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Toaster by Verie Toaster :iconverie:Verie 0 11 Brodrost - Toaster by mongi Brodrost - Toaster :iconmongi:mongi 8 7
Summers A Cheep Trick
Summer can fool you
they way it always does
summer love
lost during the fall
but when you think about it
it was worth it all
The hot summer days
the cool gentle nights
the taste of your lips
the hugs so tight
the way you held me
when i needed a hug
the way your jacket felt
when it was pressed up against me
catching fireflies
or catching eachother
while everyone else was catching fireflies
cuddeling in the yard
the cake fights
the really tasty browines
the way it felt like it would last forever
the way we felt invinceable
the way we thought it would last
the way we miss the past
Summer may be a cheap trick
but the illision was amazing
:iconyankeechic2290:yankeechic2290 1 8
wave by luminoire wave :iconluminoire:luminoire 176 70
Getting Lost In Your Eyes
Getting lost in your eyes
such an easy thing to do
I could look into them forever
they tell so much
they tell me your successes
as well as your failurs
your pros
as well as your cons
They tell the inner most scartred feelings
they tell me what your thinking
like they tell me when to go upstairs so that we can talk
so that you can tell me about a girl that you adore
and those eyes show me the hurt you are expirenceing
i know that hurt so well
its been in my eyes ever since the day i realized that i couldnt have you
Your eyes tell me so much
I love looking into them
They show me how you flirt
when people ask us if were together and we look at eachother
they show me intrest
They show me the depth of your soul
your beautiful, beautiful soul
its amazing how you seem to find me just intime
right when im about to break and confess the longing that you obiviously cant see in my eyes
you say "what are you doing"
I laughing say that im trying to find the humor in your eyes..
im trying to make yo
:iconyankeechic2290:yankeechic2290 1 4
In the Evening by Gweedz-Puleedz In the Evening :icongweedz-puleedz:Gweedz-Puleedz 1 17
If I Had A Voice
If i had a voice i would scream
I would let the sound echo off the mountains
And swim beneath the sea...
A scream, blacked out, and silenced...
For far to long.
If i had a voice i would sing,
Haunting notes, with church like acoustics
Floating on the wind to be carried far and near...
A catching melody bellied on your breath,
So that you might choose to sing along.
If i had a voice i would laugh,
Childlike laughter to carry us through,
Pained and Amused.
The laughter turned to song.
If i had a voice i would whisper,
Hot air forming on wind,
The element of secret truths,
Writhing at the bend
If i had a voice i would cry,
Choked off sobs of the quieted,
Salty tears with refractions of blood
My tears would have no end.
If i had a voice i would speak...
The words would cut like glass
Gouging holes in your conscienceness
Until you where open enough to listen
Until you could not
:iconthetwilight:thetwilight 9 27



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penguinluv4ever Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009  Professional General Artist
Hey! Its been a while I haven't seen you around lately!

Anyhoo I was looking through old posts and saw that you had commented on my old piece "penguins in my fridge". I just recently submitted a similar design to threadless and was wondering if you would vote for me?

szjJhpixjy Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
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Sleeping-Elf Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
where have you run off to?! Miss ya! :glomp:
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Thanks :hug:
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