' sketches and bric-a-brac here, soon as I get off my lazy tail!
Woah! I'm alive or something! Sorry about the random silence for a good number of months. @_@ But I did update my Scraps completely! :D; And there's even a new deviation! :D;; Eh-heh!

Hope to get back into the swing of this whole art thing and get back to producing art I actually like. There's are least one finished pic on the way and I'm really hoping to finish some of the other ones that are half done and have been chilling on my comp for months and months. ^_^;

Moving and finding a new job and settling down has wiped me, but I'm attempting to get back on my feet and get my DA page updated!
Why the silence for a good month or two? I've been feverishly working on a website rather than art. :) For anyone interested, the link is here: It's an addition to Gab's awesome design of the PMM site. My part's the TR Case Files thing. ;)

That said, I'm going to try to work a little harder on my art again. No scanner, so it's hard for me to even get up any good scraps. :P But, I've got a good number of old lineart drawings waiting to be colored so.... I'm going to try to get 'em done and up here fairly soon! :D
Just in case there is anyone out there that checks this thing, I thought I'd leave a little disclaimer. Because I'm working towards coloring more of my art and keeping my DA Gallery clean of inked stuff, all my lineart is under Scraps. Which is why my Gallery is so pitifully empty and I never seem to update. ^_^ Or one of the excuses, rather. ;)
Don't you hate when someone randomly uploads TONS of stuff? :P Now I'm one of them! I'm sorry for this random dumpage on my DA account, but I haven't had a chance to scan for a month or so until today. ^_^;

So. That's mostly all I have to show for it. :PBut I'm planning on working on coloring some of that old lineart now so beware!
Goals for this DA account of mine:

-nothing drawn in pencil, only inked or colored artwork
-a small amount of lineart (and only to be placed in scraps)
-finished, colored pieces only in the gallery
-only artwork I actually like in the gallery

This is probably why I don't update much. :D YAY. I'm doing this in hopes that I'll have a differentish gallery than my featured one on Studio Monster Ink. And perhaps I'll want to color/finish more this way. :P Anyway. Thought I'd let you all know. ^_^v
Silence from me isn't that good. You see, the internet provider FINALLY got the 'net to stop going down at 8-12pm everynight. YAY, right? No. >_< You see, only a few days later my comp DIES. As in a blue warning/error screen comes up every time I start my comp up. I can't even start up in safe mode, either. >:P So now I'm planning on buying a whole new comp with some of my college loan because I can't go through college with a computer. :( Or, rather, it would be extremely difficult.

So! The point? I'll be silence for a while more. Forgive me, ne? :/