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HitsuHina : Danny Phantom x BLEACH

By TianaSama
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[!] This drawing is available in high resolution for download !

Hello !
A new Bleach crossover for you guys ! Toshiro X Momo in Danny Phantom style ! ✨
I think this crossover is really cute and interesting, I hope you like as much as me !
The style fit those characters very well I've to say ~
Sam may be a bit too rough for Momo, but it's still very fun nonetheless.
Toshiro saved Momo from the evil spirits, and she's being a bit flirty, much to Toshiro's embarrassment ! 😂
I had a lot of fun drawing this. The characters are made in vectors in Illustrator and the background with Photoshop.
Enjoy ! ~

Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori are from the manga Bleach.
Drawing by ©Tianasama

Link :…
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© 2020 - 2021 TianaSama
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I never watched 1 full season of Danny phanto,but the internet says that this ship is cool

munchkinmimikyu88's avatar

A ghastly experience!!! Great work!!! I should tell you I ship both Danny and Sam as well as toshiro and Momo!!! I say you have a ghost of a chance to hit the big leagues!!

TianaSama's avatar

Yeees ! ♥

I'm super glad ! Thanks a lot !

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Awesome crossover artwork of Toshiro and Momo as Danny x Sam!


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Ahh thank you ! ♥

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Antoni-Matteo-Garcia's avatar

I never really expected Hitsugaya to fit Danny Phantom's garb and Momo to fit Sam's goth clothes, but this is absolutely adorable work. They are quite the cute couple.

TianaSama's avatar

Toshiro ressemble Danny in many ways (not only physically), both fight evil spirits, but Momo as Sam is much funnier and quirky for sure 😂

Yes I agree ❤

KatTheFloofyCat's avatar

I grew up with this show! Haha! Danny Phantom was my role model XD I remember acting out the scenes. Its nice to see people still remember him tibia honest ^-^ This is a really nice artwork too! I'd love to see more from you in the future!

TianaSama's avatar

I think Toshiro is quite similar to Danny, so I thought "why not? " 😂

Thanks a lot dear ❤

By the way, thanks for watching me !

I'm currently hosting a raffle art for my watchers, so you are invited aswell !

Link below :

KatTheFloofyCat's avatar

Mwehehe! I'm always happy to follow an amazing artist! ^*^ And I will go and check out your raffle!

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i never watched danny phantom but this is super nice to look at! i love how you draw their hair and the pose is cool : D

TianaSama's avatar

Older cartoons are my soft spot, I really like those better than most of newer ones :3

Thank you ♥

MissiSsippiart's avatar

So cute! I love Danny Phantom♥

TianaSama's avatar

Danny is such a cutie ahah !

Thank you very much ♥

mariigolds's avatar

I love this! The sparkles and trees make me happy *^*

TianaSama's avatar

Yeah, this is a cute scene overall 😚

Thanks ❤

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darkshadowrunner1000's avatar

I haven't seen bleach before, but Danny Phantom was one of my favorite shows when it was on. You did an amazing job!

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Aaah, I'm glad, thanks ! ♥

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Now this is a really cute piece! I love the poses and expressions here - especially Toshiro really looks embarrassed! The colors are also very nice, and give a nice spooky - but still beautiful - atmosphere, which fits this piece very well.

To the things you could improve. There are some odd black stripes on the top and the bottom of the piece. They look a bit weird now, and don't have any clear purpose. I would have removed them, considering they are unnecessary, or eventually have added a full frame.

I would also have made the lineart on Momo's hands a little lighter. Right now the lineart is solid black, which makes it stand out very well - to the point where it gets a bit distracting. This could just be part of the style, though.

All in all this is a really nice artwork, and I really like the background here too! The sun with the clouds are well done, and the sunbeams are another nice detail. I also love the sparkles near the bottom - they make the scenery look even more magic.

Keep up the good work!

This critique brought to you by We Three Pirate Kings, Merry Critmas!

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They are adorable!

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