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Star Trek - year 50 anniversary - Galaxy Class

Part of the wallpaper series I'm uploading for the Star Trek year 50 anniversary hitting next year. Though if one takes into account the first ever pilot episode was done in 1964 we actually already are beyond it now... but the count starts on the first official airing to the world of the first episode in 1966, sooo... I'll grant them that and say '50' on the wallpaper, then upload them early.

I used magazine scans, poster scans, and some found photographs on the net and made a logo overlay for them. I also used a starfield creation photoshop filter to add stars to a couple. All credit for the original photos/art belongs to their respective authors/creators, and of course copyright to Paramount Pictures / CBS as well.

Here's links to the other 'year 50 anniversary' wallpapers:…………
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