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Stock Rules - Premade Backgrounds

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 2:16 PM

In this review of my stock rules: The following topics will be covered:

:bulletblack: How to credit me.

:bulletblack: Using Premade Backgrounds

:bulletblack: Stocking Using My Stock

:bulletblack: Off-Site Usage Steps

:bulletblack: Layouts and Tutorials

:bulletblack: Prints

:bulletblack: Avatars and Group Icons

:bulletblack: School Projects and School Newspapers

:bulletblack: Stock as a Reference

:bulletblack: Horse and Wolf etc. Manipulations

:bulletblack: Line-Art Pasted on Premades

:bulletblack: Things I Do Not Consider Manipulations and Other No No's

How to Credit Me:

:bulletgreen: Creating a CLICKABLE link to my image in your description. This is not negotiable.
:bulletred: When I say link to my image, I don't mean link to my profile, that doesn't help people find stocks.
:bulletgreen: Comment
 on my premade stock image with the link to your deviation. 
:bulletgreen: Comment on my profile
 ONLY when you can't find the stock you used to comment on it.
:bulletred: If you cannot find the stock you used to make a clickable link, I will provide you with a link.
 Do not note me with your deviation.
 Do not comment on my profile with your deviation.
:bulletred: I will be very upset if I find out that my stock hasn't been credited.


:bulletred: DO NOT ever post an image containing my premade backgrounds on any horse site. I will give no exceptions. Don't ask.

Sites included but not limited to: Horse Phenomena, Howrse, Helovia, Ponybox, Pantheon, etc.

 Under no circumstances may my images be posted elsewhere in their original, un-manipulated, form, credited or un-credited.

:bulletred: Never use my stock in conjunction with illegal images: un-credited celeb images not categorized as fan art; Images that are not stock that you don't have permission to use; Non-stock images found through search engines, such as Google or on sites like tumblr or photobucket.

Using my Premade Backgrounds

:bulletgreen: When using a pre-made background you should use the entire background.
:bulletred: If you don't want the entire bg; Use the credit the stock it was created from.

Stocking Using My Stock

:bulletred: In no way may any of my premade backgrounds be redistributed in the form of clear cuts, tubing, etc.
:bulletred: My premade backgrounds may
 not be used to in new stock images.

Off-Site Usage Steps

:bulletgreen: 1. Post the image to deviantART.
:bulletgreen: 2. Post the image to the off-site location.
:bulletgreen: 3. Add a typed out or clickable link on or near the image.
:bulletgreen: 4. Comment on my image with the link to the image on deviantART and the link where you've posted off-site.
:bulletred: When posting off-site you 
MUST credit me ON the image itself. Note me if you require an exception and we may work something out.
:bulletred: Do you allow posts to horse or wolf sites?
 No. No exceptions.

Layouts and Tutorials

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used for layouts and tutorials on deviantART and other ART websites. A horse or wolf site of any kind will not be considered an art site.
:bulletgreen: You must credit me somewhere on the layout or tutorial with a link to the stock used.
(ex. h ttp :// or h ttp://
:bulletred: No layouts containing my stock on horse or wolf sites. You may, however, purchase the stock if you wish to make a layout for a horse or wolf site.
:bulletred: If a layout or tutorials utilizing is for sale or commissioned, please see commercial use.


:bulletgreen: My stocks can be used for prints on deviantART ONLY.
:bulletred: I consider off-site prints to be commercial use.

Avatars and Group Icons

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used for the creation of avatars and group icons. With my permission.
:bulletgreen: If you would like permission, please note me.

School Projects and School Newspapers

:bulletgreen: Using my stock for school projects is okay with proper credit, this means a written-out direct-link to my stock.
:bulletgreen: Using my stock for school newspapers is okay with proper credit, this means a written-out direct-link to my stock.

Stock as a Reference

:bulletgreen: My stocks MAY be used for reference. Don't forget to credit me though.

Horse and Wolf etc. Manipulations

:bulletred: Horse or Wolf manips with my premades: No. Not without permission.

:bulletred: Posting images containing my stock on a horse or wolf etc. site: No. No exceptions. Includes RPGs, Sim sites, etc. Such as Howrse, Ponybox, Horse Phenomena, Helovia, etc.

:bulletred: Layouts containing my premade stock on horse or wolf sites: No. No exceptions.
:bulletred: I will not hesitate to ask that a horse  or wolf manip containing my wings or premade stock be removed from dA if permission was not granted prior to an image being posted.

:bulletgreen: If you have seen my wings or premade backgrounds on a horse site, the person posting them does not have permission and should be reported.
:bulletgreen:You can find complete information on my reasons for not allowing horse or wolf manips without permission in my journal entry here:
Horse and Wolf Manips: My thoughts and reasons..I am creating this journal as an explanation as to why I do not allow horses or wolves to be added to my premade backgrounds and do not allow my wings to be attatched to them without my prior permission.
Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely nothing against horses or wolves, both are beautiful, amazing animals, nor do I have anything against the amazing deviants that create horse and/or wolf art.
I really don't know exactly how to put this together...
To make my rules regarding this concern as simple as possible I have stated on each premade background and wing stock that I do not allow horse or wolf manipulations without prior permission, unfortunately, the statement is rarely read, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to make it more visable, please feel free to make them.

Why don't you allow your stock on horse and wolf sites?
:bulletblue: I don't want the stock use requests that will come with my stock being there.
:bulleblue: Why? For some re

Line-Art Pasted on Premades

:bulletred: May I put your wings on my line-art? No.
:bulletred: Line-art/coloring put on top of a stock is not a manipulation.
:bulletred: May I put line-art on top of your stock?
:bulletred: I will not hesitate to ask that a 'line-art on stock' image be removed!

Things I do not consider manipulations and other No No's

:bulletred: Cropping, adding a texture, changing the hue/saturation/vibrance, adding contrast, adding text, and framing are not photomanipulation. 
:bulletred: Images containing my stock must be submitted as one of these catagories:
 Photomanipulation, Painting and Airbrushing, 3-D, Mixed Media, Tutorials. . This is NOT negotiable. Got a question, ask!
:bulletred: No extreme blood and gore, hate, animal cruelty, or other things you think I might not approve of. When in doubt, note me.


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