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I’ll be a helper, I’ll be a number
I’ll be, rather, a second hand observer.
That’s what I thought, that’s what I intended
To watch things go through by being an attendant
Our founders graduated, from five there rose three
One by one, the others sought to flee
To flee from the pressure, to flee from the stress
From three there stayed one, who received all the press.
‘You, be our leader, you’re most mentally sane
In addition to having high tolerance to pain.
You, who are flexible, who can swim in thick currents
Guide us, feed us, we’ve no other guardians!’
An angry fit here, a dropped class o’er there
Topped off with recovery, it just isn’t fair!
Why’d they choose me, why not another?
If I dropped out too, would it be any bother?
Am I doing any good, can one person help?
Why won’t others pick up the mantle!
That didn’t rhyme, but who gives a fuck
I’m doing what I can to trudge through this muck.
A c
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A Night Downtown
My grandparents, cousin, and I were walking downtown LA by Chinatown. We’d just had dinner at the historic Philipes’ where I had a nice view of the trains as they rolled their way to Union Station. When we exited we went down the street behind the block where Homeboy Industries is, passing a guy in his car and another leaning over it, chatting and checking his phone - probably two homies who’d just gotten off work from the last shift at Homeboy.
My grandpa started J-walking and my grandmother continued walking down the sidewalk scolding him: ‘Alvaro, no … la calle, la…es aqui - aye, tan peligroso" she turns to us. “We’re not doing that”. We made it to the crosswalk and crossed over to where my grandpa was, leaning against a payphone, a smug smile on his face and a laugh in his eyes as if saying “What took you so long?”
We walked over to Olvera Street, hoping to check out the shops only to find each colorful booth of the
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Giving Tree by TiaTitan Giving Tree :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0
A Kiss
    The two rest side by side, Rafi resting with her head on Cassandra's breasts with her body curled around Cassandra's. Gently but suddenly, Rafi lifts herself up and ontop of Cassandra, straddling her belly. She leans into Cassandra and holds Cassandra's head between both her hands. Rafi nuzzles Cassandra's forehead, and her hair tickles Cassie's face. In the darkness, Rafi just makes our Cassie's mouth,and she gingerly kisses her. "I love you," she says, her voice breaking. "I don't think I've ever said that to you in person before, and I'm sorry if I never have." She kisses her again, hesitantly, then pulls back. "I'm sorry, I don't want to confuse you, I..." She swallows, her voice dropping, quieter. "I hope this is okay-"
    Cassandra moves her hand behind Rafi's head, letting it rest heavily. In the darkness, she just makes out Rafi's eyes. Rafi lets the weight of the hand bring her face to Cassie's, and she kisses her once more. "I love you," she repeats,
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A Longer Bridge by TiaTitan A Longer Bridge :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0 A Different Angle by TiaTitan A Different Angle :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0 A Bridge by TiaTitan A Bridge :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0
Love Letter with Vocab
  Dearest Jake,
For too long I have delayed telling you this, but I can wait no longer!  I confess to be abashed by not yet expressing my feelings for you, feelings not only of a friend but of a lover.  I must say that there are many an attribute of you that I admire with ardor.
I love the way your eyes sparkle like that star to the left of the one next to the moon.  I love the way the wind blows your hair like the untamed mane of your horse.  I love the way you laugh when I do something stupid, and I love the way you catch me when I trip on nothing but air.  I love the way you ameliorate any a bad situation, and I love your alacrity. I love you more than the ocean loves its water, more than the water loves its fish, more than the sky loves the stars, and more than the sun loves the moon.
Between the two of us there is a most definitely affinity, and of three things I am absolutely certain.  First, you are a c
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LA Estacion by TiaTitan LA Estacion :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0 Wooden Elephant by TiaTitan Wooden Elephant :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0 The Wishing Fountain by TiaTitan The Wishing Fountain :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 2 0 Wooden Bull by TiaTitan Wooden Bull :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 1 0
"You should get one."
I smile weakly, hoping to look sincere.
"Yea, that would be nice."
Awkward pause as the printer takes its time. It finally finishes.
"Umm, thanks again for letting me use your printer," I say as I grab my essay.
"See you later," she replies, oblivious to the effect of her prior remark.
Nice laptop. I wish I had one, it'd be so nice to type up my essay wherever I want.
Ya, you should get one.
Ya, you should get a few hundred dollars, maybe a gran, maybe call up your parents who clearly have spare change for your tuition AND a computer.
    Before I go on a ranting rampage, I should stop here to say: she's a really sweet person. It often appears to me as if she, along with most of my peers, exists in an upper class of society but live in a setting that overlaps with people in lower classes.  And yet they don't see it.
    High school was the same.  I felt so privileged to be able to go to school, to have a scholarship that paid for my unif
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Carousel Horse by TiaTitan Carousel Horse :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 0 0 Blue by TiaTitan Blue :icontiatitan:TiaTitan 2 0
I'm Fine
I'm fine she says, her blood spilt all around.
I'm fine he says, crippled on the ground.
I'm fine they say, in clear disarray.
Alright you reply, as you walk away.
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Sometimes the thumbnails you see here aren't as exciting as the rest of my gallery. Come enter my gallery and explore!

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The Legend of Zelda by Kikiine The Legend of Zelda :iconkikiine:Kikiine 301 139 Mini Nyan Cat Necklace by GrandmaThunderpants Mini Nyan Cat Necklace :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 581 113 Staffordshire the Elephant by Golphee Staffordshire the Elephant :icongolphee:Golphee 142 26 Wild Fangs 03: Poster by Tenaga Wild Fangs 03: Poster :icontenaga:Tenaga 352 69 Bracelets by ShortWolf Bracelets :iconshortwolf:ShortWolf 2 10
Dragons still exist.
They're still out there. They hide from us. They don't really need to, as we live too fast to notice them. But they still hide from us, just to make sure.
You see, they like observing us. We interest them unendingly. They love simply hovering over an open mall, or following someone at a distance for a short while. At night, they return to their clan home and tell the other dragons what they have seen. Gossip, if you will. If you're interesting enough to them you might have a whole family silently watching you.
If a dragon likes you, it will protect you from physical harm- a big jump to the sidewalk from the middle of a busy road might well be dragon-assisted. Ideas, too. What do you think made the apple fall on Newton's head? Dragons, if they know what you are after, might just nudge hints in your direction. Whether you take them or not is up to you.
There are two types of dragon: Occidental (Western) and Oriental (Eastern). The Occidentals have wings and use them
:iconlordkarasu:LordKarasu 780 268
Horse by roren001 Horse :iconroren001:roren001 1,061 133 Rabbit Rescue by Humanoid-Magpie Rabbit Rescue :iconhumanoid-magpie:Humanoid-Magpie 1,018 329 Surf Strike Part1 by Hail-NekoYasha Surf Strike Part1 :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 6,591 1,415 Stare down by solar-sea Stare down :iconsolar-sea:solar-sea 894 117
How do you beat the Devil?
How do you beat the Devil
when he is everywhere
at the store,
in your bed,
and even in your shower.
he sneaks, he creeps,
he peeps, he leaps,
he's always all about.
Then how do you beat the Devil
when he is everywhere
you fight, you bite,
you kick, you scream,
you even cite the Bible,
Is this how you beat the Devil.
Then why does he still follow
and when you weep and wallow,
he seeps in your sorrow
but when you laugh
he steps back
and when all you love
comes from up above
You see how to defeat the Devil
you fight him at your spirits level.
:iconinimicaldragoon:InimicalDragoon 750 598
Splish Splash by Culpeo-Fox Splish Splash :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 10,302 828 SERPIENTE JAGUAR by jacob2010 SERPIENTE JAGUAR :iconjacob2010:jacob2010 1 0
May 21st - A Parody of Friday
(Yeah, R-r-r-r-rapture)
Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
6:00 pm is when the rapture is coming
Gotta get ready, Gotta get prepared
Gotta get a bat, gotta get guns, too
Go and kill some zombies or whatever's coming our way
On and on the time keeps on ticking
Gotta get out to the center of town
Gotta get a mob together, they're all on their way
Some are holding up signs
Some are laughing like mad
Some just can't make their minds up:
"Should we believe it or not?"
It's May 21st, May 21st
Gonna get judged on May 21st
This is totally gonna spoil my weekend, weekend
May 21st, May 21st
Gettin' judged on May 21st
This is totally going to spoil my weekend
The rapture, the rapture is (Here)
The rapture, the rapture is (Here)
Zombies, Zombies
This is gonna spoil my weekend
6:00 pm has just rolled around the corner
Nothing happed so I guess we're not all screwed
Not, not, not a thing happened
"You knew that would be true!"
I got thi
:iconrandom-fma-username:Random-FMA-Username 8 14
passerby by koyamori passerby :iconkoyamori:koyamori 2,865 121 Happy Holidays from Head Trip by shinga Happy Holidays from Head Trip :iconshinga:shinga 1,787 481


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To you lovely people who follow me or who stumble upon my page: I plan to continue using deviantart periodically (especially for my Rafi pieces - see Eyes), but I have been using tumblr much more often and plan to post doodles or 'scraps' there. Please follow me at
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