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Silver/Aqua Baby Dragon

As not promised, a fat tiny dragon plush created using an edited version of Nerce's pattern! It involved making the neck and tail a bit longer and changing the head shape a tad, as well as adding dragony accessories... I think I'd still make a few tweaks to the neck area if making more of these, but I'm very happy with it anyway and it's so cute! The friend I made it for loved it.
It's about 17.5cm from snout to tail and has a 16cm wingspan. Stuffed mostly with soft stuffing, but with enough beans in the tummy for good weight and pudginess.
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Absolutely adorable!!
Are you considering selling plushies like these at all? o.o
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I'm certainly considering it! It's just a matter of whether I manage to get around to making more of them, haha.
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Well if you ever do, please make a post about it! :XD: