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Star Trek - year 50 anniversary - Enterprise Refit

Part of the wallpaper series I'm uploading for the Star Trek year 50 anniversary hitting next year. Though if one takes into account the first ever pilot episode was done in 1964 we actually already are beyond it now... but the count starts on the first official airing to the world of the first episode in 1966, sooo... I'll grant them that and say '50' on the wallpaper, then upload them early.

I used magazine scans, poster scans, and some found photographs on the net and made a logo overlay for them. I also used a starfield creation photoshop filter to add stars to a couple. All credit for the original photos/art belongs to their respective authors/creators, and of course copyright to Paramount Pictures / CBS as well.

Here's links to the other 'year 50 anniversary' wallpapers:…………
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I's amazing how time flies,,,,,, To think that it's been that long since the first episode. Walter M. Jefferies danced @ my wedding in 8/74. I was a member of the LA conservancy sponsored by PARAMOUNT!!! 
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Cool stuff man... and yeah no kiddin, 50 years and still going! I wasn't lucky enough to be a fan from the start, but I've been one since TNG series started in 1987 when I was 11. (Even that is enough to make me feel old right about now.) Glad it's lasted so long, kinda sucks we didn't get the original Trek formula/format to last that long, but the reboots helped push us over the mark at least. That's still somethin. =)
Gene was breaking new ground with this series. he was always arguing with the sensors. Like the episode with the green alien who was dancing, the first airing she had to cover her navel,,,,,, the second, after the argument, she had 2 navels. This was the org. series. You should watch the org. from the pilot. The org. captains name was January. My history is long with the program
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Yeah I like the original too, including the first pilot (The Cage). Found out all the bits of its history over the years, even knew that Kirk was the third captain. Second one was Christopher Pike, hey at least the reboot movies got that part right. lol I think the very first captain of the Enterprise was named Robert April. Sometimes I barely count the first pilot as canon though, as the studios didn't like it (nor air it as a pilot) and that's why we got a second pilot, that being said, it's still part of the history of Star Trek of course. Lastly... even though I wasn't a fan at the time, it's interesting that one of my first ever memories I formed when I was about 3 years old is my parents taking me with them to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979. The only few scenes I remember are the stop sign shaped floating floor panel things that they walk on to get to the V'ger thing in the center of the massive ship, and various sections of the Enterprise. I'd guess remembering the impressive future like sets and design of the ship itself at such a young age had a huge impact on why to this day my favorite part of scifi is in fact those things. Story is nice too, sure, and getting to know the characters, but in the end, I'm always lookin beyond the characters at the cool technology behind them and wondering about what's around the next turn in the corridor.