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Full-Circle Cloak Tutorial

Had to make a tutorial for the girl who is making our cloaks for Captivenia, and thought I'd share it with all of you!

The measurements are pretty basic, so you may adjust them to match the size of cloak you want.

And hey, if you make a cloak please link back to me, and send me a link so I can see the finished product! I'd love to see what you guys come up with. :D
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Thanks so much for this tutorial, it was super easy to follow and yielded exactly the results I wanted at a fraction of the price it would have taken to find a ready-made version. I completed mine in 12 hours, but I added a full lining and and I'm a beginner sewer so it probably took me a little longer than normal haha.

i was wondering what you would suggest if I wanted to put sort of a mandarin collar on this instead of A hood?

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Very nice tutorial! Do you find that it's a little long in front? I was taught years ago to make the hole for the head a little bit forward when making a tunic. Is it the same for a cloak?
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That is probably a good idea!
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OMG thank you SOOOOO much for this! I've been looking for an easy-to-follow pattern for making a 3/4 or full circle cloak. I finished this in about 3 hours. It's a 55" long, 100% wool cloak. It will keep me nice and toasty warm in the Minnesota winters! Would've EASILY cost me $300 online or at the Renaissance Festival, but I snagged the wool on sale and made it for $100 (including the faux fur I'll put on). I'm going to add faux fur to the hood and front opening, as well. Now I just need to find a Viking-esque clasp...

Cloak 1 by LaireAnkale Cloak 2 by LaireAnkale
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So glad I could help! Your cloak looks awesome. :)
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If you can't find a fabric wide enough, how would you recommend seaming?
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Sew the pieces together with about a 1/2 seam allowance. Iron flat and sew down if you want to keep it flat. Should be okay.
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In the first part where you fold the cloth in half, you can just stack 2 pieces on top of one another. Then, instead of cutting to the neck hole, you just sew up one side to the neck hole and leave the other open! I just made a 55" long cloak, and it looks beautiful. It simply adds one long seam down the center of the back.
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cool do you have any pics of capes from this pattern
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woa, i just found this and it looks so easy. ty for making this, i wanted to buy an attack on titan cloak but now imma make my own :3
I made a cloak using this pattern to be Red (from OUaT) at Fanime in San Jose, CA this year. I used the deeper measurement for the hood and lengthened the cloak a few inches to be floor length. I was short on time to find material, so I ended up going with an inexpensive crushed red panne as I couldn't find something in a brocade.

I used a double seam around the hood to make a pocket to thread a piece of ribbon through to use as the cloak closure - I tied it in a bow after I adjusted the neck opening to get a comfortable amount of snugness. The cloak sat on my shoulders well, and they carried the weight, so it didn't pull on my neck.

I added two hook fasteners near the top of the neck opening on either side and two eyes halfway down the front to be able to clip the cloak up a touch and give the illusion of sleeves as well.

Your pattern and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I had my cloak completed in about 3 hours total.

I will post a picture of the finished project soon with a link to you so you can see it.
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Sounds awesome!
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If I were to make a cloak like this, what fabric would be best/standard to use?
I'm a complete newbie to sewing, but I'd like to make a Wirt cosplay from OTGW and this tutorial will really help!!
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As far as texture goes, that is completely up to you. Velvet will be more royal looking, wool more rustic, a heavy polyester somewhere in between. However, I prefer heavier fabrics since they feel legit and give the fabric a nice flow. Avoid stretchy fabrics, or fabrics that are too light, transparent, or wrinkle easily—unless, of course, that is the look you are going for. ;) Unfortunately, I'm rarely familiar with the actual names of the fabrics I buy, so I can't give you a set list of the kinds I like... Instinct might serve you best.
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Ah, okay. That helped a lot actually, thank you very much!!
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You're welcome!
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Love this pattern - can't wait to make it! Perfect to go with my Renaissance outfit. 
It was by far, the easiest and simplest cloak tutorial I have found.  
Thank you!

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You are welcome! I'm glad you found it useful. :)
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What would I go about doing this if I wanted to put a lining on the cape?
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The whole cape? Basically just cut doubles of each piece, sew around the edges and flip right-side-out. I've only ever lined the hood though, so it might be more complicated than that.
BLESS YOU!  This has to be the most basic, easy to follow pattern for a cloak I've run across.  Thank you!
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You are most welcome! So many patterns are way too complicated.
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