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Greetings,this is my last entries in this year so I would like to say a few words about overall impression.Now at the beginning of this summary I will mention that I've seen enough different effusion
of positive and negative expression through artwork as might be expected.Regarding interpersonal relationships,frendly solidarity and compassion community has failed this year.Through many different cases and situations and as far as I could notice members of this site are often left to their own instead to give them all possible assistance.Dissatisfaction and discomfort have become
frequent and without understanding and even for the senior members.I'm personally very disappointed which certainly doesn't have much impact on my overall mood,I want to say that despite all
I feel calmness and happiness which is probably the effect of the holiday spirit that is slowly taking me.In this year which is almost over I got some friends and also I lost some of them.I learned a few new but very important things and in fact I am satisfied.I want to thank everyone who showed good will and provide support when I needed it badly.Proudly in the heart I am happy to live in this world among such kind of people whose personality and strong stamina break the boundaries and connect all the good things in a whole.Filled with goodness and kindness they spread the love unconditionally,for me it's priceless.I take this opportunity to apologize to everyone which I've hurt in any way,that certainly was not my intention.I would now like to say a few words that are actually a message to all people on DeviantART.

Dear friend,fill your heart whit kindness and understanding,show humanity and mercy, forget all the bad things and memories that encourage hatred,hug the person next to you and be happy
because you must stand up and be proud on your life regardless of the essence and purpose of your existence.Strike a balance with the natural course in order that you can reach high level of enlightenment and  fill your life whit prosperity and success.Be persistent and strong and never allow these difficult times and problems to overcome you.Keep yourself and other beloved people around you,it will make you stronger and unswerving as monument of time that proudly withstands against blows of life.Well I don't know you and you don't know me and probably we will never meet but I'll tell you one thing be what you want to be,do whatever your heart desires,and feel when you have the need, but then feel strongest.Only then you will be truly happy because you have the power to forget bad things and be happy to remember the most beautiful my friend!!!

Inari Foxes: Platina by Santani     == by khikki    

Mature Content

== by khikki
    == by khikki    :thumb336739652:    :thumb272453356:     Curios by aoao2     I'm shy by ELaiNes-DarkRoom    :thumb31578752: Will you be my Valentine by creaturedesign     Shy bunny ... by aoao2     Cuddling ... by aoao2     Get off my back, i'm not your mama! by aoao2    :thumb209693059:     Holiday Guinea Pigs 2 by LadyTsunade      :thumb315453056:     Baby bunny by Hirotaka712

Fauna by jazzilady   Going Home by jazzilady   Time Machiner by jazzilady   Alien Ship by jazzilady   Science Project by jazzilady
Dear person and friend, true personification of the goodness and kindness, her words are filled with warmth:hug:

Challenge by vampirekingdom   FroZeN by vampirekingdom   After the Wedding by vampirekingdom   The Enigma of the Signs by vampirekingdom   Eres mia by vampirekingdom
Great woman and friend,brilliant artist.Always sweet and polite:hug:

Who Are You.. by KarinClaessonArt White Queen by KarinClaessonArt   Legend of Ice People by KarinClaessonArt   Daughter of Evil by KarinClaessonArt   Passion  (in dark version) by KarinClaessonArt
Strong woman,true friend and remarkable artist.Always passionate and persistent:hug:

:thumb327393914:  :thumb270458076:  :thumb203348377:  :thumb210085972:  :thumb261189759:
Amazing 3D artist,very good friend and woman whit strong stamina:hug:

:thumb337885298:  :thumb296160067:  :thumb293066022:  :thumb291955062:  :thumb293065250:
She love Gimp like me:lmao:very good friend and woman.Very nice and kind person:hug:

:thumb332548042:  :thumb336853827:  :thumb334935832:  :thumb319177731:  :thumb316319589:
Very passionate and beautiful woman also dear friend.Makes stunning photomanips:hug:

For whom i'll play my tune 2 by emanrabiah   Stolen Spirit by emanrabiah   Winter without Rain by emanrabiah   Without you by emanrabiah   The code of Pain by emanrabiah
True friend and excellent artist.Always gentle and kind:hug:

.:ButterCream Petals:. by Yiskah-chan   .:Puff of Petals:. by Yiskah-chan   .:Freshly Picked:. by Yiskah-chan   Pop-Ups by Yiskah-chan   The Shape of Love by Yiskah-chan
Dear person and friend,very sensitive and kind woman:hug:

star elliptic by fractal2cry   Family Ducky Stroll by fractal2cry   Apo Electric by fractal2cry   ole man fishing by the river by fractal2cry   Louisiana low tide by fractal2cry
Very nice and kind woman also very good friend:hug:

Happy New Year,I wish to you all lot of health,happiness,love and of course money.Best wishes for you and your families.
Spend the holidays surrounded by family,friends and lot of gifts.God bless you all and Divine speed in art creation!!!

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