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Simply Myself

I've been going through some rough times lately and a lot of the time I can only be my entire self at night, in bed, right before sleep. This is me, simply being myself. I tried very hard to work some new elements into this piece and I think it worked out pretty good. Tibek looks more like a real fox with a more realistic muzzle and ears. The anatomy is pretty good, the eyes are proportional, and the coloring was done all in Art Rage. The pillow is actually my real one and I own those clothes plus I do sleep in black silk sheets. And, as it was drawn on the fly, I managed to capture the emotion I wanted to. All in all, I'm quite happy with this. Tibek is © me.

Done in participation of the MADNESS Art Challenge!!!

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© 2008 - 2021 tibek
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Oo, I like how this turned out! The pillow is very cool.
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Yay, thanks so much! *hugs!* And hahaha, yes, it is awesome. :D I love my bedspread.
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Looking good! I love the atmosphere. :)
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Impeccably done, Tibek! :)
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Yeah, the human-fox anatomy looks impecable and this a good perspective (and luminosity) to the picture.
Her expression is clear and the fact that she is in the fetal position conveys the message pretty well.
I feel like that almost everyday, and it's kind of bittersweet to go to bed at night with that feeling... I do hope you get through those rough times quickly!! :)
All the luck :hug:
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Wow, thank you so much. ^_^ I'm so glad that the position and expression convey the message, that's exactly what I was going for. Thanks again!
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You're absolutely welcome! :boogie:
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OhNoes! The hands! I wish I could ever draw hands like that, and I agree, the anatomy is reallyreally good.

I love the mood you put into this picture, the dark colours, oohh... I sometimes feel like that, it is really bad, awful. I do hope you get through those rough time!

Wish ya the best!
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Thank you. :) Really, it was just a fluke, I'm usually terrible at hands. XD It took a lot of practice to get them decent. I'm glad you like the coloring and everything, too. :) And thanks for the good wishes! <3
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You're right, the anatomy is really good! And you drew hands. That are one billion-million times better than mine. (Bleh, I need a proper art teacher.) I still envy your hair-drawing skills!
What's the picture on the pillow of? Your head's on it and I'm curious. XD

I don't think I've ever drawn any of my characters or my fursona wearing my real clothes before...oh yeah, I have! ^^;Heh. Memory lapse.

Anyway, I hope the rough times are over soon, and for now you get my digital hugs. :hug:
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Thanks so much! <3 I tried very hard with the hands, believe me. XP And nah, it's just practice is all. :) The picture on the pillow is an asian dragon. :) Can be seen here: [link] (My read comforter, which rocks!)

Oooh, you should draw your fursona with real clothes. :) I do it all the time- it definitely helps in deciding outfits! :D

Thanks again. <3 <3 *hugs!*
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This is very pretty!
And I know how you feel about only being able to be yourself right before bed, I'm like that too sometimes. =P
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Thank you! And lol, glad there is someone out there that knows how it is!
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awwwr your a very pretty vixen love :hug: im Jeradia u?
tibek's avatar
Awww, thank you so much! <3 ^_^
Jeradia7's avatar
^^ not a prob but i hope things work out for u
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