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Vampirella Chains

Hey it's not glass ;p

Testing out a free vampirella suit ...…  Let me know what you think :)
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Gorgeous scary fun
Vampirella with chains make me think about frightening sexual fun
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Lol, Vampy is a good fantasy girl ;)
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In one word... FABULOUS!!!!! ;) Although "SPECTACULAR"also describes it in a great way!!!!! ;)
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Lol...Thanks for the two words ;)
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And those two words are putting it mildly, believe me! ;)
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Really love your take on Vampi. I like that you kept her fangs out instead of just regular teeth. Beautiful skin texturing and great muscle tone. The outfit looks great as does her lovely hair flowing and those gorgeous eyes and mouth.
Nice work with the lighting to help highlight her body and nice work with the chains looking like real metal. She is a real beauty.
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Thanks Shulkie :D Glad you like the Vapirella design...I think the toughest part for me was getting her skin to look pale :D
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Wait...What? I'm sorry, I wasn't looking at the paleness of her skin. :giggle:
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Very well done here, the character looks fantastic and the pose is nice too! :D
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Thanks glad you like this one:D
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From broken panes to unbreakable chains?
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something like that :)
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Vampirella always wearing this "bikini" suit :) which is good coz i love it so much :D i like her
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Thanks Yuki glad you like this:D
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