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Nelliel : Powerpuff Girls X BLEACH

By TianaSama
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[!] This drawing is available in high resolution for download !

Hello ! 
Since I really hate the snow and winter, have a summer themed piece ! 😂
Another Bleach crossover, with my all time favourite character Nelliel in Powerpuff Girls style !
More specifically, I drew her with Sedusa in mind than the typical trio style.
The outfit she's wearing is from in the summer edition in the game Bleach Brave Souls. It's adorable ❤️
This is my first full illustration in Photoshop with my new screen tablet (a Huion Kamvas Pro 16), I'm super happy to draw with it. A game changer for sure !
Enjoy ! ~

Nelliel Tu Odelschwank is from the manga Bleach.
Drawing by ©Tianasama

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© 2021 TianaSama
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Wow, see her in this cutesy style it's a little strange, but now i want to see more character drawn like this :O

Also, i love the pattern on the surfing board

Furanshisuko93's avatar

wow i love the colors :D

munchkinmimikyu88's avatar

So cool!!! I admire your passion!!! I never thought Abel would look good in the Power puff girl artstyle ! Maybe it’s because it’s similar to the panty and stocking style!!!

TianaSama's avatar

Oh, you mean Nelliel ? x)

I tried her with the trio artstyle, small body, gigantic eyes but it looked way too weird so I prefered to use Sedusa as a model, it's quite an unusual mix ! xD

I absolutely LOVE P&S 🤩

RaptorPlush's avatar

Seeing the beach and the sea makes me happy. We had snow last week and it was terrible.

Thank you for sharing some summer!

TianaSama's avatar

Glad to know someone else who dislike winter 😂

WhitleyRose's avatar

The lighting here is beautiful! I love the blue highlights to reflect the sky and the background is in a pretty watercolor style that goes nice with the cell shaded drawing! Looks like right out of a cartoon TV show :)

TianaSama's avatar

Thanks ! I wanted to add a little something the the Powerpuff Girls style since it's a really flat style.

Thank you ♥

TianaSama's avatar

The PowerPuff Girls style is very nice eheh ! Thanks ♥

madmaddy80's avatar

Super Cute style-- I had to look up the character (maybe you'll make me a Bleach fan :) ) but I like your interpretation better than the super busty fan art I saw on the Internet. And I love the beach, so just totes into this. The cartoon rendering is great, simple without loosing the form of the character. And for some reason, my favorite part is her skull.

But since you asked for a critique, I'll try to find *something*. I think the crepuscular rays would work better behind her, as if the sun were streaming over the ocean. I find them a bit distracting on her face. She's got a hard face to draw in this style because of the scar and the line under her eyes, so her nose seems to have disappeared. Not sure if there's much you can do about that. Final nit, the surfboard seems a bit awkwardly held, as the balance point is behind her hand (I know, reaching here, but I used to surf)

Anyway, great piece, much to like!

TianaSama's avatar

The busty fanart are fine, but the thing I hate is the oversexualization of the character.

A lot of people draw her spreading her legs or other vulgar act, I believe she really doesn't need that since she's already extremely beautiful :')

Yeaaah OMG yes. The tatoo and scar were a pain, because Powerpuff Girls is extremely low in details and is very 2D, so that was a bit of a challenge x)

For the surf, it's mostly about composition, if she holds it in another way, it would break the harmony, but I understand fully ! :D

Thanks a lot ♥

GoreSap's avatar

i like how you drew the type of style! it's very aestheticly pleasing and i love the characters design!

TianaSama's avatar

Thank you ! ♥

Nelliel has a very cool design for sure !

jjooyyz's avatar

I love how you did the streaks of light, and the anatomy looks very good!!

For one suggestion, to further enhance the summertime feel on the picture, perhaps you could add some effects on the photo such as color dodge to make it look sunnier?

Other than that, I think it looks very good!! :D

TianaSama's avatar

Ah you mean a light burst ?

I worked this piece with more desaturated colors since we're talking about an old cartoon~

It accentuate the rim light and the light ray on her face !

On another piece, I would saturate the colors a bit more for sure !

Thanks a lot ♥

DragonHunter2001's avatar

I think the artstlye is pretty. I like how you design the character in the artwork. I would like to see more of these. Plus I like beach theme drawings.

TianaSama's avatar

Indeed, I love summer too :D

Thank you very much ♥

Nelliel has such a nice design !

JuanForAll2019's avatar

The Feeling of summer i like that

and nice art

TianaSama's avatar

Thank you very much ♥

I love summer so much :D

ShedragonArtist's avatar

Oh, with this outfit the summer can come. I can not surf, but with this picture you get right desire for the next vacation.

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