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I do like a bit of Norse mythology. Here, Odin (or Woden, if you are so disposed) is rendered in his guise as The Wanderer, minus the wide-brimmed hat. He holds his customary spear.

A bit of a return to my usual style, it seems.
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Excellent work!
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Beautiful, atmospheric piece.
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Very good image..+fav 
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Beautiful work! I featured your work, credited of course, on my Facebook page. Drop by and give us a like. We share many pieces of artwork, be that painting or poem. We always credit and source our posts. :)…
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this is very impressive i like the style very much, how did you do that?? his face has a very strong expression!
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I can't get over how fantastic this is. I've recently begun working with charcoal so this work is very inspiring even though its digital.
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WOW ! stunning image :)
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I can't believe this has only so few comments and such little exposure. I do love the minimalistic, non-flashy, subtle portrayal of the nordic deity, and the overall atmosphere and feel of this piece. Congratulations.
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Wow, wonderful portrayal! The lighting is really cool!
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Wow... strong stuff. Very much him.
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