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World War II RWBY [Scars of Yesterday]

By ThyBlake
Destiny wanted to tear her apart even more.

With nowhere else to go, she eventually found herself
a job at a dark place, a filthy place.
It put food in her mouth at the time, but the pain, physical and mental, she had to
endure during this time would have eternal reminders.

Time has passed and now, she is proud of what she has become, what she has accomplished,alone.
But she doesn´t know...the monster Cinder is now.

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This makes my heart ache a little. I love Cinder's character, and you captured a rarely seen pain hidden behind her fiery sadism. Beautiful work.

Archanos's avatar
Every battle leaves its scars, but after a while, they pile up to the point you skins becomes like armor, 
AOGRAI's avatar

Really came out well your artwork.

fersable's avatar
...did she... sell up?
54godamora's avatar
wow. you make me almost feel sorry for Cinder. almost. still hat her guts.
this kind of art makes me sad. It is very good art.
poliwhirl101's avatar

Great art! I'm guessing this is before Cinder loses her arm and eye. (Or maybe she only lost a hand.)

Lambo9871's avatar
This piece just breaks my heart, you did an amazing job at conveying so much emotions through your art. Well done. :heart:

(OH MY POOR BABY!! I MUST PROTECT!! Menma Honma (I still want to be with everyone) V1 )
Enriks-Da-Writer's avatar
Are those wounds from blades or from the fire?
ThyBlake's avatar
Whips and blades
Lambo9871's avatar
This makes me sick to my stomach. Once i find out who did this to her. They will be dead.

(Due to personal experiences, i can relate to Cinder a lot here. I knew very well when i saw this drawing what caused the scars.)
DunkleMaterie's avatar
The true medalls are engraved in your skin.

 Big Boss Pays His Respects 
SchattenLotus's avatar
Edgy as fxxx :XD: is it a Quote from Metalgear? ;)
DunkleMaterie's avatar
Something I came up with on the fly.
SchattenLotus's avatar
Coll Quote however ... ... ! :thumbsup:
Icipall's avatar
Damn, that's both impressive and very painful looking.
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