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In the world of Sios, people pilot large armoured mechs called MAWs (Mobile Adpative Weapons). Discover secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in this epic online adventure RPG.

This is a sequel to the popular Mobile Weapon: Zero.

Visit [link] for updates and the premium version (with more weapons, items, areas and 1 new character).

Spoiler and Walkthrough in the Forums:
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retro-fhil Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
Ah. Mobile Weapon Episode 1. I really loved playing this. It was possibly one of the greatest flash games I ever played. It's too bad that the whole series was killed by Battle Stations.
Wakkoun Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009
geep up the graphic .. seems good :)
EWKHou Featured By Owner May 6, 2008
Is there going to be a sequel and/or a save system at the end so we can continue with our current status in the sequel (if you're going to make one)?
Citizen-Cybertron Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2007
:omfg: I honestly cannot believe that after five months, this fine presentation has not received more attention! :| From what I've been able to garner so far, this would appear to be a highly professional product... but I'll wait and see what my overall opinion might be once I've had the benefit of further investigation. ;p Expect to be recieving an in-depth critique from me at some point in the not-too-distant future! :blahblah:
Holonat Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2007
This is genius! Great work!
vavman Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007
thanks for telling me:)
fudging Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
I remember seeing the first of these some time ago, it's great to see a sequel, but not only that; this is seriously good.
Usually I'd have at least something constructively criticising to say, but I really can only see good things in this. Nice animations and models, and it's great to see the whole painting business being so dynamic. It's like an offbeat flash Final Fantasy, and does everything it tries well.
I'm also making a game that I intend to do much the same as this has done; have a large demo, and a premium version available to purchase, so I'll be interested to see how popular this gets.
Tianyang Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
Heh, here's hoping it will get popular enough..

Good luck on your game as well! :D
fudging Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2007
Cheers :D Keep it up :)
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