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World War II RWBY [Walkure]

Even if she doesn´t take part in the plot.
She knows.
She is an accomplice just by this alone.
Cinder needs to play this carefully and stay with the winning side.
The following hours will determine the future of Germany...
the future of the world.

And maybe in the end,
Fate will smile upon her.

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"LONG LIVE SACRED GERMANY!!!" - Count Claus von Stauffenberg, moments before his execution
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WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! THIS IS SO AWESOME! MASTERPIECE! :excited: (Cinder looks absolutely gorgeous here, beautifully done! :heart:)
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"Even if she doesn´t take part in the plot. She knows. She is an accomplice just by this alone."
Kinda reminds me of Erwin Rommel. He was actually invited to the Valkyrie plot, but refused, fearing Hitler's death would make him a martyr and make the nazis fight harder instead of surrendering. And then when it was found out he knew of the plot, he was forced to take a cyanide capsule.
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Knowing Cinder, she would be treading carefully.
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Now that is a twist. Ruby being the Fuhrer? Or perhaps one of his top lieutenants? This would make for a great novel idea. :D
I love your work, and i hate to tell someone how to do their job but I'm gonna be real depressed if you do Neo and she isn't a reference to Digby Tatham-Warter (the real guy who carried an umbrella during the battle of Arnhem)…
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Walküre... that’s German for Valkyrie, right?
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Yes, that's right.
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Fate will smile in a sadistic manner
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This is an alternate history version of World War 2 with characters from the webshow/anime RWBY where Nazi Germany attacks the United States of America.
I know that but I meant this pic specifically and what event.
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Probably before the invasion of New York
No. It's actually a failed plot to kill Hitler
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Oh. Now that you mention it, the title makes sense now.

Yeah, Operation Valkyrie is an interesting bit of history.
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