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Watermelon Sea Turtle

Watermelon Sea Turtle I made for :iconyuyuchan:'s graduation party.

The idea came from a turtle from around the net, but I made it a sea turtle and I tried to go for a more realistic shell pattern. Also I decided to do a sea turtle instead.

It's filled with melon balls of cantaloupe, honeydew, and of course, watermelon. Also strawberries.
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Wow...this turtle sure has surfed the web since I dropped off my deviantart. Sadly also many places that used it as their own re-upload without crediting it...oh well.
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Team Beachbody blog shared your post via Pinterest. That's a huge deal! Congrats!!!
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This is just incredible! 
Absolutely love this! Are the head and legs attached in a particular way? Beautiful job!
Ti-7-4Raven's avatar
Sorry I got busy and inadvertently totally ignored my dA account for a few months. Head and legs are attached with toothpick skewers.
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Is it missing a tail? D:

Aside from that, it's really beautiful. I hope it got a lot of attention at the graduation party.
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There was a tail, it was just smallish and was pointed downwards with the back of the shell so it doesn't really show in any of these angles, I didn't think about it when choosing pics.
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Also sorry I sort of inadvertently abandoned my dA account for a few months...been busy.
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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Honestly, this meant so much to me, and was easily the center of the party! Plus the fruit was delicious! Thanks so much, ~Ti-7-4Raven!
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Oh my,what a cute turtle!
A creative way to eat fruits :P
JM118's avatar
This is so awesome. I wanna make one now.
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That's the coolest thing ever!!
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