Horse and Wolf Manips: My thoughts and reasons..

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I am creating this journal as an explanation as to why I do not allow horses or wolves to be added to my premade backgrounds and do not allow my wings to be attatched to them without my prior permission.

Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely nothing against horses or wolves, both are beautiful, amazing animals, nor do I have anything against the amazing deviants that create horse and/or wolf art.

I really don't know exactly how to put this together...

To make my rules regarding this concern as simple as possible I have stated on each premade background and wing stock that I do not allow horse or wolf manipulations without prior permission, unfortunately, the statement is rarely read, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to make it more visable, please feel free to make them.

Why don't you allow your stock on horse and wolf sites?

:bulletblue: I don't want the stock use requests that will come with my stock being there.
:bulleblue: Why? For some reason, my rules are rarely followed by those making the requests.

Why do I require permission or disallow completely?

Because I want to make sure that you intend to create an actual photomanipulation and not a horse or wolf on a premade and because I have seen my stock many times go stolen: aka unnotified and uncredited.

with regard to...

Premade Backgrounds

:bulletblue: To begin: A horse dropped onto a premade background is not a photomanipulation; It is a cut/paste project.

:bulletblue: It makes me so very sad to see this happening.

:bulletblue: Please make an effort if you want to use premade backgrounds, use photo filters and refine your cuting skill and try new things.

:bulletblue: It makes me especially sad to see pre-cut horses dropped onto premade backgrounds, and even more so when the colors of the two images don't match at all.

:bulletblue: Also, particularly a horse on a beach has no originality; but at least think about putting a shadow on the image.

:bulletblue: If you truly want to use one of my premade backgrounds and I've declined permission, you're more than welcome to re-create the background using the same stocks that I used.


:bulletblue: The same applies for my wings, I very much dislike seeing them carelessly dropped on a horse or wolf without any apparent effort to make them appear that they belong there.

To aid in expressing the type of image that I don't want to see, I've created this one...

(The above image is created with one of my own premade backgrounds, my own horse image, and my own wings)
Edge of Desolation - Stock by Thy-Darkest-Hour Spread White Wings PNG by Thy-Darkest-Hour:thumb224476126:
Keep in mind, this is an example of what not to do.
I want to state that it took me approximately nine minutes to create this image in just a few steps, which included cutting out the horse.

Lets critique it!

1. The horse is well cut, not great, but okay, it took a whole 7 minutes.
2. The horse, though white, doesn't really match the same levels as the background.
3. The horse isn't casting a shadow.
4. There is sand over the hooves in an attempt to put the animal in the sand.
5. The wings look dropped on.
6. The horse looks dropped on.
7. He looks like he's eating sand.

How could I improve it?

1. I could photo filter the horse with a blue/gray filter.
2. I could adjust the levels for the horse.
3. I could blur out a small section of the bottom of the hooves to make it better fit on the sand.
4. I could add a shadow for the horse and wings in total.
5. I could apply an over-color layer for an overall color cohesiveness effect.
6. I could add a little grass to make it look like he's not eating sand.
7. I could draw some extra mane and tail hair.
8. I could adjust the size, size, color, and perspective of the wings and use the clone brush where they attatch.

My advice...

:bulletblue: Try new things, go out of your way to try things like color photo filters, the different types of eraser tools, different brushes, add additional elements if using premade backgrounds, and practice, practice, practice.

:bulletblue: And if you have any questions or want any personal advice concerning photoshop techniques, please feel free to ask me, but I don't know a darn thing about gimp.

Why don't you allow your stock on horse and wolf sites?

:bulletblue: Because once it shows up there along with the link that I require on the image I tend to get one of two things happening...
a. A lot of requests to use a particular stock for cut/paste projects.
b. A lot of usage wherein my permission isn't requested.
c. Unauthorized usage/theft.

How do I decide to give or decline permission to use a premade or wing stock?

:bulletblue: I will visit your gallery and look at your recent and past manipulations to base my decision on quality, don't assume I will grant permision only because you asked.

:bulletgreen: If you have manipulations that really look to me like effort has been put into them...
:bulletgreen: If your manipulations look like cohesive images...
...Then I will be glad to give permission.

:bulletred: If you have manipulations that look like a  horse has been dropped onto a background...
ex. bright brown & white horse on a bright blue background...
:bulletred: If your manipulations are badly cut out...
:bulletred: If it appears to me that little effort has been given to the images...
...Then I will have to decline your request.

:bulletblue: I have no bias against anyone, I don't intend to offend anyone when I decline a request.

Asking for deviations to be removed

:bulletblue: If you don't ask first to use my premade or wing stock for a horse or wolf manip I will ask that you remove it.

:bulletblue: If you don't wait on me to give my permission prior to uploading a horse or wolf image containing my premade or wing stock, I will ask that you remove it.

:bulletblue: If you don't tell me that you've used my premade or wing stock on a horse or wolf, most likely, I will find out.
I recognize my own stock easily, so think carefully about failing to notify me and thinking you'll get away with using my image without permission.

Hint: If you don't ask or notify and I find out, I won't care if the image is good or bad quality.

:bulletblue: If I have asked you to remove your deviation because you failed to request my permission, I feel no sympathy for you, it is through no fault of mine that you failed to read a basic rule that is in bold type beneath the deviation. Neither anger nor empathy for your hours of work will move me.

I know this isn't the most eloquently put, but please bear with me.

© 2012 - 2022 Thy-Darkest-Hour
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Would you be fine with The Evening Sky being used for the background use for the sky? i.e. removed the original background's sky to replace it with this one. The manipulation is of a horse. I can supply a for you if you'd like to see it. I know how you feel about horse manipulations and I'm not sure if a sunset image still applies to that.
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That's fine, thank you for asking.
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This helped me learn new critiques and editing tips useful to me, thank you! :heart:
DimrillDale-236344's avatar
This is really helpful! Thanks so much for posting this- now I understand why you don't want your stock used on SIM/RPG sites, and it makes perfect sense.
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read and understand, I very much appreciate it :hug:
DimrillDale-236344's avatar
Huggle! You're welcome! Thank you for providing such lovely stock. Your gallery is truly awe-inspiring!
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I have added a restriction prohibiting animal RPG site usages to my own stock rules, several years ago, for nearly the same exact reasons you've written about. In addition to all of your existing grievances, it also grates my nerves to see how many comments of praise these cut/paste deviations seem to always get. It's like they are getting a pat on the back for mediocrity when those of us who spend hours/days/weeks on an artwork barely ever get any feedback, at all.

Anyway… I know you do not allow your wing stocks to be used on animal manips, but how would you feel if the piece is more of a fantasy artwork? Not only an artwork that would actually include more than just a horse with wings stuck on and then pasted onto a premade background, but one that's never actually even meant for the RPG site/community, to begin with? Such as… something like a woman and a Pegasus type scenario, perhaps? Would something like that be permitted? Is that something that would require approval prior to beginning the artwork? I'm only asking as I have a few ideas churning in my head for future artworks… for my art account, ADamselinDesign, that is; not this account, which is strictly for my own stock. If you take a look at my art account, though, you'll see that I am not one of the DeviantArt "animal manip" artists, nor do I participate in the RPG community.
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
I have been forever in making this reply, for which I am very sorry. 

It seems that you certainly understand where I was coming from with the restriction of animal RPG site usage with my stock, I feel exactly as you do with regard to the praise received, and of course also, they are readily stolen and rarely credited and sometimes darn hard to get removed. 

Anyways, what you mention considering for an image I wouldn't restrict at all. The woman and Pegasus type scenario you mention would be more than an 'animal manip' just as you say and I'd not require permission for something like that. I've seen your work, and its wonderful, and also, I've seen you around often in the approvals of "The-Stock-Directory"

I apologize again for being so long in replying, I seem to always be 'out-of-time' these days.
Maaaan. These are the angriest terms and conditions i ever did see :(
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Im rather new to DA when it comes to posting and commenting etc.
I do "commissions" on a horse game i play called Horse Eden Eventing.
Recently i got an order for a horse name "Fallen Fragment" and i was looking for wings to /trial/ my ideas of a black horse in a gloomy setting,
Im new to manipulations too so my current work is all too great but im trying to learn new techniques and things like that.

Now i ask,
May i use a set of your wings on a black horse? Obviously im not going to put bright white wings on a pure black horse :)
As per HorseEden rules credits are essential so it will say "Wings - Thy-Darkest-Hourda" on the image where it would be clearly readable not hidden in the shadows/over exposed areas :)

Thanks for replying to my previous comment to explain why! :)

I dont know how to put a image into the comments but "Lucky Strike" is my most recent manipulation :)
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
You're welcome, and thank you for inquiring, but none of my stock may ever be used on RPG or SIM game sites due to past theft issues.
DarkDeu's avatar
Ah dang! Thanks anyway!
Would you know of any other stock artists that do wings?
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Sure :), just search here on dA, there are lots of us
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Sorry buddy, you're not only ignorant as fuck but kind of an uppity /dick/, too. :/ 
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Thank you. Yay me. :D
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Hi, I don't do manipulations using stock really, and I wonder if it's alright to use some white wings for a quick little ref?

I did this and would like to know if it's alright before uploading (sorry is a horse).
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar

Thank you for inquiring, using my wings as a reference to freehand draw your own for an image is okay with me.

As per the link you sent me, its not all right as it violates my horse rule as well as my no line art rule.
Xein000's avatar
Oh damn, I didn't see that rule, just took a look at the other rules in another journal, I'm sorry.

:( may I ask why lineart is not alright?
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Its because line art does nothing to fit the stock into the image and typically does not alter the stock in any way.
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Edit: I just noticed the feathers on the wings are.... well... not right placed. yellow how they are done in the art, red for how it should look to be correct.
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Thank you for pointing this out, but honestly, they're fantasy so its really appearance that matters rather than how anatomy should work, so I can't say that it bothers me :floating:
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