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This poptart was the meanest little thing to ever be pulled out of a barn, switchblades drawn. He was also the only one of his litter of six to survive parvo and predator, but not without spending a week at the vet's office hooked up to the world's tiniest IV drip. He's now 8 months old and whines when I'm not where he can see me.

UPDATE: He is turning one year old in June and we've named him "Sid Fishes" Cheesy, I know, but it was fitting. For the first couple of months, he slept in my hair and woke me up trying to nurse on my ear. He's adjusted a bit and now sleeps at my feet, but still demands to be picked up and hugged whenever I come through the front door. We chase each other through the house until we both pant and he still fights dirty.

UPDATE II: Sid is a couple of months shy of two years now and just got his very own puppy to play with. He lives the happy life of a slightly chubby house cat and spends his days currently running mad dashes around my house with the puppy. Sometimes they even still let me play.

Thank you to everyone who has comment, favorited, added to a collection, or just taken the time to look at this piece. Please check out the rest of my gallery.
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Such a sweet little face!

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Brilliant brilliant pic! "Yay for I say unto thee: I will have no fear for I am the meanest kitteh in the valley!" Kudos for saving the little feller.
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Sid Fishes HAHA. Priceless.
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Aww! This kitty is so cute!:aww::love::aww:
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owie. You were lucky it was an ear. A friend of mine can attest that you don't lie down near a nursing kitten without a shirt on. He said the pain was about as bad as being kicked in the jewels.
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This cuteness and adorableness hit me where it hurts HNNNNNNGGGG! THE FEELS! but all in all very cute kitten :3 and yay for the survival! :D
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ahaha ... yup, these teeny weeny claws and teeth can wrought havoc! A tiny little kitten we rescued from from an empty locked-up old apartment was so terrified, it bit me right through my thumbnail into my thumb ... in addition to the network of gashes all over my hands and arms! We didn't have the luxury of time to get the kitten used to us ... the people with the keys to the apartment allowed us just a little time to get the kitty (neighbours had heard its little mews in the empty apartment for a few days ... it must have crawled in there through some hole and couldn't find its way out).


Thanks for sharing the lovely story of Sid. How is he now? ^^

May I use this for my Victims of Bullying site? this is the link. (…
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awwwww meow cute
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Reminds me of the kitten I rescued from a thorn bush. That little bugger was adorable but he had those claws out! >.<

Wonderful picture, it's very inspiring!
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Photographs that tell a story are the best.
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wish all his days and yours be happy
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Absolutely adorable. The photo is wonderfully executed also. :)
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Sweet little ball of fur! You lucky ducky!
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heart-meltingly beautiful photo of a very precious little kitten!
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D'awww! This is just adorable! He looks cuter than... a box of kittens! It was really kind what you did ^-^ The world would be a better place with more people like you.
What a cute photo. Perhaps he has just been yelled at for having an accident on the carpet that wasn't protection with plastic carpet protection and now he is in the cat house. His owner should have used [link] for surface protection products until the cat learned to use the kitty litter. Great shot however.
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This photo is one I go back and look at now and again when I've had a rotten day. Or week, or month, for that matter. It's beautiful, and the commentary below is freakin' amazing. Thank you for posting it, and I hope Sid Fishes is doing well in his rulership of your home.
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