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[T] Krita 4.1.7 rendering issues: manual

By TiaRevlyn

*Short instruction:* answer the questions, follow the arrows, if you arrived at the yellow rectangle it's great, try the solution; if it doesn't work or if you have no arrow to follow next, read the red rectangle and follow this instruction to get more help.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment here. I'm not sure if I addressed all issues.

I didn't try to make it very pretty, I don't have time. If someone wants to make it more fancy, I can provide a .kra file.

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I don't know if this is the place to post questions since nobody did, but I'm gonna try anyway.


In the instructions, I did as follows:

60 fps GIF ? - NO

End file created ? - YES

Do you get black screen ? - I get "can't read file" message wich I guess translate to YES

Open log files - I have a "log_encode.log" file and a "log_generate_palette_gif.log" file, both being completely empty when I open them with notepad so I guess the render didn't finished.


Krita told me the render couldn't finish because of "unknown error" (very helpful).

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling krita

I'm using windows 10

My animation is a 400px by 300px at 15 FPS that lasts 140 frames


Thank you for your help :D