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Colored and Shaded Doodle
I'll draw a sketchy-sketch with simple coloring and shading, should you opt to commission something of this type! Any content is fine as long as it's SFW and not offensive. If you're unsure of if something you have in mind fits these parameters, just come to me to discuss it and I'll let you know where it stands.
Colored Doodle
I'll make a flat-colored sketchy-sketch of anything you desire, as long as it's SFW and not offensive. If you're unsure of if something you have in mind fits these parameters, just come to me to discuss it and I'll let you know where it stands.
Short Writing Piece
I'll write you out anything you'd like as long as it's SFW and not offensive. If you're unsure of if something you have in mind fits these parameters, just come to me to discuss it and I'll let you know where it stands.

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A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter Seven
Marvel Universe: Earth, New York; September 4th, 2014 (January 8th, 2016)
Loki flies backwards into the nearest building, debris flying everywhere. “STRIKE!” Peter shouts before flipping and sticking to the nearest pole.
How am I supposed to react to this? All I can do is stare, internally panicking because now I don’t know what to do - not just for my plans to help Loki, but in general. Where is Mary Jane?! Did Wade even come out?! Why am I so freaked out by this and not the fact that there’s violence beginning within a few yards of me?!
Loki transforms into the Hulk and starts beating Peter into the ground. The crowd screams and scatters, leaving Mary Jane in the midst of it all. And, of course, myself, as I’m too unsure of how to help to even move from my spot. After a few seconds, I frantically look around to see if a solution is within the vicinity.
Please oh please, I can’t bear for Peter to get hurt because of my action
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Baby Belly Buddies! by ThyneOwnSlave Baby Belly Buddies! :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 6 21 DeeperDown Contest Entry by ThyneOwnSlave DeeperDown Contest Entry :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 21 6 Vlake Ref by ThyneOwnSlave Vlake Ref :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 11 10 Thyne Ref by ThyneOwnSlave Thyne Ref :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 5 7
Mature content
A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter Six :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 1 0
Tori by ThyneOwnSlave Tori :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 10 2
Mature content
A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter Five :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 0 2
Vlavie Kiss! by ThyneOwnSlave Vlavie Kiss! :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 7 10
Mature content
A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter Four :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 0 3
Mature content
A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter Three :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 0 0
A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter Two
Marvel Universe: Earth, New York; ???
After what seems like an hour, we finally stop at a small apartment building. Peter opens the door and walks up the stairs, myself following much easier after having left behind the crowded areas of the city. The walk was pretty silent for the most part, which isn’t really like me. Normally I’m yapping away to an extent that Yakko Warner might find annoying.
We stop at a door, obviously his door, and I watch as he fumbles with the lock and keys. Finally, he gets it open and goes inside. The apartment is very small, but clean. Now if only I could keep my own bedroom tidy... or at least decently presentable. Or safe to walk in.
“What’s going on? Why do you need to talk to me so badly?” Peter asks, snapping me back out of my thoughts once again. I am spacier than usual today.
I reply, “Oh, right... weeeeelll..." I fidget with my fingers as I face him, trying to think of the best way to tell him. “IIIII.
:iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 0 0
A Marvelous Adventure - Chapter One
Normal Universe/Reality: United States of America, somewhere in New England; January 6th, 2016
Victoria Seeming is my name, being a weirdo is mah thang~
That was a stupid way to introduce myself. But wait, to who? It’s not like my thoughts actually are being read somewhere by someone in an alternate reality as a book or anything, as cool as that would be.
Anyway, I’m walking down the street on my way to... uh... crud, I forgot where I’m going. This is precisely why I shouldn’t be allowed to wander around on my own.
Sighing, I say, “Oh well... maybe I’ll remember soon enough to not end up grabbed by someone while I’m spacing out.” Yep. I basically don’t know how to fear things most normal people find frightening. One of those oddities of being me.
So, let’s see, wandering around somewhere, getting lost in thought again - what is that sound? Pausing in step, I realize it’s wind. But I don’t feel it. Wha
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Comfy by ThyneOwnSlave Comfy :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 3 0 Rae of Sunshine by ThyneOwnSlave Rae of Sunshine :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 6 4 Camera Bag by ThyneOwnSlave Camera Bag :iconthyneownslave:ThyneOwnSlave 1 9


Quod Infinita by Iskander1989 Quod Infinita :iconiskander1989:Iskander1989 375 39 Deeper Than You See by Iskander1989 Deeper Than You See :iconiskander1989:Iskander1989 314 38 DR: She reminds me of my mum-- by AllyN-One DR: She reminds me of my mum-- :iconallyn-one:AllyN-One 17 18 chAoS cHAoS!!! by mewchew chAoS cHAoS!!! :iconmewchew:mewchew 100 1 ~Anniversary surprise~ by AllyN-One ~Anniversary surprise~ :iconallyn-one:AllyN-One 10 41 Lady of the Bar by VanGold Lady of the Bar :iconvangold:VanGold 54 4 Peepers by VanGold Peepers :iconvangold:VanGold 31 6 WANTED - Wooly by VanGold WANTED - Wooly :iconvangold:VanGold 24 9 Twice in a Lifetime - Page 13 by VanGold Twice in a Lifetime - Page 13 :iconvangold:VanGold 38 4 Just Until Dawn Parts Us by VanGold Just Until Dawn Parts Us :iconvangold:VanGold 43 10 Marshmellow by VanGold Marshmellow :iconvangold:VanGold 94 7 You couldn't even hit a blow by VanGold You couldn't even hit a blow :iconvangold:VanGold 50 2 The Kiss by AnoSheakai The Kiss :iconanosheakai:AnoSheakai 32 3 Too Soon? by AnoSheakai Too Soon? :iconanosheakai:AnoSheakai 45 3 Shell yeah by AnoSheakai Shell yeah :iconanosheakai:AnoSheakai 53 10 Piggyback by AnoSheakai Piggyback :iconanosheakai:AnoSheakai 63 8


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1Schadenfreude1 tagged me in her thingy, and her questions aren't too many PLUS they're multiple choice, so easy!

1. Hi there! What are you? 

:check:a. gurl :check: 
Xb. boi X 
Xc. other X

2. How would you describe your sexuality? 

Xa. Strayt X
Xb. Gai X
Xc. Bye X
Xd. Space Ace X
:check:e. Other :check:

3. Do ya roleplay?

:check:a. Yah!! It's a lotta fun! :D (Big Grin) :check:
Xb. Nah, not my thing :/ X
Xc. Only with close friends! >w< X

4. You're walking down a dark, creepy hallway. Choose your character!

Xa. A fearless warrior who has an unfortunate soft spot for plushies X
:check:b. A princess who has always known :check:
Xc. A timid peasant who is hiding a big secret X

5. At the end of the hallway are three doors. Choose one:

Xa. The door with a pink heart painted on it. How pretty! X
Xb. A door with a key design carved on it. How ironic. X
:check:c. A door with an eyeball embedded into the wood. Think it's watching you... :check:

6. Behind your door stands a little old man. He asks, which one are you? 

:check:a. Demon :check:
Xb. Angel X

7. The man nods gravely. He asks, which sin are you guilty of? 

Xa. Lust X
:check:b. Gluttony :check:
Xc. Pride X
:check:d. Greed :check:
Xe. Envy X
:check:f. Sloth :check:
:check:h. Wrath :check:

(No one said I was limited to only one answer here shoosh)

8. Were you honest in your answers?

Xa. Yes X
Xb. No X
:check:c. The questions weren't fair :check:

9. The wise old man thanks you for your wise and honest answers. In return, he'll give you a prize, which will you take?

Xa. A lovely person who will forever be my soulmate <3 X
Xb. A chocolate chip cookie. Hey, I'll take what I can get. X
:check:c. A legendary sword of awesomeness :check:

10. Is this your happy ending? 

Xa. Yes, I am happy. 
b. Hell no! I have more adventures! 
c. Depends. How much will my fanbase pay for a sequel? 

WELL, NOW IT'S TIME FOR MY QUESTIONS!! Which everyone will have to write their own answers for. Don't worry though, long answers are so not required.

1. Does you is eats cookies?

2. Have you read AlainaPrana's "Momma CQ"? (If you haven't please do this instant, it's wonderful. And before you ask, no, it's actually not an Undertale thing.)

3. What's your favorite of all the deviations you've ever submitted?

4. What do you think of this Rox0rz my B0x0rz! icon?

5. Steven Universe, or Gravity Falls?

6. Would you smooch a ghost?

7. Would you smooch a skeleton?

8. Would you rather smooch a ghost or a skeleton? And yes, kissing one of them is necessary.

9. Of my characters that you know of, which one would you say is your favorite?

10. Would you be surprised if I said typing up these questions took too long and now I'm agitated from how much time I spent on this?

WHO DO I TAG??? (No one's required to do this I just wanna tag some peeps)
Spider-Toast HOi
Mama-Lana CUZ I CAN BOiii
AllyN-One 83
  • Listening to: Kuusou Mesorogiwi
  • Reading: RPs with friendos ideally 8'3
  • Watching: Many things
  • Playing: Fallou 4
  • Drinking: H2O



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NOW, for family! 8D

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